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While Washington Stews, You Can Cash In on the Biggest "Tax-Inversion" Deal in History

Back in June 2012, we recommended that you pick up shares of Big Pharma player Abbott Laboratories Inc. (NYSE: ABT). The reason: Abbott was planning to split in two at the end of the year, meaning folks who took our advice would end up with stakes in two companies for the price of one.

There was more than bargain-basement thinking at work here.

You see, these corporate breakups – known as spin-offs – have a habit of turning into market-beating profit plays. And the newly minted spin-off firms often end up as takeover fodder – also at big profits.

Abbott followed part of that blueprint.

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    On Monday they released a new report on international capital flows which relaxed its opposition to exchange controls.

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  • Emerging Markets Stocks 2013: Don't Miss These Next Waves of Growth Amid a turbulent market environment in 2012, emerging markets stocks have been, well, turbulent.

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    But as Money Morning Global Investing Strategist Martin Hutchinson explained last week, economic growth has shifted to these developing economies.

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