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    The British people powerfully repudiated their political and business elites last week by voting in favor of Britain exiting the deeply flawed European Union (E.U.).

    As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, 52% of British voters gave a collective middle finger to all five major political parties, more than 1200 corporate CEOs, and even American President Barack Obama who told them that it would be a terrible mistake to leave the death-clutch of the European bureaucratic state.

    This was not only a victory for democracy but a resounding rejection of dismal economic and political leadership that has led the world to the brink of another global financial crisis.

    But there's so much more happening beyond the United Kingdom...

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How to Profit as D.C.'s Pork-Barrel Politics (and Spending) Go Global


Of course the Fed has pulled out all the stops to try and kick-start a modest 2% inflation rate. You see, governments don't just want inflation, they absolutely need it if they want to maintain even the faintest hope of managing their multitrillion-dollar debt burdens.

So far, nothing has worked... But, as I've said, and as recency bias shows, we're likely to be swamped with more inflation than anyone bargained for, courtesy of government spending.

That's because they're about to embark on a spending and money-printing spree of historic proportions.

This could make quantitative easing look like chump change. The entire world is going to be getting in on the action, led by the United States...

... and it's likely to happen no matter who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in January. Both Clinton and Trump are talking this up in a big way. It's the one thing they can actually agree on.

One thing no one is mentioning, however, is how this spending spree will act like rocket fuel to one stock I mentioned three months ago. It's already done about twice as well as the markets, and based on what I see coming, that's barely the start of the gains...

If You Go Long Fannie and Freddie, You'll Lose

Fannie Mae

If Fannie and Freddie win their case against the federal government, their shares will skyrocket. But if the government wins, they'll drop to zero.

And it's far, far more likely they're going down. Here's why investors should stay well away...

No One on Wall Street Has the Guts to Say This


Markets moved lower for the fourth straight week after the Fed kept open the possibility that it will raise rates again in June.

My money is still on a single rate hike later in the year and not next month, but the 12-headed Hydra known as the Federal Open Market Committee (aka The Committee to Destroy the World) said just enough to keep markets worried last week, thus the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 are both up a mere 0.4% on the year.

But, considering that these indexes are trading at nearly 20 times GAAP earnings, (and that GAAP earnings are complete bull because they are inflated by billions of dollars of bogus non-GAAP adjustments (see Valeant Pharmaceuticals Int'l Inc. [NYSE: VRX,] and Sunedison Inc. [OTC: SUNEQ]), this is better than investors deserve.

What's more, have no illusions about the "vast cash hoard" Corporate America is thought to have on hand. As you'll see, that's a fairy tale...

The Only Investment You Need to Profit from Silicon Valley's Massive Dividend Hikes

dividend hikes

Investors are still scared of Apple Inc.'s quarterly report, which contained the company's first earnings miss in 13 years. The stock is currently being punished by skittish analysts and investors, which is a tremendous opportunity in and of itself.

But it's what else these investors are running away from that I want to talk to you about today. It's a lot more than just the potential gains Apple has to offer.

These investors somehow completely missed Apple's massive profits: $10.52 billion, or $1.90 a share, and all in an "off" quarter.

With that truckload of cash, Tim Cook & Co. decided to give shareholders a consolation prize in the form of a stunning 10% dividend hike. It's still early yet, but it's likely that boost will be the tech sector's biggest of the quarter.

Here's the thing... Apple's not alone in this welcome tech trend of huge dividend hikes. So today I'm going to show you how you can buy the very best, biggest dividends in tech... for less than the cost of dinner for two at the Olive Garden.

This is a one-stop income machine that would be good in any market, but is an absolute must-have in this volatility...

Why Conventional Investors Are Getting Slaughtered


Recently, legendary investor and philanthropist Stanley Druckenmiller made news when he said that investors should sell their stocks and buy gold. Lost in that message - with which I wholeheartedly agree - was another important point that Druckenmiller made in looking back at his career.

Read more

Here's Why the Bear Market Rally Could End Soon

Stock market today

One current and three former members of the American branch of The Committee to Destroy the World - otherwise known as the Federal Reserve - met last week in a public forum to discuss their work.


This Shipping Company's Stock Is Rising – No Matter What Amazon Does

shipping company

In its quest to become more than just the king of e-commerce, Amazon has set its sights on global shipping and logistics.

