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  • This 100-Year Old Military Technology Makes Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) Stock Today's Best Defense Buy RTN stock

    War-weary investors may shudder at the thought of buying Raytheon Co. (NYSE: RTN) stock, but the practical investor will see a great opportunity.

    The growing threat of militant groups, accentuated by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), currently infecting large swaths of land across Syria and Iraq prove that the defense sector is not only a good investment but a necessary one.

    Here's why RTN plays an important role in this fight...
  • Why Wearable Tech Will Be Apple's Playground wearable tech

    Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has an insurmountable advantage in the wearable tech market that will guarantee the company's dominance of this sector for the foreseeable future.

    Apple's edge in wearable tech is not like the technological advantage the company had with the iPhone in 2007. No, this is an area that other tech companies know little or nothing about.

    And yet this is the key to why the Apple Watch will be a blockbuster success...
  • The Best Way to Profit from the AAPL-GOOG Mobile Payments War AAPL With so much money at stake, it's no wonder Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) are engaging in a huge battle over which company's e-wallet platform consumers will choose to make purchases.

    We could wait on the sidelines to see which e-wallet consumers prefer. But that's not our style.

    So here's a “secret” play whose business will be supercharged no matter who wins the mobile-payments war…
  • Don't Let Media "Noise" Drown Out True Value 20140910_market-crash

    Signs of overvaluation and "irrational exuberance" abound in the market, and not surprisingly, it is most often seen in the run-up of stocks with which we have daily familiarity.

    We hear incessantly of Facebook and Twitter - when not checking them ourselves.

    That lends some validity to the exuberance, as a ubiquitous presence in our lives can feel like a lock for growth potential, or permanence in the marketplace beyond challenge.

    The tech sector as a whole has the ability to deliver tremendous returns - we've seen it often - which makes it all the more critical to use a few tools to screen out stocks of perceived value so we can invest in the true winners... Full Story

  • Why Netflix Stock (Nasdaq: NFLX) Is Cheaper Than It Looks Netflix stock

    It's easy to see why people might think Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) stock is overheating. Shares of the streaming video company are up more than 23% on the year, even after the recent pullback. In the past 12 months, Netflix stock is up more than 50%.

    But Netflix has been growing rapidly, and has the potential to maintain that growth for years.

    When you look at these numbers you'll see why Netflix stock is not all that expensive right now...
  • The Big Opportunity in the "Orbital Junkyard" best investments in tech

    To say that I've been fascinated with space technology since I was a little kid is no exaggeration.

    See, when I was in the first grade, I met none other than U.S. astronaut John Glenn, the first person to orbit Earth, and a man many will know about as an almost mythic figure in the book and movie The Right Stuff.

    I got the honor of meeting America's hero because my dad, a Marine Corps officer, was escorting Glenn on a goodwill tour of our base.

    Glenn would go on to become a distinguished U.S. senator and my dad later became the senior military editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology, the bible of the industry.

    To this day, my dad and I still regularly discuss breakthroughs in military and space systems.

    Just like this one...
  • How Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Benefits from Buying "Minecraft" Microsoft stock

    While it may seem an odd move by Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella, a rumored deal that the tech giant is trying to buy the company that makes the popular Minecraft game could deliver some benefits for Microsoft stock.

    It would be the first major deal initiated by Nadella since he took the CEO post, and it's one few would have predicted given the nature of the gaming company and Nadella's seeming disinterest in gaming.

    And yet there are reasons the acquisition could be a smart move, and ultimately could help Microsoft stock.
  • These Two Tech Stocks to Buy Are Beating the S&P 500 – Again tech stocks to buy

    At their peak, Microsoft and Intel dominated the personal-computing market, accounting for roughly 95% of sales.

    As a result of their unique fit, both companies made thousands of shareholders rich. They have lagged in recent years, but thanks to new leadership at both firms, they're back to beating the S&P 500 once again.

    These two are a couple of the best tech stocks to buy out there. Here’s why.
  • The Clear Map to This "Hidden" Investment Treasure Treasure chest 1

    Ask any bioscience researcher about leading trends in medical science, and at some point, you're likely to hear a lot of enthusiasm around the phrase personalized medicine.

    That's treatment based on the individual's particular disease state, risk factors, and most importantly, genetic profile. And it's already yielding unheard-of profits for traders and investors.

    As scientists reach the discovery limits of "one-size-fits-all" drugs and the ailments that respond to them, such as infections and circulatory diseases, they find themselves up against tougher, wilier, more intractable challenges... Full Story

  • Uber IPO Still On Track Despite Fierce Competition Uber IPO

    Rumors of an Uber IPO heated up earlier this summer after the company raised $1.2 billion in a funding round that valued the ride-sharing company at roughly $18.2 billion.

    Since then, however, the conversation regarding Uber has dealt mostly with its nasty competition with rival Lyft.

    As it turns out, Lyft has become quite the thorn in Uber's side, especially as the latter prepares for an eventual IPO...
  • New Amazon HQ (Nasdaq: AMZN) Aims to Profit from China's Massive E-Commerce Market Nasdaq AMZN

    On Wednesday morning, the world's biggest online retailer announced a deal to place a new Amazon HQ (Nasdaq: AMZN) in China's Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) late next month.

    A new Amazon HQ in China will allow the company to take on Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) on its home turf, right around the same time the Alibaba IPO hits U.S. markets.

    Here are all the details of the "turf war" that's brewing between AMZN and BABA...
  • Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) Aims to Continue Turnaround with Q3 Earnings Today NYSE HPQ

    Struggling personal computer maker Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) is on tap to report fiscal Q3 earnings after today's closing bell.

    Wall Street is looking for HP to post fiscal Q3 earnings per share (EPS) of $0.89, up from $0.86 in the same quarter a year ago. HP has said it expects EPS of $0.86 to $0.90.

    Here's what else investors will be looking at - as well as the secret weapon that could propel HPQ stock higher...
  • How to Double Your Money on the GoPro Craze – Without Buying GoPro Stock double your money_AMBA square

    GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) launched its successful IPO on June 26. And it's up nearly 24% since then.

    As an individual investor, you probably couldn't participate in the GoPro initial public offering... or any IPO. However, the best investments usually aren't the big-name companies whose products line store shelves - but the "pick and shovel" plays...

    And this one can double your money in less than two years. Here’s how…
  • Amazon Stock (Nasdaq: AMZN) Rings in 2.18% Daily Gain on "Local Register" News Amazon stock

    Amazon stock (Nasdaq: AMZN) closed up 2.18% today (Wednesday) on the company's announcement it will launch a mobile credit card reader called Amazon Local Register. AMZN stock continued to make small gains after hours.

    As Amazon widens its moat with Local Register, AMZN stock is primed to benefit. But the company is notorious for costing a premium while not giving much back to investors...

    That's why our experts laid out how to play Amazon stock in coming months...
  • How to Profit 48% on a Blockbuster Merger That Was Already Announced how to profit

    Just try buying a house or renting an apartment these days without visiting the websites of Zillow Inc. (Nasdaq: Z) or Trulia Inc. (Nasdaq: TRLA).

    But we've identified the perfect challenger to the Zillow/Trulia cartel. We believe this tech stock is still good for a near-term pop of 48%.

    Today we’re going to show you who it is, and how to profit…