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Money Morning Mailbag: Can Anyone Fix the Fiscal Mess?

As opinions continue to pour in to the Money Morning mailbag, something is becoming quite clear: People are getting fed up with the national and global "fiscal mess." The pessimists outweigh the optimists and are tired of standing idly by watching ineffective financial policies.

As the United States continues to spar with China on currency issues and Greece has yet to make substantial strides toward recovery, U.S. taxpayers and investors fear that our country is headed for worse economic times. Despite the fact there's a financial reform bill on the horizon, there is overwhelming doubt that the government will implement as much of a financial system overhaul that's needed. 

Here are some of the more passionate views on the government mistakes that caused a U.S. financial quagmire, threatening the country's future stability.

Money Morning Mailbag: Are We Headed for Over-Regulation?

As U.S. financial reform continues to be the focus of controversy and debate throughout the nation, it seems as if the same questions arise again and again: How much regulation is necessary to create a fair market? What can we learn from our previous banking policies? What does the future hold for lenders, borrowers and […]

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Money Morning Mailbag: A Look at the Past Shows Us the Profit Opportunities Now Headed Our Way

Question: Recently, several readers have questioned the significance of the removal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, the current financial meltdowns and the similarities between now and the short period leading up to the Great Crash of 1929. In my readings a number of years ago, I came upon the testimony of Mr. Robert Kuttner, who appeared before the U.S. Committee on Financial Services on Oct. 2, 2007. Would you consider reviewing that testimony and sharing your thoughts with our readers?

- Michael R. Scott

Answer: Thank you for pointing me to Robert Kuttner's October 2007 testimony (which readers can access by clicking here.)

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