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Stocks to Sell Now

Owning great stocks is important, beyond a doubt. But to get market-beating performance, in the words of Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani, "You've got to be ready to trim back the dead wood."

That's why Shah helps readers know which stocks to sell on top of finding great stocks to buy. And Shah would know. Since first getting his seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1982, Shah has over 38 years of investing experience.

It's all a part of how you can learn from our experts, because having the wrong stocks in the mix can eat away at those all-important returns. They're pure portfolio poison.

The good news is there's no need to resort to guesswork or potshots when deciding which stocks to sell at what price, not to mention if and when to buy back in.

By selling stocks according to careful decision-making and expertise, our experts aim to beat the averages of the stock market and cash in on their strategic moves – and they'll guide you to do the same.

Take IPOs, for example. They're such popular investments, but they're risky, too. Many of them have performed poorly. F45 Training Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FXLV) fell from its $16.20 IPO price to $13.52 back in July. While FXLV regained some ground in August, hitting a high of $17.28, the stock was ultimately a flop. Anyone who invested in this IPO is now down 16.42%.

We said FXLV was likely a dud, and we weren't wrong. Know which popular, new stocks to avoid or sell can make all the difference.

It's all a larger part of active investing – a more direct, hands-on approach to buying and selling stocks.

It's no secret that active investing beats passive investing, but being a successful active investor takes more than just knowing which stocks to buy. You've got to know which stocks to sell too.

Below, you'll find our latest recommendations on stocks to sell…

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