$900 Billion in Capital Is About to Move

Six years after the financial crisis, the SEC finally concluded a four-year battle with financial industry lobbyists to toughen regulations governing money market funds.

Readers may remember that a run at the $62.5 billion Reserve Primary Fund during the 2008 financial crisis brought the multi-trillion money market industry to a standstill.

And it required federal intervention to prevent a market collapse…

The reason: the Reserve Primary Fund was forced to “break the buck” (that is, lower its price to below the $1.00-per-share industry standard for its type of money market funds) due to heavy exposure to plummeting Lehman Brothers debt securities.

Here’s why the new regulations are about to cause a colossal market cash shift… Full Story

This Miracle Material Is Our Secret (High-Profit) Weapon in the Coming Energy War

You know I get stoked when a stock I've recommended to you does well. So you can imagine how excited I am that I now get to recommend a stock all over again.

Thanks to a sell-off shortly before I first shared this stock with you, we were able to buy this stock relatively cheaply. And since then, just five months ago, the stock has moved up 131% as of mid-day yesterday.

Over the last three years, this company has increased earnings per share by an average of 73%. For now, I'm going to be conservative and assume it grows by only one-third that amount going forward.

That would give us earnings growth rate of 24%. At that rate, profits and the stock price could double again in as little as three years.

This is a stock that provides us with a buffet of choices...

We can sell it and make our double. We can keep it and watch it quadruple. Or we can buy some more, and then watch our portfolios soar higher and our retirements grow more secure.

Today, I want to explain why this stock continues its upward trajectory.

China and Russia's $400 billion natural gas deal was one of the first shots in their energy war against the United States and Europe.

This company's products are a big part of the technology that provides our best defense in this war. And that makes this a "defense" technology we can feel proud about profiting from.

Here's why this stock is going to continue to be such a great money-maker...