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With the Olympics Underway in Zika's "Ground Zero," This Small Biotech Is Offering Peace of Mind

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro got underway this week with some very noticeable absences.

Concerns over the ongoing Zika virus threat have prompted dozens of athletes to drop out of the Summer Games.

Brazil has seen 166,000 suspected and confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne virus - for which only 20% of infected people show symptoms - which has resulted in the births of nearly 1,800 infants with microcephaly.

  1. Abid Buttar | August 6, 2016

    Thank God I finally found the 1st recommended stock — have already placed an order with my broker

  2. Steven Peters | August 9, 2016

    Is the thought that if it works this well, in some? amount of time, it will have basically eradicated the virus and ran itself out of customers?

  3. Ignatius Dembure | August 9, 2016

    kind of a speculative position.

  4. Jay Fisher | August 14, 2016

    Are their any frontrunners looking into Penney stocks or
    Are they to small for them to consider.I see stocks like apple
    Google and amazon all started
    Out as Penney stocks

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