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Why 2016 Will Be the "Year of the Super Internet"

Legendary golfer Gary Player has many tales to tell about his years on the tour. And one of his favorite anecdotes is about fellow linksman Jerry Barber, known as a great sand player.

One day, a spectator watched as Barber practiced bunker shots. One ball landed near the flag... the next shot went right into the cup.

  1. Stephen Cunningham | December 2, 2015

    Your subscriptions are such a great Knowledge base Thank you very much for helping me see a much brighter future !

    • (Admin) Bill Patalon | December 3, 2015

      Dear Stephen:

      My son Joey (who turned 9 on Thanksgiving Day) is really intrigued by what I do for a living. He finds it amazing … even magical … that there are thousands of folks "on the Internet" who read what I write, and who find value in what I do every day.

      Joey, of course, has a much simpler way of explaining my job.

      According to him, I "help" people.

      And when I go home tonight, and show him what you've written here, I can prove that I "helped" folks.

      Thank you for this, Stephen. It's more rewarding, more heartwarming, and more motivating that you could know.

      I always assure him that my time here each day is time well spent.

      Comments like yours are tangible proof of that assertion … that the time I put into these help Comments like this are more rewarding than you could know. Especially because I understand how busy folks are these days … so the fact that you actually took the time to write and post this is greatly appreciated.

      This is why I do this. To give folks a view of what's out there, opportunities to make money … and to have them feel like their time and money was well spent.

      Let me do more than just say "thank you," however.

      You see, your comment also underscores a point that I often make here … in meetings held at our HQ here in Baltimore.

      I am lucky … very lucky, in fact … to have a very smart and enlightened readership.

      My readers "get it" and get excited about the awe-inspiring new things unfolding in the financial markets.

      Thank you for this.

      And allow me to wish you, and your family, a safe and happy Holiday Season … and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

      And I mean that.

      Very respectfully yours,
      Bill Patalon III
      Editorial Director/Executive Editor
      Money Map Press LLC

      • Ste , Liverpool UK | December 5, 2015

        It is a honour to know you, I just tried to send you a much longer, reply but it got lost . so i noe out here like me , who would be lost without help form people like you and your team , I have a son William who is also 9yrs old and am very excited and so looking forward to teaching him , how to invest when he grows up and that is only now possible after my own investing in you and your team , Thank You so much for your savvy insights and guidance !!! I am a complete Novice to investing but know by me signing up on IG com and FinSpreads co uk I can make a very high profit margin in a very short time ,spread betting on your picks , and all tax free , I only started this time last year , been lot of hit and miss , but need all the experience for now this next level i am ready to grow , but only because I now have you like a personal mentor beside me , Anyway on that note i will finish , and Bill, I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a Very Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

        Kind Regards
        From Ste , In Liverpool UK t go on this time Just tell your son Joey there are thousands of peopl

        • Bill Patalon | November 18, 2016

          Getting close to the end of the year….

          It's my turn to wish YOU prosperity in the "New Year" – for 2017!

  2. Ste , Liverpool UK | December 5, 2015

    that last reply was mixed up it was meant to say at top where its mixed up , tell your son Joey , there are lots of people out here ,Who would be lost without the help from yourself and your team :-)

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