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    There's a sentiment among warfighters going all the way back to Sun Tzu's time that goes something like, "amateurs talk weapons and tactics, pros talk logistics."

    Logistics are what make it possible to actually go somewhere and fight to achieve an objective. And it is hands down the most difficult, costly component of fighting. For every one soldier on the field, fighting, there must be dozens of support personnel in the rear, doing hundreds of tasks.

    So for thousands of years, generals and military chiefs have always sought ways to make logistics easier, safer, and less expensive.

    Well, they would have loved to get their hands on the disruptive technology I'm about to show you. I think it will likely change the way this country fights its wars forever.

    And right now, the company that makes it is "on sale." It's been beaten down about 3.5% over the past few days, giving us a beautiful opportunity to add some more shares and keep our costs down.

    These prices won't last long, though, once Wall Street gets wind of what's coming through...

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5 of the Biggest Fads Stocks from the 2000s

fad stocks

Here are the biggest fad stocks of the 2000s...

Which ones survived?

And which ones faded into eternity as so many fads often do?

How to Profit When Negative Rates Push Cash to Extinction


Cash is likely going the way of the dinosaur, thanks to a one-two punch from governments and their central banks on one hand, and technology on the other.

It's unruly and chaotic, simply too hard to track and control. So, as part of a quiet but all-out war on cash, governments have thrown their weight behind the adoption of next-generation credit and debit card features, like the Euro-import "EMV standard" gold chip cards that were rapidly adopted in the United States.

When all you have to do is tap your credit card or smartphone to complete a purchase, the convenience is almost impossible to resist. Add the rapidly increasing galaxy of payment apps and devices, and you can see that the days of banknotes and coins are numbered worldwide.

This war is still in its early stages, but it's already going well for those who would see cash gone: A Gallup poll released in July reported that just five years ago, 36% of Americans said they made nearly all of their purchases with cash. In June this year, the result was just 24%.

The outcome is probably inevitable, but like the investing adage goes, "make the trend your friend" and tap into this really juicy profit opportunity I'm going to show you...

3 Stocks on Death Watch in October

stocks on death watch

These three stocks are on death watch in October, so be sure to avoid them.

There's a high likelihood these companies will fail, and any investors caught unaware will get pummeled.

Check out our list now...

Your Patience Is About to Pay Off, as CZR Gets Some Sweet Revenge


CZR stock is set for recovery after Caesars Entertainment finally reached a $5 billion deal with its private-equity owners.

Here's why profits are coming soon...

Get Ready for Another Round of Triple-Digit Gains… Courtesy of the WTO

triple-digit gains

I remember a bitter global trade dispute from my days as a reporter, back in the 1990s - you might, too.

Rochester, N.Y.-based Eastman Kodak alleged Japanese rival Fujifilm was employing unfair practices - colluding with the Japanese government to create a "profit sanctuary," and erecting trade and distribution barriers - to dampen competition in Japan and abroad, and achieve dominance in the world photo products market.

From what I could see, anecdotally, Kodak's claims had at least some merit. The European Commission agreed, but the World Trade Organization didn't see it that way; Fuji was allowed to continue to press its advantage.

Winning the dispute made Fuji a bigger, bolder company. It invested in itself. I went on a tour of Fuji's Greenwood, S.C. plant, and it blew Kodak's facilities out of the water; it was "modular," modern, more efficient, and more easily able to adapt to fluctuations in market preferences.

Of course, the birth of digital photography soon made the dispute academic. We never got to see how it all might've played out.

Now, I mention all this because the WTO just issued another landmark ruling in a major international trade dispute with billions at stake.

I can't say history is repeating, though - this time, the organization sided with the American firm and against its rival in Europe.

That's great news for American industry, but especially for my readers. They've got the chance to reap a whole new batch of profits - after we've already seen peak gains of 157%.

We're backing the winning horse here, folks...

A Certain Hedge Fund Manager's Wife Will Hate This Article… but You'll Love the Profits


Many investors consider hedge funds the end all, be all when it comes to profits.

This investment, which has outperformed markets 3 to 1 over the past year, proves them wrong...

Grab These Shares Before Wall Street Realizes They're Rate-Hike Proof

rate hike

If Janet Yellen raises rates in December, it will likely be so the Fed can cut them again shortly thereafter.

It makes sense - official U.S. debt tops $19 trillion (and rising fast). Unfunded liabilities take the total to nearly $127 trillion. Raising rates by just 1% would cost the Fed unfathomably more in additional interest that comes right from the federal budget.

Were it to hike rates, the central bank would cut its own feet off, too. The Fed's bond inventory is so massive, Goldman Sachs estimates it would take a $250 billion haircut on a 1% hike.

So I feel pretty confident that we won't see anything but a token increase - if that - anytime soon.

So, now more than ever, investors need to find a nice, secure source of yield among the slim pickings available; something with the wherewithal to hold up under uncertainty and change.

