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William Patalon III

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Seven Ways to Profit From the Obama Administration's New "Clean Energy Economy" Push

After Wednesday night's State of the Union address, the Obama administration has added a new mantra to its lexicon.

Welcome to the "Clean Energy Economy."

In a speech in which embattled U.S. President Barack Obama badly needed to reinvent himself, the nation's chief executive focused on initiatives designed to add value to the U.S. economy and create jobs. Clean energy technology was front-and-center as one of those initiatives.

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Last Week's Sell-Off Leaves U.S. Investors in Unfamiliar Territory

Friday's sharp sell-off in U.S. stocks capped a week of heavy losses that has the market in the red for 2010. And that has investors wondering where U.S. stock prices are headed next.

On Friday, accelerating concerns about U.S. corporate earnings combined with newly emergent worries about China's health hit stock prices hard. A 6% drop in the shares of Aloca Inc. (NYSE: AA) helped send the Dow Jones Industrial Average into a 216.90-point nosedive, a 2.1% decline that had it end the week at 10,172.98. The blue-chip average fell 4.1% for the week, its worst weekly performance since February of 2009.

The Standard & Poor's 500 Index lost 24.72 points, or 2.2%, on Friday. It closed at 1,091.76 after losing 3.9% for the week. A slew of analyst downgrades on technology stocks on Friday sent the Nasdaq Composite Index down 60.41 points, or 2.7%, on Friday. It closed at 2,205.29, after losing 3.6% for the week.

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Is the United States on Sale?

When more than $14 billion in merger-and-acquisition deals were announced in a single day last week, U.S. stock prices zoomed as investors embraced a suddenly more-bullish outlook. As last Monday demonstrated, any increase in dealmaking activity tends to move markets higher: With the chance of windfall profits from a surprise buyout, investors tend to bid […]

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Key Indicators Point to a Rough September for U.S. Stocks

When the "Great Crash" came in 1929, it came in October. So, too, did the infamous "Crash of '87." And last year, during a tortuous October that led to even lower lows in the months to come, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index lost 19% of its value in just 30 days. Investors can be […]

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Soaring Prices for AIG, Fannie and Other Financial Stocks Sending Mixed Messages to Investors

Three of the financial institutions that were key catalysts to the global financial crisis – and that owe the federal government billions of dollars as a direct result of those problems – have seen their shares triple in price so far this month. That could signal that a big rebound in bank-sector earnings is just […]

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In the Race for a U.S. Economic Rebound, Growing Debt and Budget Deficits Remain the Biggest Possible Roadblock

Even as investors get more and more bullish about the outlook for the U.S. economy, the economy’s underlying foundation continues to erode. In a report to be released this week, the Obama administration will boost its 10-year projection for the federal budget deficit to about $9 trillion – an increase of roughly $2 trillion, or […]

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How the Economic Rebound and China's Emergence Will Help Create a $300 Trillion Profit Opportunity For Investors

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report What's the name of the world's best-selling beer? Hint: It's not Budweiser. And it's not Bud Light. It's called Snow Beer, and I'll wager that most U.S. investors haven't even heard of it before. If they haven't, it's not a surprise. You see, Snow […]

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The Two Indicators That Show the Recession is Ending

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report Investors are being flooded with economic reports, many of them contradictory in nature. From that confusing gaggle, two indicators hint at an upbeat outcome: The torrid stock-market rally that’s been dominating headlines in recent weeks. And so-called “first-time jobless claims.” Let’s look at stock […]

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ETFs Help Investors Profit From the Most Powerful Global Investing Trends

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report Last year – at the height of a global financial crisis that tipped stocks into a freefall – investors still added $176 billion to exchange-traded funds, the hot investment class better known as ETFs. So far this year – as investors yanked $49 billion […]

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Money Morning's Hutchinson Makes the National News – Again

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report Thanks to his market insights, Money Morning's Martin Hutchinson has made the national news again. When economics author George Melloan penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece detailing the shortcomings of U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke's so-called stimulus "exit strategy," he cited […]

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Hot Stats: The One Jobless Indicator That Hints at the End of the U.S. Recession

By William Patalon IIIExecutive EditorMoney Morning/The Money Map Report The latest unemployment statistics show that the U.S. recession is winding down – or is over altogether. If you had to read that sentence twice to make sure you read it correctly, don't feel bad – you're probably not alone. After all, U.S. unemployment statistics haven't […]

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Why the Obama Stimulus Has Us on a Collision Course with Inflation

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/Money Map Report Has the massive Obama stimulus plan put us on a collision course with virulent inflation? It sure looks that way. Let me explain … When the U.S. Commerce Department on Friday said the U.S. economy contracted at a 1% annual pace in the second quarter, […]

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The U.S. Economy May Recover, But it Sure Won't Feel Like it

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report When the initial estimates for the just-concluded second quarter are released next week, they’re expected to show that gross domestic-product (GDP) declined for the fourth quarter in a row. That hasn’t happened in roughly 70 years – the last time being during the Great […]

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Investors Looking to Tech to Pull U.S. Stocks – and the Economy – Out of Their Doldrums

By William Patalon III Executive Editor Money Morningr/Money Map Report Stock investors will key next on earnings from tech giant Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) and banks including J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) for hints of what to expect in the third quarter — and how badly the recession hurt businesses in the second […]

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Another Dismal Earnings Season for U.S. Companies?

By William Patalon IIIExecutive Editor Money Morning/The Money Map Report Investors and analysts return from the long holiday weekend only to face a rather light week on the economic calendar – except for the earliest stages of what’s expected to be yet another dismal earnings season for U.S. companies. Aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA) […]

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