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Wednesday's "Earnings Beat" Makes This The Perfect "Bad-Market" Tech Stock

In last week’s Private Briefing report Our Experts Show You the Stocks to Pick in a ‘Stock-Picker’s Market’,” Money Map Press Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald identified SanDisk Corp.(NasdaqGS: SNDK) as one of three stocks to buy in the face of the stock market sell-off.

And now we see why…

  • Tech Investing: A "Secret" Path to the Hottest Play in Silicon Valley

    Last July, I told you about a great tech investing opportunity - a way to get two stocks for the price of one through corporate spin-offs.

    You may recall that this is a process by which a parent company separates a business unit into a stand-alone outfit and then issues shares in the new operation to the public.

    a back door to a stock the Big Money will soon be bidding up to the sky...
  • Tech Stocks to Buy Now When the Markets Are Underperforming what tech stocks to buy today

    Technology stocks have been at the forefront of a global market downturn in the last week, leading many to avoid that industry when looking for stocks to buy.

    The Nasdaq Composite has dropped more than 3% in the last five trading days and more than 6% in the last month. On Friday, the Nasdaq dropped 2.6%, or 110 points, for its second-worst one-day performance of 2014.

    Here are tech stocks to buy in a wheezing market...
  • ETF Investing: This Play Let's You Profit from the Microchip Boom – Without the Risk microchips While some folks thought the big drop in PC sales would send the semiconductor business into a nosedive, it's actually one of the hottest markets around the world today. Yet it still suffers from severe volatility. Here's a way investors can shield themselves from that risk. This ETF investing play is the way to go…
  • Carl Icahn Just Did Your Bank Account a Big, Big Favor Earth globe

    In the Go-Go '80s - back when the hit movie Wall Street told us that "Greed Is Good" - Carl Icahn was known as a "corporate raider"... and was revered for his windfall-producing decisiveness.

    Icahn is still around. And he's still active. Only now - in the politically correct 2000s - he's known as an "activist investor" who's gone up against the likes of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY).

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  • Know Thyself: Take My "Tech Investing Personality Test"

    In Plato's Republic, protagonist Socrates takes the Delphic aphorism "Know Thyself" as his personal motto.

    It's a great motto... especially for investors.

    As a market veteran of many years, I can tell you that this is one of the biggest weaknesses most investors have.

    They don't know themselves...
  • The Best Play in a Trillion-Dollar Market In the go-go 1980s - back when the hit movie Wall Street told us that "Greed Is Good" -Carl Icahn was known as a "corporate raider"... and was revered for his windfall-producing decisiveness.

    Icahn is still around. And he's still active. Only now - in the politically correct 2000s - he's known as an "activist investor" who's gone up against the likes of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY).

    I don't really care what we call him. I just know that Icahn has done us a big, big favor.

    You see, Icahn the Great has just cleared our path to a big profit - a company in a hot new market whose shares could surge 50% in the next two years.

    And today I'm going to tell you a tale that shows how Icahn did this - and show you the stock that's ready to run. Full Story
  • The Five Tech CEOs Most Likely to Make You Rich tech investing with Michael Robinson

    If you're like most investors, you're probably feeling a bit frantic as this sell-off has pared your winnings.

    Indeed, a lot of folks are probably thinking about cashing out and heading for the sidelines.

    But I take a very different view of this kind of turmoil.

    You see, I look at it as a tech investing opportunity.
  • How to Find the Best Investments Amid Global Uncertainty: A Three-Tiered Strategy Best Investments 2014

    Just last year, emerging markets were predicted to be the driving force behind a more than 5% annual global growth rate. Yet on March 11, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported that emerging markets are the reason why global growth will slow.

    Here are three metrics will help investors find the best investments abroad...
  • Why Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) New Wearable Tech Product Will Outshine Rivals nasdaq-goog_Resized

    Yesterday (Tuesday), Google Inc.(Nasdaq: GOOG) announced "Android Wear," an extension of its mobile Android operating system (OS) designed to power wearable gadgets - and it's going to be awesome.

