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    2017 Legal Marijuana Forecast

    Legal marijuana flat-Earthers, like U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have tried many methods to discredit breakthroughs in medical cannabis, which is now legal in 28 states.

    This is of course all despite thousands of documented positive cases where marijuana helped sufferers cope with afflictions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

    But, as you'll see, these efforts at discrediting cannabis stop at the U.S. border. Several other countries, especially the United Kingdom, have created a far more favorable climate for cannabis research and innovation.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm extremely bullish on the future state of American public cannabis research and its potential to bring new products to a huge market, largely because the momentum for marijuana is all but totally unstoppable here. That's going to be huge for the already surging U.S. market.

    But the stock I'm about to show you is set to soar (again) right now...

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How to Make Nvidia Corp. Your Next Massive Profit Generator


Nvidia Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) is a giant in the rapidly expanding computer graphics processor segment. Over the past 12 months, it's boosted market share in a competitive niche by 39% and rewarded shareholders with 260% gains.

As a stock, it's remarkable, with a huge following on Wall Street. Nvidia is a consistent earnings-beater, and it's got a reputation for rallying back with gusto from any downturns, as it's recently begun to do. 

But Chris is looking at a special "buying vacuum" situation unfolding with Nvidia shares right now that's going to make some serious money.

Now, he's going to show you why he thinks people who buy the stock outright could see a fast 10% or 15% return as the stock slingshots back to where it "belongs," but he's also going to show you the cheapest way to play the stock for 50% or more...

Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks on U.S. Markets Now

Most Expensive Stocks

The most expensive stocks on the market today range in price from $700 to $300,000 a share.

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This “Rocky” Comeback Stock Is a Great Deal Right Now


Donald Trump's 140-character blasts were merely controversial before he won the election. But now, love him or hate him, @realDonaldTrump's social media "engagement" can seem downright earth-shaking sometimes, grabbing headlines, upending international relations, and knocking some of the world's savviest, most powerful CEOs on their heels.

Well, now it's under pressure once again, but Bill recommends getting in position now for a chance to make a killing on its hard-charging comeback. Check out his special video recommendation...

Tom's Test Tells Us If This Retail "Bargain" Is the Real Deal


"Affordable luxury" giant Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (KORS) disappointed its shareholders Tuesday morning when the company announced misses on sales and revenue then threw very cold water on its guidance heading into the spring season.

Not even a modest diluted EPS beat of $1.64 could save the famous "$300 bag" provider from tumbling 14% in a day and, in fact, leading the entire New York Stock Exchange in daily losses.

Now, on the same earnings call, corporate chiefs announced some bold plans for turning the company's fortunes around in 2017. Their vision included slashing discounts and reducing supply, which might hurt sales in the short term, but which executives feel will, long term, "build a better value" and restore their products' rapidly fading sheen of exclusivity.

Bargain stock buyers and financial pundits liked the taste of the proposed strong medicine enough to send the shares higher yesterday, calling the stock a great buy at Wednesday's prices.

CNBC Asia's "Capital Connection" asked our Options Trading Specialist Tom Gentile if there was something to the buzz, or if the shares were better left alone.

He gives us the scoop with KORS stock here, using his "Three Ms of Retail Risk" to measure if it's a true bargain buy today...

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stock talks with Bill Patalon

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5 of the Best Stocks to Buy Now

best stocks to buy

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Should I Buy Spotify Stock?

Should I buy Spotify stock

Should I buy Spotify stock?

Investors want to know because the Spotify IPO could happen in the second half of 2017.

And before the hype starts around Spotify stock, we want to make sure our readers are prepared. Here's everything you need to know...

SMG Stock Outlook: 5 Things Shareholders Should Watch in Q1 2017 Earnings

SMG stock

The SMG stock price is underperforming the market in 2017 after climbing over 45% in the last 12 months.

But could the Q1 2017 earnings report from Scotts Miracle-Gro change that?

Here are five things to watch before the company releases its earnings report before the opening bell on Jan. 31...

Marijuana Investing in 2017 Just Got Even Brighter

marijuana investing

Just a few weeks ago, I released my marijuana investing forecast for the year ahead. If you haven't read it, I won't spoil it for you, but it was extremely bullish. And that says quite a lot when you think about the flood tide of legal victories and the nice returns cannabis investing has already brought in the past year.

Now, as I mentioned, some investors and sector-watchers are nervous given attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions' stated views on marijuana. They're not exactly progressive.

What's more, we're seeing legislative "pushback" in some state assemblies where voters just OK'd recreational marijuana use.

But I'm going to fill you in on what's really happening here, and then you'll see why my outlook is even stronger than it was earlier this month...

Why the Arctic Cat Stock Price Is Skyrocketing Today

Arctic cat stock

The Arctic Cat stock price today is skyrocketing over 40%.

That's because Textron Inc. is going to purchase the company.

Here's everything you need to know about the huge acquisition news...

How Does Snapchat Make Money?

how does Snapchat make money

How does Snapchat make money?

That's a critical question to ask before Snapchat's IPO date.

Here’s everything you need to know about how the young social media company makes money…

Meet the New Box, Same as the Old Box


The "Trump Bump" rally was lots of fun while it lasted, but it's definitely over.

The markets have settled into the same "box" they were in in Q2 and Q3 2016.

But they're about to make a big move...

Don't Worry: Marijuana Investing in 2017 Will Be Even Better Than 2016

marijuana investing in 2017

By any measure, 2016 was a great year - a watershed, in fact - for the tech- and pharma-heavy cannabis niche.

For instance, ever since Sept. 2, when I sent my paid-up Nova-X Report readers the 30 pot stock recommendations in my "weed investors' bible," The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions, we've seen incredible gains all across the market sector.

And what had been a phenomenal year got even better with a massive victory: In November, voters in five states (read, five juicy untapped markets) voted to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. That boosted the cannabis niche's growth prospects immensely.

Remember, this is an investing arena that was already expected to grow by more than 31% a year until at least the early 2020s.

But... the buoyant marijuana markets took notice when the president-elect tapped Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to be the next U.S. attorney general. The nation's would-be top cop is known for his, shall we say, "retrograde" views on marijuana - legal and otherwise.

That news cast a great deal of uncertainty on investments with an otherwise vertical trajectory.

So, naturally, pot stock investors are wondering what the future might hold for this high-growth, immensely profitable investing niche.

Well, I'm going to show you a glimpse of that future right now. It still looks as bright and profitable as it ever did...

Five "Outrageous" Profit Plays We'll Make in 2017

profit plays in 2017

Turns out, my seatmate on a flight home last week is not only an avid reader of our work here, but also a huge "Varney & Co." fan and recognized me when we sat down next to each other.

We proceeded to have a terrific and very exciting conversation about the markets in general as we settled in for the nearly six-hour flight. Then, he asked the one question I couldn't resist answering any more than I could wait to share with you...

"Gimme five of the most outrageous opportunities you're tracking in 2017."

Here's what I shared with Roger...