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It’s Not Just Earnings I’m Watching This Week

Postcards from the florida republic: An independent and profitable state of mind. We’re in an interesting period for short squeeze stocks. Iffy stocks like Carvana (CVNA), Beyond Meat (BYND), and Wayfair (W) keep screaming higher. That’s what happens when momentum remains positive for weeks. In the post-WallStreetBets world, these names could well keep screaming until […]

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These 3 Tech Stocks Will Profit Thanks to Today's Election

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There's a 76.2% chance that the U.S. Senate will change hands today. Now, the prediction isn't my own - it comes from Nate Silver, an eerily accurate, tech-centric election forecaster.

This Republican surge is good news for tech investors if they want to profit from the big changes brewing in Washington.

So that's why I'm telling you now about three tech stocks that will dominate if the Senate turns Republican after the polls close tonight...

The Best Stock to Buy Now to Play the Space Race

best stock to buy

Choosing the best stock to buy to play the commercial space race has enormous upside potential for investors.

That's because the private space industry is worth billions. Exemplar is news today (Tuesday) that NASA awarded Boeing (NYSE: BA) and SpaceX - which is backed by Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk - a whopping $6.8 billion contract for its Commercial Crew program.

Watch the video to see our tech guru's pick for the top space stock - the company already has the contracts and the know-how to score big...

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This Defense Tech Play Is Scorching the Market

After decades of working with defense technology companies, I know the ebb and flow of military spending all too well.

I remember that when the Cold War came to an end, the nation's political leaders were talking enthusiastically about the so-called "peace dividend."

That's Washington-speak for Pentagon budget cuts that always seem to come after a major conflict has ended.

Many investors believe that with our presence in Iraq largely gone, defense firms will offer mediocre returns at best.

I'm not buying into it. I think massive profit opportunities are there. And the market and the government are lining up behind them... Full Story