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Private Briefing
with WILLIAM PATALON III, Executive Editor

The Real Reason Nike Just Announced That $12 Billion Buyback

In a recent Private Briefing report on China’s announced abandonment of its longstanding one-child policy, we identified three companies that figured to benefit from that epic decision.

And one of those firms we named was sneaker and sportswear giant Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE).

As we told you, Nike had just reported what Wall Streeters like to refer to as a "blowout" quarter in China. Even better: The company told investors to expect strong growth in that country for at least the next five years.

Nike’s shares have surged nearly 38% so far this year. And we wanted to revisit the company again because of some moves it just made.

And because of an aggressive game plan we believe Nike is going to deploy… to win something analysts are calling the "new arms race" in athletic wear.

It’s an intriguing story. It’s tied to the news. But to tell it I need to share a bit of a tutorial with you.

First, the news…

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