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This American Tech Company Is Revealing China's Oil Secrets

china's oil

If you still think Google Earth is the be-all and end-all of satellite imagery, we're about to blow your mind.

A small Silicon Valley startup has developed a way to use satellite imagery to interpret data - and even expose all of China's oil secrets.

Let's take a closer look at this company - and what this could mean for investors...

This "One Belt, One Road" Map Shows China's Unstoppable Global Growth

one belt one road map

We've created a One Belt, One Road map of all 68 countries listed as part of China's new Silk Road initiative to show our readers just how huge it will be.

But the geography is just one part of the plan, as China could invest over $5 trillion into building its Belt and Road initiative.

That could mean a near 50% profit windfall for investors who know where to look...

What Is the New Silk Road? China's New $1 Trillion Trade Initiative

new silk road

The new Silk Road is a Chinese initiative to expand trade across 68 countries throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa with over $1 trillion in spending.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity, but investors need to act fast.

Here's everything you need to know to cash in, including our best stocks to buy...

China Warns Trump That Leaving the Paris Climate Accord Will Threaten Future Trade Deals

China warns

China warns President Donald Trump that a U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord would unleash a wave of international anger.

Anger that could spill over into international trade talks - just ahead of the G7 Summit later this month...

Which U.S. State Gets the Most Chinese Investments? [MAP]

Chinese Investments

With more than $500 billion flowing to and from the United States to China, American investors should always be attuned to the Asian market.

In fact, 40% to 60% of revenue from S&P 500 companies comes China or China-related trade.

Our map shows which states get the most Chinese investment - plus three ways to profit from the China-U.S. trade relationship...

What Is the China Donkey Exchange?

China Donkey Exchange

The China Donkey Exchange opened in December 2016 because of the booming market.

You see, donkeys in China are treated as agricultural commodities.

Already, $53 million has traded hands on this Chinese exchange. But some are worried exchanges in China aren't regulated enough and that exchanges are turning into speculative trading platforms...

After Tweets from President Trump, China Agrees to Fight North Korea


China said this morning that it would help the U.S. and South Korea thwart future attacks from North Korea.

News of this compliance is a big deal, as Beijing holds a greater interest in North Korea than most Americans may realize.

And media speculation points to President Trump as the deal's primary broker. Have a look...

Will Trump Compromise Our Allies’ Safety for an Enticing Deal with China Today?

deal with China

Today's summit between Chinese President Xi and U.S. President Trump has provoked mass media speculation that the POTUS will make some sort of deal with China.

But one foreign policy expert suspects that if such a financial compromise is reached, it will be to the detriment of U.S. allies.

Here's a look at how Trump could barter our allies' safety for a sweet but short-term economic deal...

The East China Sea Dispute Is the Next Scary Catalyst in a Tense South China Sea

Tensions in the East China Sea between Beijing and Tokyo are now at a cataclysmic level.

And one wrong slip up could result in World War Three.

Here's a look at how and when that global battle could start...

This Key Chinese Company Just Crashed – by Doing the Same Thing Sears Did

Chinese company Huishan Dairy crashed 85% in just under an hour Friday, devastating shareholders.

Here's how the company's chairman drove the stock into the ground...

China Readies Itself for Global Trade War with U.S. and WTO


China has already begun to take steps in preparation of a potential trade war with the U.S. and the World Trade Organization.

Here's a look at how Beijing intends to turn the American trade policy on its head, especially in this one particular sector...

China's President Xi Jinping Takes Aim at Donald Trump in Davos

China's President Xi

China's President Xi Jinping's appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week is unprecedented.

And he's using the summit as an opportunity to direct his comments about a U.S.-Sino trade war squarely at Donald Trump...

This President Will Move the Stock Market This Week – and It's Not Donald Trump

stock market this week

Stock markets this week are anticipating major events surrounding two presidents.

However, only one of these important figures will manage to move markets...

China Warns Trump It Will "Take Revenge" if He Ends "One China" Policy

China warns

China warns President-Elect Donald Trump personally this time...

And it vows to take "revenge" if Beijing's particular message is not thoroughly heard...

Trump’s China Play Could Bring Big Profits to U.S. Investors


Policy insiders and political apparatchiks were aghast when Trump took a congratulatory call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, then tweeted about it. And they couldn't wait to
explain the "gaffe."

Only it wasn't a gaffe at all.

What Trump did was brilliant and potentially very, very profitable.

Here's what everybody is missing...