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    By all accounts, 2016's "Black Friday" was a success, surpassing $3 billion in sales for the first time in history. That might be welcome news for a retail industry that is now unambiguously in crisis, but most of the record spending was done online.

    That's just another nail in the coffin for an industry that's seen a raft of bankruptcies lately, with mall-based fixtures like Sports Authority, RadioShack, Aéropostale, American Apparel, and PacSun all going belly-up.

    I'm not trying to spoil anyone's festive mood, but it's my job to call it as I see it: This trend for these traditional retailers points straight down. No matter how much you personally spend this shopping season (and I do hope you get some good deals), the explosion of ecommerce, along with weak and/or increasingly selective consumers, makes traditional retailers' destruction inevitable.

    But hardly anyone is falling faster or harder than this turkey, which means we have to move quickly...

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Is the Stock Market Open on Black Friday?

mall closures

Stock exchanges close for some holidays and not others, so one of the more common questions is whether the stock market is open on Black Friday.

In the United States, the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq are closed on Thanksgiving, but both are back to business and open on Black Friday.

But Black Friday isn't just the day after Thanksgiving; it's an important day for investors, too...

Why Cisco Deserves a C- This Quarter


From weak sales growth to massive job cuts, a lot's been happening with Cisco recently. And it's starting a restructuring effort, but Michael Robinson is not really optimistic.

Here's his full forecast and how to play the stock right now...

What You Need to Know About the "Trump" Stock Market

stock market

D.R. Barton covers the upcoming rate hikes, Trump's pick for Treasury, the Tesla-SolarCity merger, the biggest stocks news, and the newest Texas oil discovery.

Watch his full insight right here...

Pyramid Schemes Are Illegal… but Herbalife's Still at It 


Herbalife is in the news again yet again for its predatory business practices...

On Nov. 7, 2016, HBO's "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver went after HLF's uncanny resemblance to a pyramid scheme.

Here's how Herbalife has been able to stay in operation so far, despite its recent clash with the Federal Trade Commission...

SMG Stock Could Soar 30% as More States Legalize Marijuana

SMG Stock

SMG stock is poised to soar 30% over the next 12 months, fueled by its new $326 million "marijuana" investments.

These three marijuana-related investments are a part of an obscure - but highly profitable - marijuana subsector.

Find out more about this subsector and SMG's three "marijuana" investments...

Our "Post-Trump" Play Is Leading the Markets Now

infrastructure stocks

We know the stock market was supposed to crash when Donald Trump pocketed 270 electoral votes, but stocks have been off like a shot ever since Nov. 9.

And that makes what I have to tell you today more urgent.

I'm looking at a small group of stocks that stand to do very well in the incoming administration. We got in last week, and this group contains some of the market's biggest gainers right now.

But it's not too late to get in on the action, or, if you're already in, make even more money...

Three Quick and Easy Profit Plays to Make Right Now

biotech stocks

After surviving the "Trumpcrash," markets are actually growing stronger. And Tom has three profit plays that came under his radar after the election results.

You have the opportunity to make even more money than usual here, since no else is even noticing these kinds of stocks...

How the Market's Moving… and Three Stocks to Trade Now

stock market crash predictions

D.R. Barton explains all the market uncertainties we've been seeing lately. He also has three picks, some good and some bad, to profit from the current situation and market movements...


The Most Expensive Stocks on the Market for November 2016

most expensive stocks

Ever wonder what the most expensive stocks on the market are? After all, the market is reaching new highs. That means there must be some very expensive stocks pushing the market higher.

Here is our list of the 10 most expensive stocks to buy.

3 Stocks to Short Now

Stocks to short now

Our Chief Investment Strategist has identified three stocks to short now for triple-digit profit potential. These stocks are going down fast...

One of them is even down 50% year over year... and falling.

Check out these three stocks now, and their huge short potential...

The Untradeables: These Stocks Are Too Terrible to Buy, Hold, or Even Short


Toxic stocks can be great short candidates, but there's nothing to be gained from these three companies.

If you own these shares, drop them and back away...

My Favorite Defense Play Just Bought a Turnkey Profit Generator


There's a sentiment among warfighters going all the way back to Sun Tzu's time that goes something like, "amateurs talk weapons and tactics, pros talk logistics."

Logistics are what make it possible to actually go somewhere and fight to achieve an objective. And it is hands down the most difficult, costly component of fighting. For every one soldier on the field, fighting, there must be dozens of support personnel in the rear, doing hundreds of tasks.

So for thousands of years, generals and military chiefs have always sought ways to make logistics easier, safer, and less expensive.

Well, they would have loved to get their hands on the disruptive technology I'm about to show you. I think it will likely change the way this country fights its wars forever.

And right now, the company that makes it is "on sale." It's been beaten down about 3.5% over the past few days, giving us a beautiful opportunity to add some more shares and keep our costs down.

These prices won't last long, though, once Wall Street gets wind of what's coming through...

5 of the Biggest Fads Stocks from the 2000s

fad stocks

Here are the biggest fad stocks of the 2000s...

Which ones survived?

And which ones faded into eternity as so many fads often do?

How to Profit When Negative Rates Push Cash to Extinction


Cash is likely going the way of the dinosaur, thanks to a one-two punch from governments and their central banks on one hand, and technology on the other.

It's unruly and chaotic, simply too hard to track and control. So, as part of a quiet but all-out war on cash, governments have thrown their weight behind the adoption of next-generation credit and debit card features, like the Euro-import "EMV standard" gold chip cards that were rapidly adopted in the United States.

When all you have to do is tap your credit card or smartphone to complete a purchase, the convenience is almost impossible to resist. Add the rapidly increasing galaxy of payment apps and devices, and you can see that the days of banknotes and coins are numbered worldwide.

This war is still in its early stages, but it's already going well for those who would see cash gone: A Gallup poll released in July reported that just five years ago, 36% of Americans said they made nearly all of their purchases with cash. In June this year, the result was just 24%.

The outcome is probably inevitable, but like the investing adage goes, "make the trend your friend" and tap into this really juicy profit opportunity I'm going to show you...

3 Stocks on Death Watch in October

stocks on death watch

These three stocks are on death watch in October, so be sure to avoid them.

There's a high likelihood these companies will fail, and any investors caught unaware will get pummeled.

Check out our list now...