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    Terror attacks and murder in the United Kingdom... constitutional crisis and intrigue in the United States... doubts over Europe's future, questions about China's ultimate global ambitions...

    Headlines like the ones we've seen lately do not usually make for smooth sailing in the markets.

    But... after some bouts of profit-taking, which gave us the opportunity to load up on great companies like Apple Inc., stocks are on track to finish the month of May with some modest net gains.

    In light of the "unusual" conditions for such profits, FOX Business' Stuart Varney asked our Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald to appear on "Varney & Co." (as he often does) to ask him a simple question that's on everyone's mind:

    What the heck is going on here?

    Here's what Keith thinks is changing to make these gains possible when the news is so unsettling...

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Why D.R. Loves This "Bricks and Clicks" Retail Play

Retail stocks to short

There could be about 50 retailer bankruptcies this year. Amazon is mostly to blame for this.

But D.R. Barton has found an amazing stock to buy to play the market shift away from brick-and-mortar retail.

The company just released smashing earnings, and it costs around 11 times less than Amazon stock...

Wall Street's Screw-Up Just Put This "Dividend Aristocrat" on Sale


In a perfect world, we'd all have the same information, and stocks would price themselves quickly and accurately, and there'd be no "mystery" or uncertainty in taking a position.

Then again, there wouldn't be any massive opportunities like the one I'm going to show you, either.

This is the next best thing to getting something for nothing. The situation isn't unlike what used to happen in stores back in the day, before barcodes and RFID tags, when a high school kid would go around with a sticker gun, sticking prices on items, and make a mistake.

It might not have been so great for the employee, but it was always a sweet feeling to get an unexpected deal.

Well, the exact same thing is happening right now with the stock of one of the best pharma companies on the market...

Cash In on the Legal Weed Derivative That's Changing the War on Pain

legal weed

Bill is a big fan of this biotech, which focuses on the big problem of chronic pain. It's a company that's looking at this malady in new ways.

He's also showing you how to find more stocks like this one - companies that are establishing whole new paradigms in biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals.

And there's an entirely new area of focus in pain treatment right now - legal weed...

One of My Favorite Pot Stocks Has Wild "Ceiling-Less" Potential

pot stock

The days when marijuana "edibles" were limited to a bunch of teens passing around a pan of homemade pot-laced Duncan Hines brownies are long over.

The legal marijuana industry now grosses more than $5.4 billion a year through the sale of cannabis-infused food and drinks - for people who want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, but still want the drug's potent effects. And as marijuana continues its march to legalization, that number will continue to climb.

Over the past several decades, "edibles" have become one of the most lucrative legal marijuana opportunities on the market.

I want to show you one of my favorite speculative plays in this booming pot-stock niche right now. I recommended it last September in my Nova X-Report "weed investors' bible," The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions, and some of the peak gains we've seen here have been extraordinary.

I can't think of a better way to show everyone the massive profit potential in legal weed investing...

Update: My Favorite "Ten Bagger" Could Zoom Another 48%

We've talked about the stellar "Baby Biotech" I'm going to update you on today. It's actually the first stock I ever recommended in Private Briefing, back in 2011.

At the time, you could buy it for less than nine bucks a share - $8.60.

The innovative firm has packed on peak gains of more than 1,003% since then, hitting a high of $94.88 a share.

Now, I usually keep choice recommendations like this between myself and my paid-up subscribers. Not because I'm sentimental about the first stock pick we looked at together, but because it's only fair.

But over the years, the gains have simply grown too huge to keep a lid on.

So in the summer of 2016, almost at the exact moment it was making new all-time highs, I recommended this company to Money Morning Members.

We've enjoyed market-crushing peak gains of more than 37% since then.

In point of fact, virtually every time we've published an updated recommendation, first in Private Briefing and then later in Money Morning, for these shares, the predicted catalyst we've spotted has exploded and big gains have followed.

And in any case - whether this stock has delivered you "ten bagger"-style gains already, or you're just getting used to the idea of years of triple-digit profits from one stock - you're going to love what I see coming just around the corner for this company...

If You Own Just One Pharma Stock, Make It This

pharma stock

As I've said before, buying a drugmaker with true billion-dollar "blockbuster" potential is like grabbing a license to print money.

Of course, it's always at least possible to grab these shares on their way up, but that's a little like fixing the barn door after the horses have bolted.

For the biggest possible pharma profits, investors have to look ahead into the firm's "pipeline," its arsenal of yet-to-be-released drugs that's critical to keeping a drug company competitive in the long term.

Today, I've got the perfect "Buy" recommendation for a company that's doing just that...

How to Grab 100% of’s Profit Potential for 3% of the Price


When made its Nasdaq debut on May 16, 1997, regular investors lucky enough to get in on it could've snagged shares for a split- and dividend-adjusted price of less than $1.75 each. 

Those early investors have realized eye-watering gains of more than 52,110%; shares of the e-commerce juggernaut are trading at more than $900. And it's still a good growth play.

