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    Not long ago I walked into a local branch of my bank - the 13th largest bank in the United States based on consolidated banking assets, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) second-quarter 2015 data.

    I wanted to cash a check for a few thousand dollars. It was a business check made out to cash; it was my business account and there was plenty of money in it.

    No big deal - happens every day, right?

    Well, what happened next was downright scary. And I'll tell you exactly what happened because it has profound implications for every American.

    That's because it means capital controls, courtesy of the government and the U.S. Federal Reserve, could be right around the corner.

    They're already in effect in some form.

    That means you might not be able to get the money you want out of an ATM. You might not be able to cash a check when you have plenty of money in your account. Or worse... your bank could take your deposited cash and convert it to shares of stock in that bank.

    In other words, if you think you'll always be able to get your money out of your bank, you're wrong.

    So, here's what happened to me at the teller's window...

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