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    The streaming wars are raging, and investors are starting to sense the opportunity behind this exciting trend.

    Netflix Inc.

    (NASDAQ: NFLX), Walt Disney Co.'s (NYSE: DIS) Disney Plus, Hulu, Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AAPL) Apple TV Plus, Comcast Corp.'s (NASDAQ: CMCSA) Peacock, and Viacom's (NASDAQ: VIAC) CBS All Access are just a few of the many connected TV (CTV) services vying for supremacy.

    Will Disney Plus take away business from Netflix? Will Apple put more weight behind Apple TV Plus? Does Comcast go all in on Peacock? I admit, I would like to know the answer to these questions, but without a crystal ball, no one can tell the future.

    But one thing I do know is that CTV is here to stay.

    It has been made clear by the companies I've just listed.


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