Ben Bernanke

Retail Sales Skyrocket and Inflationary Pressures Remain Dormant

Untitled Document From Staff Reports The U.S. Commerce Department reported a big jump in September retail sales Thursday, according the Associated Press. The 0.6% increase outpaced projections and doubled the rise in sales seen in August. The positive news warded off much of the recession talk looming over the credit crunch and housing market. Weak […]

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Dropping Housing Prices, Rising Foreclosures Could Confirm Our Worst Fears

By Jason Simpkins Staff Writer In an interview that conveyed a deep sense of economic gloom last week, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Bloomberg News that the odds of a U.S. recession remain "somewhat more" than one in three. Home prices will likely drop further, disrupting consumer spending and undermining investor confidence, Greenspan […]

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How to Play Today's FOMC Meeting

By Martin Hutchinson Director of Global Investing Research Wall Street has firmly got it into its tiny overpaid noggin that the Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and the central bank's Federal Open Market Committee will slash interest rates today. I'm not so sure. Whatever Bernanke & Co. does will indicate the medium-term future of Federal […]

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