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Stocks to Buy

These Stocks to Buy Now Will Profit from the World's Next Hot Market – India


India is now the world's fastest-growing major economy, making it an ideal place to look for stocks to buy now as U.S. companies seek to take advantage of the explosive economic growth there.

The IMF sees India's GDP growing to 7.5% by 2016-2017, making it the fastest-growing major economy in the world.

Here are some stocks to buy to profit from this trend...

Hillary Clinton Haters Will Love These Two Stocks to Buy

Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton holds sway over U.S. markets. Over the past three weeks, two comments from her wiped millions off the value of an industry...

A 21-word tweet from Clinton sent the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE Arca: XBI) - a collection of some of the largest biotech stocks on the market - down 5% on Sept. 21. The former first lady struck again Oct. 30. She tweeted an attack on prisons. Prison stocks promptly took a dive. Corrections Corp. of America (NYSE: CXW) fell as much as 6% when the tweet surfaced - a $200 million loss of value.

But there's one sector that is proving impervious to Hillary Clinton rants. In fact, the last time a politician took aim at this industry, it doubled during the worst financial crisis in recent memory.

Investors who hate Hillary Clinton will love these two picks...

Hillary Clinton Could Be the Greatest Millionaire-Maker of All Time

hilary clinton

The two investment recommendations I've got for you today could be the most profitable investments you make all year.

Both have deep competitive moats and even deeper margins than other stocks and could benefit from a boost that you're not going to find in any other industry coming into the presidential election.

The last time a politician took aim at this industry, it doubled during the worst financial crisis in recent memory.

A Hillary Clinton presidency could catapult these shares even higher...

The Best Bear Market Stocks to Buy When Markets Are Falling

bear market stocks

The risk of an upcoming bear market continues to grow as we reach the end of 2015. That's why we're recommending some bear market stocks that are perfect when markets fall.

Here are the three biggest warnings signs we've seen that a bear market could be closer than a lot of Wall Street experts think...

The Most Expensive Stocks on U.S. Markets Today

most expensive stocks

Finding great companies is just part of the formula for savvy investing. The best stocks to buy are ones that aren't so pricey that there's still upside left...

And until August, U.S. stocks were the most expensive they've been since World War II.

Here's what that means for investors - plus get a list of the 20 most expensive stocks on U.S. markets right now.

Five Tech Stocks That Sailed Through the Third-Quarter Sell-Off


The recent market downturn has little to do with the U.S. economy, meaning there are plenty of companies - and stocks - that are bucking the market trend.

You just have to know how to peer through the "noise" and pick them.

And today, I'm going to show you five tech stocks that sailed peacefully through the third-quarter sell-off.

How a Government Shutdown Affects Defense Stocks


For the second time in two years, Americans face another government shutdown.

Oct. 1 marks the first day of fiscal year 2016 - the deadline for funding. But debate over financing nonprofit reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood threatens to halt the nation if no measure is passed to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30.

If a government shutdown does happen, we know one thing for sure: defense stocks will get hit - hard.

Here's what happened in late September and early October 2013 as the last shutdown became inevitable - and what investors can do to this turn lemon into lemonade...

The No. 1 Reason to Love a Government Shutdown – Double-Digit Profits


We stand on the verge of yet another government shutdown. The last shutdown, as costly and embarrassing as it was, was profitable for savvy investors. This one will be, too.

Playing this sector with one of our favorite trading strategies could create some quick double-digit profit opportunities.

These three picks will get you started...

A Multitrillion-Dollar Infrastructure Profit Opportunity


The world needs to spend $57 trillion over the next 15 years to keep its infrastructure up to par.

That's a huge sum, and plenty of that money is up for grabs for investors as governments team up with the private sector to get the job done.

Let's take a quick walk through history and look at each of the four...

The Best Investments When the Fed Raises Rates


Keith Fitz-Gerald was on CNBC's "Word on the Street" discussing the best investments if the Fed raises interest rates.

A recent Goldman Sachs report calls into question Keith's suggestion that Apple will see little impact from a rate increase.

But there is a flaw in that thinking, and investors may want to put the report in the context of Goldman's trading history...

The Top 3 Stocks to Buy Now at "Discount Prices"

stocks to buy

U.S. stock markets entered correction territory in late August, with the Dow Jones falling more than 14% from its yearly highs.

But instead of leaving the market, we looked for some of the best stocks to buy now that are trading at "discount prices."

Here are three of the best stocks to buy now at discounted prices...

Whipsaw the Market Right Back with These Three Tech Investing Plays


While others get distracted by the noise on Wall Street, we're staying focused on our long-term objective of building wealth through tech investing.

No one else in the mainstream media is covering the fact that tech is still performing better than the overall market and will continue to outperform.

And these three tech stocks will lead the pack...

An Infrastructure Play for the Ages

best investments

To try and offer some perspective between the demand for public works projects in ancient times and for infrastructure projects of today, I set out to see if there was any way of creating a cost comparison.

It's not a simple exercise. But it is kind of a fun one.

Let me demonstrate...

Our Secret to the Biggest Gains During Market Corrections

Best Investments

When it comes to stock market corrections, the urge to sell and run for cover is completely understandable - but it's the wrong move.

Instead, when the going gets tough, the tough... go shopping.

Shopping after a market sell-off is absolutely critical to capture the maximum possible profits. Remember, the markets' powerful upward bias means corrections and even crashes will always pass into history, giving way to wealth-generating bull runs.

And today, our strategists will share some of their own market correction shopping lists, and even how to lay "profit traps" to pick them up at the price you want.

Biotech Investing Buff Just Made $1.1 Billion Profit in 8 Months – Here's How

Biotech Investing

With a net worth of $12.6 billion, Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, is the world's richest doctor, the richest American in the healthcare industry, and the 96th-richest person on the planet in 2015 according to Forbes.

And just in August, the 63-year-old became $1.1 billion richer -- from a move he'd made only eight months prior, according to Bloomberg...

Here's Soon-Shiong's story - plus five ways you can cash in with biotech profits of your own...