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Dividend Stocks

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Buy the Best Dividend Stocks in the Tech Industry, All in One Place

best dividend stocks

The best dividend stocks in 2016 are actually in a surprising sector: tech.

And not only do these tech stocks provide market-beating gains, but they also pay you while they outperform the market.

Today, we wanted to share with our readers the one simple investment that lets you own all the top tech dividend stocks for a fraction of what they normally cost...

How to Grab Superior Dividend Returns from Silicon Valley

best stocks to buy now

As recently as 12 years ago, Silicon Valley's tech firms were notorious for being stingy with their dividend payouts. They could always be counted on to plow every last cent of profit back into growth or research or even buybacks, rather than paying their "partners," the shareholders.

Tech was an exciting sector, but income-hungry investors felt their money was treated better elsewhere. Remember, in the 1990s, yield was not the rare, endangered species it is in 2016.

But in 2016, tech has become an economy unto itself. What's more, where U.S. corporations are buried under nearly $30 trillion in debt, my five favorite American tech companies are flush, holding more than $504 billion in cold, hard cash between them. That's 30% of Corporate America's entire hoard.

With profit margins across this "convergence economy" topping a cushy 17.5%, tech is paying well across the board and treating shareholders like the partners they are. The mere median tech payout is well over 2.5%.

Tech is the new home of low-risk income on the markets, and there are nearly 100 dividend payers to choose from among the cream of the crop.

But let me narrow that selection down and show you one of the best...

These Dividend Aristocrats Are "Kings" of Return

dividend aristocrats

What do you call a dividend aristocrat that has raised its dividend not just 25 straight years, but 50 straight years?

That would be a dividend king. And like other dividend aristocrats, dividend kings deliver outsized returns compared to stocks that don't raise their dividend every year (or pay one at all).

Here are the 18 companies that have achieved dividend aristocrat status two times over...

One of the Most Reliable Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2016

dividend stocks

Dividend stocks are one of the best ways to earn stable returns over time.

Investors are increasingly turning to dividends instead of just capital gains to squeeze returns out of their investments.

You can easily start using dividends to prop up your portfolio. Check out one of the most reliable dividend stocks to buy in 2016...

This Top Dividend Stock to Buy Offers a 4.45% Yearly Return

Finding a good dividend stock to buy is the best way to play the market and earn reliable income.

That's why we want to tell you about our newest dividend stock recommendation.

We like this company because it's at the center of this $115 billion industry...

The Best Dividend Stock to Buy in This Booming $14.4 Trillion Market

dividend stock to buy

Finding a good dividend stock to buy is the most stable way to make money in the stock market.

It allows you to earn steady, passive income - no matter how the individual stock price performs.

That's why we've picked one of the best dividend stocks to buy that targets a $14.4 trillion industry...

One of the Best Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2016

best dividend stocks to buy

Emerging markets are the best way to get the kind of explosive growth that the United States hasn't offered since Harry S. Truman lived in the White House.

The 23 economies of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index represent a full 13% of world market capitalization. These economies can and often do surge by double digits each year, offering windfall profits to investors with the intestinal fortitude for volatility.

But today, I'm going to introduce you to a place you won't find on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, though considering what just happened, it likely won't stay off for long. In fact, until just a few months ago, it was pure poison for investors. 

And with so much room to run, it would be criminal to miss out on the potential gains here. It likely won't be long before global growth investors start pouring in, so let's get started now...

Increase Your Return on Investment with This One Easy Strategy in 2016

return on investment

You don't need a ton of money to increase your return on investment in today's volatile market. You just need the right strategy.

In fact, the best way to squeeze the most return on investment from an unstable market is through discipline, not wealth. That's according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, a seasoned market analyst with over 30 years of investing experience.

Fitz-Gerald has one trading strategy that's built to endure market turbulence best. It will help you build your stake in a company, without investing any extra money.

The Top 3 Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2016 – March 2016

dividend stocks

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average down nearly 5% this year, dividend stocks are the most stable way to make money in this volatile environment.

These companies provide steady income regardless of how the markets move.

That's why we've gathered a list of the best dividend stocks to buy in 2016...

Income Investors Will Look Very Smart with These Gains


Call it the "Summer of Pain." All the major indexes are down for the year, flirting with textbook "correction territory."

Utility stocks, as tracked by the Utilities SPDR ETF, have been among the hardest hit. The XLU ETF is now off an eye-watering 20% from its February 2015 highs.

The trouble is, the utility sector is a massive favorite among income investors, thanks to its stability and generous yields. XLU, for instance, pays close to 4%.

And the simple play I'm about to show you will make sure you get paid all year while taking the bite out of some of the downside risk...

Preferred Stock vs. Common Stock: What's the Difference?

income investing

Preferred stock and common stock are the two main types of stock that companies issue to investors.

But we frequently hear the same question from our readers: What's the difference between preferred stock vs. common stock?

Here's a breakdown of the two types of securities...

The Truth About Investing in REITs When Interest Rates Rise

REITs are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate, and investing in REITs is an effective strategy for earning passive income.

Still, many investors believe REITs will underperform as an interest rate hike lingers on the horizon.

Here's why that couldn't be further from the truth...

The Secret to Superior Returns

U.S. Debt

Many people are surprised to learn that dividend income and reinvestment can account for nearly 90% of total stock market returns over time.

That's right. Not a quarter... Not half... But 90%.

But the potential returns we can bank with this simple method can be much, much higher...

What Are Master Limited Partnerships?

master limited partnerships

Master limited partnerships have seen immense growth over the last decade. The sector has grown 260% over the last decade.

But many investors don't fully understand their tax benefits, dividend yields, and business structure.

Here's how master limited partnerships work and why they're profitable...

A High-Dividend ETF Lets You Invest in Today's Top-Yielding Stocks

high-dividend ETF

A high-dividend ETF is an exchange-traded fund that lets investors own a handful of dividend stocks with good yields.

"Good" yields are about 2.5% or higher.

You can get three high-dividend ETFs right here - yields as high as 6.3%...