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The Two Biggest Threats to the Airbnb IPO

airbnb ipo date

No Airbnb IPO date has been set, but when it comes to market, the company may be worth as much as $24 billion.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal last week, the home-rental company is in the midst of a $1 billion funding round. The investors funding the company value it near $24 billion.

But even with that huge valuation, the company still faces two major threats...

Airbnb IPO Date Faces Delay as Company Receives $24 Billion Valuation

airbnb ipo date

Airbnb Inc. is reportedly in talks to raise $1 billion in venture capital according to The Wall Street Journal. That amount of funding would value the tech startup at roughly $24 billion.

Unfortunately for investors, that means the Airbnb IPO date will be pushed back again.

The company is growing at an incredible rate, but it still has some kinks to work out before the Airbnb IPO date...