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German economy

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German Business Confidence Hits a Two-Decade High – Just One Day After Money Morning Rates the Country a "Buy"

Just one day after Money Morning columnist Martin Hutchinson told readers to invest in Germany, that country's business-confidence index jumped to its highest level in 20 years. Berlin this week also raised its forecast for economic growth by a hefty half a percentage point.

Hutchinson's report – complete with an investment recommendation – appeared in Money Morning on Thursday. On Friday, the Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade advanced to its highest point since the early 1990s, the latest sign that the economy of this European linchpin is being fueled by strong domestic demand, and not just export growth.

Earlier in the week – after Hutchinson had penned his column and made the call to "Buy" Germany, but a day before the article was actually published – German Economic Minister Rainer Brüderle said his country's economy would advance at a 2.3% clip this year, a significant increase from the estimate of 1.8% he made late last year.

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Investing in Germany: The Closed-End Fund to Buy Now

U.S. investors tend to regard the European Union as a region of low growth, an area of the world that has little to offer to non-EU investors.

For much of the EU, this is true (I've never found much of anything that's investment-worthy in Italy, for example).

Overall, however, this anti-EU sentiment is pretty unfair.

In fact, it's now becoming increasingly clear that even U.S. investors would be mad not to have some of their money in Germany.

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