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    I've been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes ever since my Dad introduced me to the fabled detective when I was 10 or 11 and living near Pittsburgh back in the early 1970s.

    And two of my favorite stories are The Final Problem and The Adventure of the Empty House.

    In The Final Problem, Holmes has finally beaten his nemesis, Prof. James Moriarty, setting the brilliant villain and his gang up for arrest by Scotland Yard.

    With the tough work done (and the need to steer clear of the criminals being rounded up by Scotland Yard), Holmes and friend Dr. John Watson head to the Continent for a literal "getaway" vacation. But Moriarty eludes the police dragnet and follows Holmes to Switzerland, cornering him alone on a narrow shelf overlooking Reichenbach Falls...

    When Watson arrives later, he finds churned-up earth and a hastily jotted note from Holmes - which Moriarty had "courteously" permitted him to write in advance of the "final discussion of those questions which lie between us."

    Holmes' fans know about the premature call that happened next, but what isn't obvious is that it can help us make a killing in the markets...

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