Highest Paying Dividend Stocks

Highest Paying Dividend Stocks 

One of the most important rules of investing is to have a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio ensures that if the market goes down or there’s a crash in a specific sector, you’re less likely to lose it all.

Consider building a more diversified investment portfolio with dividend stocks. Specifically, it’s important to consider buying into the highest paying dividend stocks.

What Are Dividend Stocks?

Before we explore the highest paying dividend stocks, it’s important to understand what dividend stocks are and why investing in them is so lucrative.

Dividends come from companies that have chosen to make a small payout annually to their stock holders. This payout comes from the company’s profits or surplus. Companies can choose to reinvest their earnings or make an investor payout in the form of dividends.

The highest paying dividend stocks are always some of the most highly sought after stocks on the market. The dividend yield is written as a percentage. It is determined by dividing the dollar value of the dividend by the value of one stock in a given year.

The higher the percentage, the higher the dividend payout to investors.

The Highest Paying Dividend Stocks to Buy

Dividend stocks can play an important part in your diversified investment portfolio.

Dividend stocks are so highly sought out by smart investors because they are a very safe and stable investment. Dividend stocks tend to belong to mature companies that have been in operation for a long time. Though buying stock in startups is fun and has the potential for high growth, it’s also a big risk. In contrast, dividend stocks are much lower risk.

Generally, the highest paying dividend stocks are all about long term investment and patience. You make a little bit each year to get rich slowly.

Here are our top picks for the highest paying dividend stocks…

  1. Thomson Reuters, $17.80 annual dividend

Thomson Reuters isn’t just another news service. This company has been able to innovate and continue to be relevant, even in the digital age. With this company’s mindset of continued innovation, you can feel safe that you’ve made a good investment.

  1. BlackRock Inc., $13.20 annual dividend

The best part of BlackRock? This company is solid. Even during the Great Recession, they didn’t cut their annual dividend. You can depend and trust in this stock.

  1. Equinix Inc., $9.12 annual dividend

As more and more business is done online, data security is tantamount. Big businesses such as Verizon and Amazon Web Services use Equinix to make sure their data is safe and accessible. This company has seen growth for 61 consecutive quarters, with no sign of slowing down.

  1. Boeing Co., $8.22 annual dividend

With many aging jets on the market and a desire for more fuel-efficient planes, Boeing is seeing increased demand for its airplanes. Boeing shares their duopoly on the airplane industry with Airbus, making this a strong company to invest in.

  1. Public Storage, $8.00 annual dividend

This self-storage company owns or has stakes in 2,400 facilities in the U.S., which doesn’t take into account their European stakes. As Americans continue to spend money and collect things, the off-site storage industry is only going to continue to grow.

Are The Highest Paying Dividend Stocks The Best To Buy?

It’s important to consider several factors before making your decision to purchase the highest paying dividend stocks. While you might be tempted by the highest paying dividend stocks that appear to have a high percentage for their dividend yield, you also need to consider company maturity, consistency of dividend payments, and growth potential.

Once you’ve found the right dividend stocks for you, whether they’re the highest paying dividend stocks or not, it’s time to buy and sit back and wait. A classic, all-time-favorite dividend stock to consider while you’re shopping around is Apple stock.

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