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Our Venture Capital "Experiment" Is Already Putting Profits in Your Pocket

The tech sector is enduring one of its periodic corrections. But the venture-capital fund we told you about back in April continues to make new investments and has seen its net asset value (NAV) surge more than 18% in that short stretch.

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November 2008 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From- Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From.

  • The Investor’s Guide to The Video Game Industry – Page 3

    Emerging Markets: The Future of the Gaming Industry

    The Middle East, China, India, Africa, and South America all have extreme pirating problems where video games are concerned. Thus, most companies have trouble expanding into these markets.

  • The Investor's Guide to The Video Game Industry – Page 2

    The Four Best Ways to Invest

    If you want to invest in video games there are, essentially, four ways to do it…

    • Investing in video game publishers.
    • Investing in video game retailers.
    • Investing in companies that make video game consoles.
    • Investing in companies that make video game accessories.

  • The Investor's Guide to The Video Game Industry

    [Editor's Note: Rumen Hutchinson is the 16-year old son of Martin Hutchinson, contributing editor to both the Money Map Report and Money Morning.  As someone who owns eight different video game consoles and spends as much as four hours a day "gaming," Rumen is all but a certified expert on today's video game market. Rumen […]

  • Unprecedented Volatility Will Precede Highly Profitable Rebound

    In the 20 years I've been creating stock-market forecasts, I've never seen such a contradictory set of forces at work in the markets all at one time. I could just as easily make the case that we're finally nearing a bottom, as I could that we're in for protracted downturn punctuated by sharp, quick drops.

  • Retail Sales to Suffer in 2009 as U.S. Consumers Curtail Spending

    [Editor's Note: This is the seventh installment of our “Outlook 2009” series, which is detailing the global investing outlook for 2009.] By Jennifer YousfiContributing WriterMoney Morning Retail experts are predicting one of the most dismal holiday shopping seasons in decades this year – a crucial stretch that will set the stage for poor retail sales […]

  • Government Stimulus Programs Not Always the Hoped-For Panacea

    By Martin HutchinsonContributing EditorMoney Morning The British government this week unveiled a stimulus plan that will boost that country’s budget deficit to $181 billion (118 billion pounds), the equivalent of 8.0% of gross domestic product (GDP). U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s stimulus plan, when combined with the recession, may raise the U.S. federal deficit to $1.2 […]

  • Fed Announces $800 Billion in Homeowner, Consumer and Small Business Aid

    By Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Money Morning The U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department announced yesterday (Tuesday) $800 billion worth of stimulus measures to rev up three primary engines of the U.S. economy – homebuyers, consumers and small businesses. This newest economic infusion follows a $700 billion banking system bailout package that was unveiled in […]

  • Global Investing Roundups

    Consumer Confidence Climbs; Home Prices Record Plunge; Troubled Banks on the Rise; Oil Falls 7%; Slim’s Bank Buys Citi Stock; D.R. Horton Shares Vault The Conference Board said yesterday (Tuesday) that its Consumer Confidence Index now stands at 44.9, up from a revised 38.8 in October. Last month's reading was the lowest since the research […]

  • BHP Abandons Hostile Bid for Rio

    By Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Money Morning With commodity prices falling and the global economic outlook uncertain, Melbourne-based mining titan BHP Billiton (BHP) pulled the plug on its hostile takeover of rival Rio Tinto PLC (RTP), saying the proposed deal is of no longer in the best interest of shareholders. The bid was also partially […]

  • A Trip Down the Road to Squanderville

    [Editor’s Note: The following essay was adapted from the book, “I.O.U.S.A.: One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt,”a companion offering to the critically acclaimed documentary “I.O.U.S.A.”] Although still seen as the world’s economic superpower, the United States has found itself with a myriad of problems: Skyrocketing federal debt, growing annual budget deficits, an almost nonexistent personal […]