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Why the Cyber-Hacking of South Korea Matters to You

p>For months now, we've been telling you about three ongoing stories that we believe are of significant global importance – but that aren't getting the attention they should be from the mainstream U.S. media.

Those three stories, of course, are the ongoing skirmish in the South China Sea, the Cyber-Hacking of America saga (in which China has allegedly emerged as a prime suspect) and the escalating threat posed by North Korea.

Well, a development this week appears to have combined the last two into a new story – the "Cyber-Hacking of South Korea."

And here's why you need to pay attention to this story.

  1. 000039076204 | March 22, 2013

    Hi Bill,

    I have a question. I am a new subscriber to Private briefing and as I was going through the recommendations and I read about VXX. I started my subscrition with Money Map where they are recommending RYURX. My question is are they the same type of hedge or are they different. Should I just do one or the other or both.
    Thanks in Advance for your answer.
    David Farber

    • Editor | March 22, 2013

      Really important question, David. I just forwarded it directly to Bill to make sure he sees it.

      Thanks for writing.

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