Alternative Energy

Profit from China's 'Nuclear Option'

By Keith Fitz-Gerald Contributing Editor You can't help but feel a sense of deja vu. At least I can't. The last time the dollar fell this low and energy was this costly, traders were concerned about a massive recession, we were talking about a scary new economic syndrome called "stagflation," and the Major League Baseball's […]

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Posco Gears Up to Build India’s Biggest Blast Furnace

By Jason Simpkins Staff Writer Korea’s Posco Ltd., Asia’s third-largest steelmaker, has landed a $350 million contract to build the biggest blast furnace in India, Bloomberg News said Wednesday. The furnace, a key part of the steel-making process, is for the Steel Authority of India Ltd., which is 85.84% state owned. It makes 14 million […]

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EU Presses for More Energy Control

By Jason SimpkinsStaff Writer The European Commission yesterday (Wednesday) introduced a plan calling for a massive restructuring of power grids throughout the continent.  The plan was designed to reduce the region’s vulnerability to the massive energy companies that control the production and transmission of gas and electricity. Currently, large energy companies monopolize energy production and […]

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