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One 10-Minute Trick That Beat the Market by 248%

"What's the simplest strategy to boost my returns?"
This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when I'm on the road. And most people expect a long, drawn-out answer.
But in reality, there's a single word - the one you're about to see - that can lead to huge performance gains...
How huge?
Try triple-digit huge - that's why I place a high priority on this technique in the Money Map Report's proprietary 50-40-10 Strategy. It's critical to the success tens of thousands of our subscribers have enjoyed over the years.

It’s incredibly simple, too...

How You Can Beat 'The Street'

I can't tell you how many times during the ugly trading days we've seen in recent weeks that I've heard someone say that the little guy can no longer compete - that he or she can't beat "The Street' - in today's stock market.

In fact, I hear it all the time: Wall Street has rigged the game, has turned Washington into its lapdog, and only wants to separate the retail investor from his or her money.

I guess such defeatist sentiments are understandable - especially on days like Thursday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges more than 419 points. But they're also misguided.

You see, while most retail investors believe that they can't beat The Street because the "little guy" is disadvantaged, I hold just the opposite view. I know you can beat The Street, and beat the Big Boys at their own game, precisely because you are the "little guy."

How do I know this? Simple. I've helped tens of thousands of investors around the world do just that.

So let's deep-six the defeatist attitude and get down to business: The person who can most help your bid to outfox Wall Street is the one who's looking back at you from the mirror every morning. Just remember:

    1) The playing field is level - even if you think it's not.
    2) Small investors can be more nimble.
    3) Professionals face risks that you don't have.
    4) A proven portfolio approach can make you steadier than the markets.
    5) You need to have the courage to participate to get started.

It's a Better Playing Field Than You Think

Yes, the B ig B oys have "dark pools," exclusive trading platforms and more computing power than at any point in recorded history. But so what?

The typical personal computer available to retail investors has more power than the entire NASA Apollo Mission profile and the data you can pull off the Internet is truly stunning.

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