Fast Profits

How to Turn "Trash" into Cash with This One Stock


There are thousands of companies to invest in today, but the real moneymakers are the companies that have an industry-dominating edge.

These companies have services or products that won't go out of style, will never fall out of favor, and will continue to be in business for years to come.

And Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald has identified one company that fits this profile exactly.

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D.R. has just spotted one of the most powerful, profitable extremes you'll find in one of the world's most popular gold investments - the latest in a string of 42 money-doubling opportunities he's found for his paid-up subscribers in 2017.

So, naturally, he's worked up a fast way to make money on it.

This easy play is "all upside," too, with really low risk; he thinks this could be good for a very quick return of up to 70% or even more before Nov. 17.

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Now, here's D.R. with what to do...