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The "Gold" of Tech Investing Could Become Your Best Portfolio Insurance

bitcoin market

Millions of investors dedicate a portion of their portfolio to gold or some other precious metal as a hedge - as "insurance" - against trouble in other markets.

At its base, this is a sound strategy, because precious metals generally aren't affected by the ups and downs of the stock market.

This isn't a "gold service," however. Our interest is in tech investing. So let's spend today investigating what I think of as "the gold of tech."

Not only can you use this investment as a hedge, but financial players are beginning to eye the technology behind it as way to disrupt the $500 billion payments industry.

If that upheaval in payments transpires, this "safety" play could soar triple digits or more in the coming years...

The $30.4 Billion Tech Investing Opportunity in Super Bowl 50

tech investing

Super Bowl 50 could rebrand itself as the Silicon Valley Bowl. After all, sports broadcasting serves as a testing ground and showcase for TV and camera technology.
But I'm most excited about a new replay camera system that gives one of the tech investing trends we've long been following a Super Bowl debut.

This technology is now so significant that it's beginning to disrupt the entire TV sector - enough so that UHDTV sets will earn a 50% market share by the end of this decade - making them a $30.4 billion market.

That's a market that promises to be highly profitable - and so we want to grab a piece of it. Here's how we'll do it...

This High-Tech Leader Could Double Your Money by Disrupting the $40 Trillion Bond Market

double your money

Despite playing such an indispensable role in the modern economy, the bond market is woefully out of date in how it operates.

In fact, the bond market doesn't even make use of electronic exchanges. That's one reason why that $40 trillion market is ripe for disruption. And where you find disruption... you find opportunities for fast profits.

Today I'm going to introduce you to a high-tech powerhouse that's leading the bond market into the connected, digital age - and I'll show you how to double your money with it...

The Four Tech IPOs Wall Street Isn't Telling You About

upcoming IPOs

Tech IPOs are the lifeblood of Silicon Valley. They’re the primary way in which startup tech investors cash out and make their fortune.

Although many high-tech firms postponed their stock debuts last year because of market volatility, these four fast-growing tech firms almost certainly will make their IPOs in 2016.

They aren’t on Wall Street’s radar, but they’ll now be on yours. And I’ll show you the smartest way to invest in this very lucrative asset class…

Ekso Stock – Better to Be Early Than Bail Because You're Impatient

esko bionics

As you might expect, my email's been flooded with all kinds of questions, comments, and observations since the markets began their 7% slide downward in earnest.

Most are pretty straightforward - oil, the sell-off, China, Social Security, and more - but a number of them deal with our favorite Human Augmentation recommendation, Ekso Bionics.

One, in particular, was exceptionally blunt: Have we backed the wrong horse?

Nope. Here's how Ekso stock could lead to 2,000% gains for patient investors.

Two Tech Stocks to Play the Auto Industry’s $31 Billion Opportunity

tech stocks

Automakers are still largely reinventing the wheel when it comes to adding today's most advanced technologies to new vehicles.

Those carmakers sold a record 17.5 million vehicles last year. But their success could be in jeopardy if they drop the ball on the operating system they adopt.

Luckily, two iconic tech stocks are riding to their rescue...

Three "Open Source" Investing Strategies to Start Using Today


More and more tech companies are building their success by going "open source." With these platforms, they're saving money, running their business more efficiently... and raking in the profits.

In fact, there are three open-source investing strategies that you can use every day to improve your skill set, find winning stocks, know when to cut your losses - and enjoy peace of mind.

These three strategies will improve your odds of crushing the market not just in 2016, but in the years to come. Take a look - they're free...

A Tech Investing Survival Guide for These Rocky Markets

tech stocks

During times like these, your first reaction may be to sell everything. However, the last thing you should do now is let your emotions take over, join the panicky crowd, and dump your stocks.

Instead, you should remain disciplined in your tech investing strategy. Here's everything tech investors need to know to survive these rocky markets...

An Open Letter to IBM CEO Virginia Rometty

1 11 16 STI-1

Whenever a CEO takes the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we investors expect them to reveal something meaningful... innovative... in a word - big.

But after IBM Corp. CEO Virginia Rometty's keynote speech, I was left unimpressed - and so was Wall Street. Last week, shares of IBM fell to five-year lows, off nearly 19% over last six months.

This sudden drop is only the latest bad news for the once-mighty IBM. And it's just one reason why I've penned a letter to Rometty and offered her a custom-made action plan.

If she listens, my plan will rescue IBM by making it the undisputed leader in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the market.

Four Tech Stocks to Avoid in 2016

tech stocks

There's a lot more to making money in tech stocks than choosing the right investments. You also have to know which stocks to avoid. After all, no one wants to lose money chasing after overhyped stocks.

If current trends continue, expect to see a lot of hype from Wall Street about great "turnaround" investments. Today I want to peer inside several turnaround prospects the Street is likely to peddle in the coming months.

On paper at least, they appear to be good candidates to come back from recent sell-offs. But they're not...

These 3 Stocks to Buy Round Out 2016's New Internet "Dream Team"

tech sector

The "New Internet Economy" is a market sector worth a combined $2.6 trillion, with major trends driving a select group of five big-cap leaders to new heights.

Each of these all-stars commands a growing slice of e-commerce, mobile transactions, and cloud computing, and all are poised to hand tech investors steady gains, starting in January.

So let's drill down and take a look at these other stocks to buy - and why you must have them in your portfolio...

Double Your Money with This Cloud-Computing Stock

double your money

With its pioneering spirit, growth, and goals, Salesforce Inc. will clearly be the best cloud-computing investment for 2016 and beyond.

This tech stock commands 18.5% of its market, beat the S&P 500 by 7,233% in 2015, and is set to hit $10 billion in sales within the next few years.

And as Salesforce continues to grow, you can easily play its stock to double your money. Here's how...

Why You Still Shouldn't Buy GoPro Stock

GoPro stock prediction

Last Thursday, GoPro stock jumped 11.49% in a single session on rumors that Apple may buy the beleaguered tech darling, leading millions of investors to wonder if they should jump on the bandwagon, too.

In a word - nope. GoPro stock remains a risk you don't want or need in your portfolio ahead of a rate hike.

Here's what you want to buy instead...

This Tech Stock Connects 25 Million Cars – and Beats the Market by 79%

tech stock

Technology is playing a major role in the recent auto sales boom, with millions of consumers citing advanced auto technologies as a key reason they're buying or leasing now.

And there's a small, little-known tech stock set to double within five years on the back of this massive trend.

Its technology is already in 25 million vehicles on the road today, and that number's only going to soar higher. Here's why...

Don't Buy In to the Valeant Stock Hype


There's been a ton of online chatter claiming that Valeant stock has become a screaming bargain.

And sure, it sounds like a bottom-feeder's dream come true. Since its Aug. 5 high, Valeant stock has dropped more than 65%. If it regained just 69% of its previous high, it would double.

But don't believe the hype. This is a deeply troubled company you should stay well away from.

Let me show you why you'll be glad you avoided this company at all costs...