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This "Financial Mass Destruction" Play Is All Upside


While Russia fights for Eastern Ukraine, for now, it's losing the currency war.

Thanks to a perfect storm of low oil prices, economic sanctions put in place in response to the crises in Ukraine, and capital flight, Russia's been forced to capitulate by abandoning its currency peg.

It's all reminiscent of the financial attacks on Iran and its currency.

But fortune favors the bold, and blood's about to start running in the streets of Moscow, providing us an opportunity to capture our share of profits...

What's Ahead for Oil Stocks and ETFs as Iraq Turmoil Continues

oil stocks

Oil stocks and oil exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are getting more attention as oil futures close out their biggest weekly gain of the year.

Oil prices rallied for a third consecutive day Friday as Sunni militants continued their advance toward Baghdad, stoking fears that Iraq is headed for civil war and its abundant oil exports could be in jeopardy.

While oil prices will rise, not all stocks will follow. Here's the deal...

Today's Surge in Oil Prices Is Creating a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

Yesterday Iraq descended into full-blown civil war.

At the same time, Russian oil interests - specifically those of the Russian parastatal Gazprom - are hitting Western-placed hurdles to their coveted South Stream natural gas pipeline project to the West. That's right when Putin and the Kremlin need it most.

These two events are hundreds - in some cases thousands - of miles apart, but they will have major, immediate impacts on energy prices. And understandably, investors are worried.

Yesterday, we caught up with Dr. Kent Moors for his unique insight, just as he finished speaking to the country in a Fox News interview. Kent had a very different take on events, saying, "We're in an unusually advantageous situation for American investors."

Here's what Dr. Moors sees that no one else does...

Gazprom Keeps the Heat on Europe by Pressing Libya

By Jason Simpkins Associate Editor OAO Gazprom, Russia's state- sponsored gas monopoly, is offering to buy all of Libya's oil and gas exports in a bid to increase its dominance over Europe's gas market and enhance Russia's political clout throughout the region. Alexei Miller, Gazprom's chief executive, made the offer on July 9th at a […]

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Gazprom and Ukraine Resolve Dispute

By Jason Simpkins Associate Editor Europe breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday, as OAO Gazprom and Ukraine settled an ongoing dispute over the fate of the continent's natural gas supplies. Ukraine will pay the $600 million debt demanded by Gazprom, and the Russian oil monopoly will restore deliveries of gas to the country in full. […]

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Gazprom to Cut Gas Shipments to Ukraine in Half, Putting European Supplies in Peril

By Jason Simpkins Associate Editor OAO Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned oil monopoly upped the ante in its ongoing dispute with Ukrainian policymakers yesterday (Tuesday), when it threatened to cut natural gas supplies to the former Soviet satellite by half, a move that has disturbing implications for the rest of Europe. Gazprom reduced natural gas deliveries to […]

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Gazprom Highlights Foreign Investment Risks, Threatens Europe - Again

By Jason Simpkins Staff Writer In a story that underscores the risks investors face with emerging-markets investments, OAO Gazprom, Russia's energy giant, is up to its old tricks and is once again threatening to cut gas supplies to the Ukraine, in an effort to extort payment, Bloomberg News reported. It's an issue that Money Morning […]

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The New Cold War: How Russia Has Turned Its Energy Exports Into Weapons of Diplomacy

By Jason Simpkins Last week, (July 20) Chevron Corp. said it would challenge a $290 million back tax claim issued against the Caspian Pipeline Consortium by Russia’s Federal Tax Service.  This is yet another attempt by President Vladimir Putin to seize control over all aspects of energy production and transportation within Russia. The Caspian Pipeline […]

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Belarus Assuages EU Fears; Agrees To Pay Part of Gazprom Debt

By Jason Simpkins Belarus eased some of the tensions with Russian oil-and-gas giant, Gazprom, Friday, by paying off part of its debt. Belarus has reportedly paid $190 million of its $456 million dept to Gazprom. The deal was a source of major relief throughout the European Union. The Gazprom-Belarus disagreement started over a supply contract negotiated […]

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