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    Iran oil

    It's getting to be crunch time in the negotiations between the West and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program.

    Despite an ill-advised attempt by U.S. senators to scuttle the talks, it's clear the negotiations in Geneva will continue.

    Now, TV pundits have taken to the airwaves suggesting that an agreement would flood the market with Iranian oil.

    Combined with production surpluses in the United States and elsewhere, the "instant" prognosticators are pushing their Armageddon pricing scenario again, putting additional pressure on oil prices.

    Meanwhile, those playing the new "Iranian card" are shorting oil even further.

    It's just the latest example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    It works like this...

    Chicken Little of "The Sky is Falling Brokerage" hits the airwaves warning of a collapse in prices, only to earn huge off-camera profits based on what he just said.

    Meanwhile, average investors are left holding the bag as share prices fall.

    There's a big problem with all of this "instant analysis," and I'm going to show you what it is - and how you can resist the temptation to try to catch this "falling knife" altogether...

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