    Google said it will make its initial push in smartwatches, but that Android Wear won't end there.

    "We're just getting started. The possibilities with devices that you wear on your body are endless," Android Director of Engineering David Singleton said in a preview video released along with the announcement.

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  • Stocks to Buy 2014: Just $1 Unlocks Tech's Hottest New Sector Graphene

    It's not often that you get a chance to get in on the "ground floor" of an entire new business.

    But that's just what you have here.

    In the past, you've heard me say that we are living in the "Golden Age of Materials Science." You see, without Miracle Materials - and the science that backs them - we simply wouldn't have some of the unique high-tech products we take for granted: smartphones, electric cars, and new drug therapies just to name a few.

    And this is your chance to get in on the ground floor...
  • Profit Now from This Overlooked Tech Market Many investors think of Canada as the land of mining stocks, and not without good reason.

    It's resource-rich and home to a legion of mining firms that produce everything from gold and silver to iron ore. Canada ranks among the world's top five producers of 14 mineral commodities and is the world leader in the production of potash and uranium.

    Of course, as a long-time tech investor I've followed many of these mining firms for a very simple reason. Materials like gold, silver, and rare earths touch a wide swath of tech products, from advanced defense systems to web-enabled autos, smartphones, and tablets.

    Here's the thing. Resource firms (along with Silicon Valley to the south) greatly overshadow Canada's burgeoning tech scene. Yet the nation is home to thousands of companies in computing, e-commerce, information technology, and medical devices.

    The trade group, the Information Technology Association of Canada, says its industry alone counts some 33,300 companies. Together, they generate a combined $155 billion in annual sales.

    Unfortunately, the most famous Canadian tech firm of all remains troubled BlackBerry Ltd. And yes, the mobile phone maker is making a comeback, but it is still treading water in an industry full of proven winners.

    So while the potential for BlackBerry's rebound may be appealing to some, we've got three Canadian tech plays that offer much richer returns. And BlackBerry's high-profile struggles effectively "hide" their profit potential... Full Story Read More...
  • Tech Investing 2014: The Big-Hitting Stock Wall Street Is Ignoring

    Last year, when I shared my five secrets for uncovering wealth-building tech stocks, I also told you about a sixth "rule" you can use to find the big-time profit opportunities that are flying under Wall Street's radar screen.

    I refer to these as "special-situation" investments because they tend to be companies that are grappling with unique challenges. Because of those challenges, analysts tend to ignore these stocks.

    And that's good for us.

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  • RF Micro Devices (Nasdaq: RFMD) and TriQuint (Nasdaq: TQNT) Stocks Soar on Deal microchips

    While key industry players assembled today (Monday) in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, a key mobile chipmaker merger played out on Wall Street.

    In a $1.6 billion all-stock deal, Greensboro, N.C.-based RF Micro Devices (Nasdaq: RFMD) agreed to acquire Hillsboro, Ore.-headquartered TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (Nasdaq: TQNT).

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  • Tech Investing 2014: The Hidden Profit Opportunity in Canceled Flights airplane deicing

    We all know what a lousy winter this has been. So if you've been doing any traveling, I'm hoping you haven't been victimized by one of the 75,000 commercial flights that the nation's airline industry has scrubbed since Dec. 1.

    That's the industry's worst showing in 25 years, says The Associated Press.

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  • Five Fascinating Tech Facts About the 2014 Sochi Olympics snowboard

    The 2014 Sochi Olympics is a story of record-breaking figures, including its $51 billion price tag, a new high of 98 total events across 15 winter sport disciplines, and a record 88 nations competing.

    But some of the most fascinating stories are these innovative tech contributions by companies at this year's Games.

    Here are five pieces of technology that make the 2014 Sochi Olympics a showcase for amazing advancement.

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