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When This CEO Started Having "Visions," You Started Making Money

Having been a big fan of General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) CEO Jack Welch - whom I personally interviewed back during my newspaper days - I was noncommittal about Jeffrey Immelt after he succeeded the iconic Welch back in 2001.

But I've become a huge Immelt fan, too.

Unlike most CEOs, Immelt has a true "vision" for GE: He's refocused the company to match his vision - and, in doing so, has set General Electric up for long-term growth.

That's already put money in your pocket - money earned through innovation, shrewd risk-taking and a commitment to sector leadership.

Immelt's formula has been a winner so far - and will continue to be so.

His latest moves - made this week - are keeping GE "on message."

And that's setting the company up for a growth burst that's going to leave other big-cap stocks in the dust.

  1. Francis Lunenschloss | December 17, 2016

    I will buy GE at 20. I sold GE because that is where they go while they prove they know what their doing.

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