China's slowing growth

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China Economic Growth: 2015 Pace Falls to Slowest Since Great Recession

China Economic Growth 2015

China Economic Growth 2015: China's economic growth rate came in at 6.9% in Q3, slipping below 7% for the first time since 2009.

Slowing growth has raised doubts that China will be able to reach its official target growth rate of 7% for the full year. It also adds to mounting concerns about the health of the global economy and puts additional pressure on Beijing to do more to boost growth.

Here's why China's economic growth in 2015 is having a global impact...

China's "Slow" Growth Is Still Creating Huge Money Opportunities

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If all you've been hearing regarding China recently is noise about its economic slowdown, you need to find a better news source.

Investors need to stop worrying over China's long-expected gradual slowdown.

Do so and you likely will see, as my guest today does, the long-term growth ahead for key tech sectors in the world's most populous nation.

I'm talking about the kind of growth that will fill investors' portfolios with soaring profits for years to come...