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You Won't Believe What These Guys Have Done Now

If it weren't for the fact that the shares of Galena Biopharma Inc. (Nasdaq: GALE) had tripled since Oct. 1, this tiny biotech wouldn't even be on Wall Street's radar screen. I mean, you're talking about a company with a market value of only $760 million. And its two best drug candidates have some hefty upside potential - but are still a few years from a possible regulatory approval.

  1. bresee99994 | January 14, 2014

    Hi Bill,
    Many thanks for the great letter today; I am up a little over 200% on Galena and I should have bought more when I entered. But, I am a senior with a tiny portfolio and I must be careful when making decisions that involve speculative prospects.

    I have a very short story to tell ;I hope you can find the time …

    With the holiday season and all the activity it brings around family & friends , I don't look at my mail as often as usual between mid December and sometime in January. About two days ago as I was browsing thru my messages early in the morning I suddenly realized I had not received my private briefings for over two weeks. So I did the usual things, checking spam filters,etc and that got me nowhere. This morning I decided to call your customer service and spoke with a lady who was very pleasant,courteous and knowledgeable. She quickly determined my daily briefings were being blocked by my ISP who has since made some changes that should resolve the issue;no one knows why messages previously allowed were being blocked.

    When all this began I thought maybe you had decided to take a break during the holiday season or even worse that any day I would receive a message explaining that "private briefing" was being replaced-that's when I decided to call customer service and the first thing I said to the lady was" I hope there has been no changes, for Private Briefings is one the most important parts of my day" Any way, the rest is history and all this is just say Bill,there is no better investment letter out there anywhere!
    With warm regards,
    Frank L Bresee.

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