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Texas Gold Depository Will Be a Haven from a Shaky Financial System

The Lone Star state is well on the way to repatriating its gold from a New York bank vault to its own Texas Gold Depository.

The Texas Gold Depository will also store other precious metals – both for the state and its citizens. Digital technology will allow the deposits to be spendable, making this monetary system a fully functional alternative to the Federal Reserve’s U.S. dollar.

Here’s why the state feels the Texas God Depository is necessary…

How to Buy Gold in the 21st Century

How to buy gold

How to buy gold has taken a big leap into the digital age, thanks to something called HayekGold.

The HayekGold token is a digital representation of stored physical gold. And it's linked to the Bitcoin blockchain - the digital ledger that verifies and stores every Bitcoin transaction.

Here's why AnthemVault's tech-based spin on how to buy gold should have every gold bug's attention...