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    Bitcoin is a lot more than a digital currency. It's one of the most fascinating and disruptive products available to you today.

    Bitcoin is decentralized, so it's immune to interference from the world's central banks and highly resistant to politics. It's secure, too, using robust cryptography to maintain security and anonymity and, paradoxically, total transparency.

    That decentralization, along with its limited supply, give Bitcoin a built-in value - and a mighty high one, at that. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in existence, a milestone we're expected to hit in the year 2140. Unlike dollars or euro, bankers can't just print more to devalue it.

    On the other side of the equation, demand for Bitcoin is surging with a momentum all its own. You see, it's become a bona fide asset class: Bitcoin owners can spend it in more places, on everything from a ride to space on Virgin Galactic to a pepperoni pizza. There are Bitcoin stocks, exchange-traded funds, and even derivatives available to investors, too, as you'll see shortly.

    But what's even more exciting is the profit potential, both in Bitcoin and the "blockchain" technology that makes it work securely, for investors who play it correctly.

    So I jumped at the chance to sit down with Dave Zeiler, a former Bitcoin "miner" and recognized expert. Miners are expert insiders, the closest Bitcoin will ever come to having bankers. They help oversee and execute the truly massive number-crunching needed to generate Bitcoin in very small increments - up to that 21 million mark, of course.

    Now, Bitcoin owners have already seen gains of more than 1,000% - several times, in fact. But as you'll have the chance to see, that's just a bit of what's in store...

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