I'm going to show you the best one I know. And the best part is, its "secret ingredient" is more than powerful enough to overcome any interest rate hike, whether it comes from the Fed or the market. 

The income is great, and you'll love the capital gains, too...

How to Profit While These Zombie Companies Still Roam the Earth

zombie companies

What a shock - the Fed didn't raise interest rates last week. Its next chance is in December - we'll see if it chickens out then, too.

You can count on markets to obsess over the possibility of a rate hike for the rest of the year. Anything to keep the free money hose on full blast.

But this obsession with rate hikes means the markets are missing a critical component of the big picture - corporate credit quality. It's really in horrible shape, but eight years of zero interest rates have helped to disguise that fact, and these companies aren't advertising it to shareholders.

Now that the Fed is contemplating raising interest rates, their disguise could be ripped off.

The truth is, "Corporate America" is far more leveraged now than it was on the cusp of the financial crisis.

That isn't even their biggest problem, but it could be a huge opportunity for investors with the intestinal fortitude to follow through on this...

Celebrate This High-Profit Milestone with Some More Triple-Digit Gains

biotech lab scientist science

This was the very first stock we recommended on the very first day Private Briefing was published - Aug. 11, 2011.

On that day, you could've owned it for less than nine bucks a share - $8.60.

That's a distant memory.

We've re-recommended these shares more than a dozen times since then, so successive "classes" of our readers can participate in these gains.

And sure enough, this stock hit an all-time high at midday yesterday... up a whopping 717% from that first day we wrote about it.

Let me tell you the ticker - and why I think there's a lot more profit in store for this "classic" pick...

A Double-Digit Profit Play for the Upcoming Defense "Supercycle"


A rogue nation and its cartoonish, unpredictable leader fire two ballistic missiles towards its rival neighbor, a vital American ally. Then the nation claims to have detonated its most powerful atomic bomb ever, which it says will fit nicely on a warhead fitted to those ballistic missiles.

A strongman in charge of a world power decides to invade a sovereign country to "reunite" half its territory with the mother country - twice, and both times during the Olympic Games.

Unfortunately, as we all know, these events weren't lifted from the plot of a spy novel.

They're actually happening in the world today. Border wars, frozen conflicts, and saber rattling in the South China Sea, Ukraine, the Russian Caucasus, the Korean peninsula, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia don't show any signs of letting up.

A global economy lurching toward recession, bad planning, and poor leadership across the globe don't help international tensions, either. 

But this is precisely the kind of environment lucrative defense stocks thrive in.

In fact, nervous nations with deep pockets are propelling the entire defense sector into a "supercycle" that could be good for steady gains for the next 20 years.

And it doesn't matter who wins in November, either...

Should You Buy a Stock Based on the Politics of Its CEO?

alibaba stock

Should you buy a stock based on the politics of its CEO?

Our technical trading specialist D.R. Barton answers this question in the following video...

Here's a 360% "Glocal" Gainer to Buy This Week


"Glocals," U.S. companies that do business all over the world, are some of my favorite companies to own because they put shareholders like you out in front of all the growth that's still very much underway all across the globe, despite the sub-2% growth we're experiencing in the United States.

These are global brands with the experience necessary to manage real growth in the most challenging markets and economic conditions, but they're listed right here at home.

They have the leadership (and cash) to withstand the crises, chaos, and disruptions that are front-page news today.

But most of all, they pay some of the market's juiciest dividends, income that is absolutely essential at a time when central bankers the world over are doing their level best to take interest rates right through the floor.

So today I'm going to share one of the very best dividend achievers in the Money Map Report portfolio with all of you.

It's not for nothing that it's a $5.62 billion powerhouse with a 29.53% profit margin, and now you have the chance to own it...

Why Investing at Market Peaks Can Be Very Profitable

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The markets have once again been flirting with new all-time highs, leading many investors to ask if they should be buying. And, once again, all the usual suspects are trying to convince investors to abandon ship:

...They've overvalued

...There's a crash around the corner

...Earnings stink

...Clinton this, Trump that

...the Fed

To paraphrase a famous line from the 1990s smash American NBC sitcom "Seinfeld"...

Yada, yada, yada.

The markets are always making new highs. Putting more money to work is exactly what you should be doing.

You've just got to pick your bets a bit more carefully...

Thank Michael Phelps for These Three Winning Stocks


The Rio Olympics are winding down, but these three stocks are about to rake in billions thanks to endorsements from athletes like Michael Phelps.

Get the tickers - and a way to play these shares - right here...

This Trend Is Not Your Friend

best stocks to buy

The S&P 500 hit another record high last week on the back of an employment report that was boosted by "large seasonal adjustments," which is really just another way of saying the government is manipulating the numbers.

Even after these adjustments, however, three- and six-month average job growth is below 200,000 and also lower than a year ago. The last two months' reports were boosted by higher government hiring (+71,000, the highest two month level since 2010).

Private sector jobs growth is running at a lower 3-month average of 150,000, down significantly from 221,000 in 2015 and 240,000 in 2014.

Don't fall for any of this...