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21 of the Best Stocks to Buy Now to Play Today's Market Moves

best stocks to buy

Each week our Money Morning experts dish out the latest profit plays – and asset-protection moves – for our Money Morning Members – all for free.

Last week, Money Morning’s best stocks to buy included a George Soros-inspired play that’s already doubled once. We also covered three tech investing strategies that promise tremendous upside and a new ETF that could be the perfect fit for a goldbug’s portfolio.

We scoured penny stocks for some of the most promising investments they have to offer, and came up with 6 penny stocks in two top sectors – healthcare and energy. We highlighted a dozen stocks on the elite “Dividend Aristocrats” list, and even weighed in on a Bitcoin retirement play.

Get these plus more of our latest, best stocks to buy.

Best Stocks to Buy Now: Get 16 of Our Experts' Top Picks – for Free

best stocks to buy

Last week, Money Morning's best stocks to buy centered around tech stocks, including a "backdoor" play on the AT&T/DirecTV merger, a swooping defense tech stock that taps into the entire U.S. defense sector, and a leading semi-conductor stock that's ripe to buy right now.

We also scoured dividend stocks and penny stocks for some of the most promising investments those fields have to offer. And we showed readers how they can get ahead of the investment curve and avoid the pitfalls most investors don't, with just a few easy steps.

Get these, plus more, in our summarized list of last week’s best stocks to buy.

Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT) Stock Is a Tech Play to Make Before June 23

Right now, the semiconductor-equipment sector is booming, with worldwide sales of semiconductors reaching $78.47 billion during the first quarter of 2014.

The company that stands to benefit the most from this boom is already a market leader, making it one of the best stocks to buy now in the sector - and you won't find a better time to invest.

This stock could double in three years. Let’s take a look…

Hot Stocks Today: AAPL, BBRY, HSH, and 9 More Movers

today’s hot stocks

Featured on Thursday's hot stocks to watch list are couple of soaring smartphone companies, a climbing teen retailer, and a surging defense and security penny stock.

Check out these 12 stocks on the move today, and find out what’s behind their action.

Ten Stocks to Watch Today

hot stocks

Stocks to watch for May 28, 2014: A number of key industry players post numbers Wednesday and land on our stocks to watch list. Included on the roster are an upscale apparel retailer, a designer shoe warehouse, and a luxury home builder. Also making the list is an automaker that's been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Take a look at 10 companies in the news today, and what could send their shares soaring or swooning.

Best Stocks to Buy Now in Tech, Oil, Emerging Markets, and More

best stocks to buy now

Best stocks to buy for the week ending May 23, 2014: Last week, Money Morning highlighted profitable plays in tech, oil and natural gas, emerging markets - and even two profitable beer stocks nab before summer sales skyrocket.

One of the recommendations on our list is a tech leader that has a stranglehold on a special smartphone component. Two of the other tech stocks we singled out are top plays in the billion-dollar U.S. robotics industry. And we highlighted two ETFs that are dominating broad emerging markets exposure.

Get these plus more of our latest, best stocks to buy...

Tap Into Two Beer Stocks to Buy Now Before Summer Sales Top $11 Billion

Stocks to Buy 2014: Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the summer holidays, which means the jump in beer sales begins now.
In 2013, beer and malt beverage sales reached more than $11 billion, just in the 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That made the libation one of the largest-selling categories of any food and beverage, according to Nielsen Senior Vice President Andrea Riberi – and this year will prove no different.
But some beer companies have more to offer than a fizzy, golden product to enjoy. A few also offer excellent investment opportunities.

You see, it’s not just summer cookouts that keep beer company profits flowing. In 2013 alone the beer market in the U.S. was worth approximately $100 billion, according to Brewers Association. And more than 2,800 total breweries operated for some or all of 2013, the highest total since the 1870s.

Here are two beer stocks to buy now to pour some extra profits into your portfolio...

Hot Stocks to Watch Today: AIG, GOOGL, TIF, and 9 More Movers

hot stocks

Hot stocks today are moving on analyst upgrades, company news, and Q1 2014 earnings reports.

Today's list of hot stocks to watch includes a luxury jeweler hitting a 52-week high, an online travel company climbing on new analyst coverage, and a handful of eco-friendly firms surging on earnings and company developments.

Check out 12 of Wednesday’s hot stocks on the move, and see what’s behind their action.

Hot Stocks to Watch Today: GOOGL, NEWL, RRGB, and 9 More Movers

hot stocks

Hot stocks today are moving on M&A news, analyst upgrades, and Q1 2014 earnings reports.

Today's hot stocks to watch list includes a number of biotech companies providing promising updates on cancer treatments, a casual food chain soaring on robust sales, and a penny stock shipping company surging some 80% on a new eco-friendly fleet.

Take a look at 12 of Tuesday’s hot stocks to watch, and find out what’s behind their moves.

Best Stocks to Buy Now: Sidestep Market Volatility with These Plays

best stocks to buy

The newest investment picks from Money Morning experts focus on savvy plays in a volatile market.
Bad news flowing out of Russia turned our experts onto a pick in the Russian tech industry that has massive upside potential. Our gold investing "cheat sheet" will help to make a big difference in your overall portfolio performance in 2014. And an energy ETF that provides instant diversification within the booming sector is one of the best stocks to buy now - it will play like a call option on energy with no expiration date.

Get these plus more of our latest, best ways to capture profits.

Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) Stock Gets Hit with a Dose of Reality

Disappointing earnings sent Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) stock down as much as 9.5% Wednesday as investors get a more realistic picture of the company's prospects.

Plug Power is a classic case of a momentum stock that rocketed to startling heights only to crash and burn. The problem is, the company's fundamentals never supported such a huge spike in the PLUG stock price.

But despite the stock's gyrations, Plug Power is not necessarily a train wreck...

Hot Stocks to Watch Today: BA, CSCO, M, and 9 More on the Move

hot stocks

Today's list of hot stocks to watch features an upscale department store chain hiking its dividend 25%, a small cap biotech collaborating with a global pharmaceutical giant, and a penny stock engaged in wearable technology for babies that is surging some 50%.

Take a look at these 12 stocks to watch today, and find out what’s making them move.

Hot Stocks to Watch Today: GMCR, MSFT, and 10 Other Movers

hot stocks

Today's list of hot stocks to watch includes a coffee pod company soaring 10%, a satellite TV provider and fast food titan both hitting 52-week highs, and several surging penny stocks.

Some are moving on M&A news or analyst upgrades, while others are buoyed by impressive Q1 2014 earnings.

Check out these 12 hot stocks to watch today, and find out why they’re on the move.

Two Stocks to Buy Now to Profit from the $50 Billion Big Data Industry

Stocks to Buy

Tech stocks to buy now: When it comes to innovative industries on the upswing, "Big Data" is one of the best choices right now, and the industry is full of stocks to buy.

Analysts note that 90% of the data we work with was created in just the last two years alone. Forecasts call for this sector to grow tenfold over a five-year period, growing to roughly $50 billion by 2016.

Here are two Big Data companies that are set to cash in on this industry’s unstoppable growth…

This Is How Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Stock Could Turn Around

Following Twitter Inc.'s (NYSE: TWTR) ill-received earnings report two weeks ago, there's been a lot of hate for TWTR stock on Wall Street - and it's really not justified.

Investors viewed a slowdown in the growth of active users as a sign Twitter was struggling - and they bailed on the company, driving the price down to less than half of its all-time high. But despite all that, Twitter stock could actually have a bright future.

And the seeds of that future are in that very same earnings report that Wall Street hated so much…