But... Our Technical Trading Specialist, D.R. Barton, has an even better stock to recommend, with at least as much upside. It's a huge e-commerce player that's not only holding its own against "Team Bezos," but making some serious inroads against the standard by which all other e-commerce stocks are judged.

The best part is, thanks to a minor miss in its earnings report, it's on sale... until Wall Street realizes what happened.

And, as D.R.'s Stealth Profits Trader readers will tell you, a great company on a pullback means monster profits ahead.

So he appeared on CNBC World to explain the profitable setup and tell everyone why this is his favorite stock of the week...

All of Our North Korea Predictions Are Coming to Fruition

North Korea

Bill said before that sometime between now and the end of Trump's term, the White House is going to have to grapple with a huge - and potentially deadly - decision about North Korea and its nuclear weapons program.

But there are two companies that represent a huge opportunity as tensions ramp up...

Everything We’ve Said About North Korea Is Coming True

North Korea

Bill said before that sometime between now and the end of Trump's term, the White House is going to have to grapple with a huge - and potentially deadly - decision about North Korea and its nuclear weapons program.

But there are two companies that represent a huge opportunity as tensions ramp up...

What Really Went on in Mar-a-Lago… and How to Profit from It


My friend Jack couldn't fathom how last week's historic meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald J. Trump didn't end in a diplomatic donnybrook.

"...but Trump hates China?!"

Like many investors who expected the gloves to come off, he's wondering what gives - and what this means for his money.

I've got a few answers, and I think you're going to be very excited by what I have to say about where to position your money next, especially if you "missed" Amazon.

Here's what you need to know...

Top Stocks to Watch Today: UL, BBBY, YUMC

stocks to watch

The top three stocks to watch today are UL, BBBY, and YUMC.

President Trump meets Chinese President Xi today with discussions about trade and North Korea taking priority.

Here's what you need to know this morning...

This Company Proves the "Ten-Bagger Stock" Is No Myth


Back in August 2011, for the very first edition of Private Briefing, I recommended a Belgian biotech firm that I said was "like buying an independent drug development lab" for less than nine bucks a share - $8.60, in fact.

I zeroed in on the company's collaborative partnerships on a whole slew of drug development programs.

Now, I love to see this in a biotech stock, because it means that some of the usual risks of owning a small, clinical-stage company - running out of money, or the risk of one trial failure wiping out the firm - were minimized.

That arrangement was critical in the massive, almost tenfold gains that followed. (And, as you'll see, it's going to be just as important in the bigger gains I see down the road for the folks who bought this company.)

I've recommended these shares for my subscribers more than a dozen times since, each time before a fresh bumper crop of profits. This company has given more than 931% in peak gains for Private Briefing subscribers, and a market-crushing 26% since I first shared it with Money Morning Members in September 2016.

There's a very specific reason I see these gains getting even bigger for everyone in the future...

Here's a Pure Play in a $25 Billion "Frontier" Market

frontier market

Chemotherapy and radiation have been cancer treatments since the 1950s, and in the meantime, science has developed more than 200 drugs to fight cancer.

All these established treatments have one thing in common. They're all more or less "one size fits all" treatments, procedures, or regimens.

But out on the frontier of cancer research where, as I've said, the most exciting, promising discoveries (and biggest profits) are made, there's a treatment under development that's going to disrupt the field for the next several decades.

I'm talking about powerful "bespoke" cancer treatments for every patient, using their own bodies to boot.

Not only will this improve and save lives, but it'll crack open a market worth $25 billion by 2025.

It really is a revolutionary development.

But the "Buy" call I'm making today is still trading at "pre-revolutionary" prices...

WWE Stock Will Plunge After WrestleMania, Here's How to Profit

wwe stock

There's a strong chance shares of WWE stock will fall on Monday (April 3), and savvy investors can take advantage of this trend for a quick profit...

Sunday night is WrestleMania, the biggest event of the year for World Wrestling Entertainment, and one traders anticipate every year.

That's why we're going to show you a simple strategy to make big profits from this WWE stock trend...

How Bill Finds the Best Stocks First

best stocks

Private Briefing's Bill Patalon has shown us quite a bit about finding the best stocks at great prices.

For instance, one of the things he looks for is high levels of "insider buying" (not insider trading), which is a very potent profit catalyst for stocks. After all, insiders sell their shares for all kinds of reasons, but they buy for one reason alone: They expect the stock to go straight up.

Another method Bill uses to bullseye shares, particularly when making a prescient "early" call, is the business model. A solid business model, especially from the get-go, almost always brings in solid revenue later.

Especially potent is the old "give 'em the razor, sell 'em the blades" model of locking in a juicy revenue stream.

It was perfected by King Camp Gillette in the early 20th century, and you know how it works: The durable razors can be had for cheap... but the disposable blades you need to stick on the business end are often three or four times more expensive, and most people need a steady supply.

That's expensive if you're a customer, but it ought to make investors' eyes light up.

It's an old, profitable technique, but it's actually becoming more widespread - and more profitable - as time goes on...