Individual investors and Wall Street alike feel this is a poor time to invest in the other major shipping firms.

But that's a misguided notion. In fact, this global shipping company is so competitive and innovative that it'll flourish no matter what Amazon does...

A Market Circus Made by Policy Clowns


Stocks resumed their rally last week after Janet Yellen reassured investors that things are so bad she won't raise interest rates any time soon. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 277 points, or 1.6%, to 17,792.75 while the S&P 500 added 37 points, or 1.8%, on this idiotic "bad news is good news" scenario.

Rear more...

War, Terrorism, and Ugliness Will NOT Beat This Stock, Despite What Everybody Thinks

Stock Market Crash

Unfortunately, terrorism is a "growth industry" at the moment. That means every investor needs to understand how to navigate their money through a world increasingly shaped by it.

That sounds callous, but the best way to honor those who have perished is to redouble your efforts to live fully and to the best of your abilities.

From an investing perspective, that means seizing on opportunity, even if it's barbarity that creates it.

Today I want to share with you one such recommendation that terrorism will NOT beat into submission, contrary to what most people think...

The "BANG Stocks" Are the Next Group of Profit-Doublers


The market-leading FANG stocks - Facebook,, Netflix, and the former Google, now Alphabet - haven't had a great 2016, with returns in the neighborhood of -15% to just under 5% for the year.

Don't get me wrong - they're still good "holds" for investors wise enough to take the long view and accumulate big, steady gains over a period of years.

Those anemic gains aren't surprising, given that we're all but "officially" in the depths of a bear market.

But... like the old adage goes, "there's always a bull market somewhere," and I believe that's especially true of the basket of stocks I'm about to show you. As uncertainty and volatility rule the markets, these shares have already delivered bona fide breakout gains that most investors would kill for right now.

But you haven't missed out; there's a new technology just hitting its stride right now that could multiply these players' profits exponentially.

And the best part is they're all still available at real bargain prices.

They won't stay that way, though...

Why I Don't Trust This Rally

dow jones industrial average

Stocks kept rallying last week despite the fact that economic conditions are not improving anywhere in the world.

Investors predictably celebrated the European Central Bank's decision to lower interest rates further below zero and to buy more debt (including investment grade corporate bonds) in pa continuation of its desperate efforts to revive a moribund European economy.

That's bad, but it's not the immediate concern right now...

Here’s How Investors Get Tricked into Buying Companies Like Valeant


While half the trick of investing is figuring out what the consensus thinks, the wisdom of crowds is a myth when it comes to the markets.

Case in point, Valeant Pharmaceuticals has cratered since October 2015, but many investors cling to the belief that the company's problems will be solved.

Some hedge funds have (or had until the stock collapsed) as much as 20% to 30% of their capital in the company, which is extraordinarily reckless.

But it's all in the numbers. The masses are missing these figures, but you don't have to...

What To Expect From This Bear Market Rally


Stocks rallied for the third straight week in what appears to be a classic bear market rally. Investors should count their good luck and use higher prices as an opportunity to reduce equity exposure or hedge stocks they don't want to sell. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped by 367 points or 2.2% to 17,006.77 while the S&P 500 rose by 52 points or 2.7% to 1999.99. The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 2.8% to 4717.02. The major averages have gained about 10% since their February lows, giving investors hope that the worst is over.

I do not believe it is. Despite some moderately positive economic news last week, the global economy remains depressed and the prospects for significantly higher stock prices are low. Let me explain...

Wall Street's Bear Market Lie Could Cost You

Wall Street

The conventional "wisdom" holds that a bear market can't happen until losses hit 20%.

But that's a carefully designed, often-repeated Wall Street lie that's supposed to trick investors into sitting tight when they should be changing tactics.

Here's how you can tell a real bear market is coming, and why Wall Street lies about it in the first place.

Protect Yourself from China's Currency Contagion

dow jones industrial average

Mainstream economists and media pundits have been telling people that problems in China are unlikely to cause serious problems in the United States. They point to the fact that China only accounts for a small percentage of U.S. trade, for example, and that the falling Chinese stock market has very little to do with our stock market.

And at the very heart of that instability lies the yuan.