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Capitalize on Market Downturns with This Options Trading Strategy


Last week, I introduced you to the bull put spread, which is perfect for exploiting slighter upward market moves.

Today, we're going to meet its mirror image. With this options trading strategy, you can track and capitalize on smaller downward market moves.

That's right - downward market moves. Here's everything you need to know to profit when markets dip...

Clean Up on Small Market Bounces Using This Options Trading Strategy


Although U.S. stocks closed on a high note for the first time in four weeks last Friday, some are saying that the worst of the year is still ahead.

So today, I'm going to give you a power play for smaller upward stock moves - like what we saw last week.

It's an options trading strategy that can rake in the big bucks from slighter market bounces like what we saw last week. Here's what you need to know...

This Options Trading Indicator Reveals the Price Moves That Matter


A good trader always has a set of tools to help identify the best stock options.

These two options trading indicators are particularly useful - they occur in any market condition, making them perfect for trading in today's volatility.

Better yet, you can use them to predict how a stock's price will move - before it actually happens. Here's how...

How (and Why) to Trade Options on ETFs


The markets have started the year in a significant nosedive. Any day that we get a bounce, even a slight one, the pundits start asking if this is the bottom.

And you start wondering where you should put your money. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect stock.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a much better way to survive these markets. Here's why...

Why a Risk Management Plan Is Crucial in Volatile Markets

trading plan

Researching, planning, and executing your plan perfectly is key to finding moneymaking trades, but you also need to account for risk.

All successful traders have and use a risk management plan -- it's your guide to profits even when everything is against you.

How to Make Big Money During This Market Sell-Off

stock market crash

There's are a lot to be concerned about, given the market sell-off, but there's an even bigger concern coming right from those who deem themselves to be financial experts.

This particular advice could be catastrophic in 2016. The truth is, there are moneymaking trades when the markets are up... AND down.

Here's what you need to know...

Beware of This Options Trading "Deathtrap" in 2016

options trading

Lately the financial media has been campaigning for a dangerous options trading strategy. In fact, it's one of the riskiest strategies in the options world.

What's even more alarming is that, after the chaos that unfolded in the markets last week, traders may actually believe it. You might be strongly considering it yourself.

Take five minutes and read this - before you make the worst decision of your trading career...

The 7 Greatest Myths About Trading Options… Exposed

trading options

I've been trading options for over 25 years. Throughout my trading career, I've experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations that helped me separate the facts from the fables about options.

I've made it my mission to educate anyone who wants to learn how to do what I do best. And I do this by removing the fear of options and giving the real expectations of becoming a wealthy options trader.

So let's put to bed the top seven myths about options...

The Best Options Trading "Crystal Ball" in the Markets

options trading

There's a right way and a wrong way to go about options trading.

The wrong way may reward you with some wins here and there, but will ultimately earn you a lifetime of losses. The right way will spoil you with a lifetime of wealth.

To get there, you simply need to be able to predict when a price stock is about to move. Last week, I gave you the tool for measuring the market trend - the relative strength index (RSI).

Today, I'm going to show you how to use the RSI to predict where that trend is going - and when it's about to change direction. Let's begin...

Boost Your Options Trades in 2016 with This Momentum Indicator

trading strategy

There’s only one resolution traders need in the new year: Make twice the profit you made in 2015 by Dec. 31, 2016.

And this signal is the secret to reaching that goal – it’s the absolute best momentum indicator you can have in your trader’s toolbox.

It’ll help kick your options trades into high gear in 2016, so let’s get started…

These 6 Signals Tell You When to Enter or Exit Your Options Trades

Global Stock Markets

You don't need a degree in finance to trade options - all you really need to know is when to jump in and when to get out. And it's shockingly easy to do.

The key to making money trading options is timing. Otherwise, you might as well be gambling with your money.

Today, you're going to learn when to enter and exit your options trades. As you'll see, there are just six signals you'll need...

This Options Trading Indicator Is the Key to Timing

trading options

One of the most challenging aspects of options trading is timing. So how do you know when to jump in and out of your trades?

Today's lesson will show you exactly when to jump in or jump out of the market... when a stock is going to turn from its current high or current low point... and how to profit handsomely.

This is the best way to time your trades...

How to Make Even More Money from the "Presidential Pattern"

how to make money

Making short-term profits on reliable, long-term patterns is one of the smartest, most profitable moves a trader can make. We make plenty of money with these quick moves - and we can also use these patterns to establish a really lucrative trading strategy.

That's what I have for you today - an opportunity to set a profitable trading plan for 2016.

It's based on a market pattern I first showed you in August - and it's paid off in 74 of the past 75 years. It's called the "presidential pattern," and it's in full swing right now...

Time Your Options Trades Perfectly with This Chart


Timing is everything, especially in options trading.

When you're trying to get into a trade, a few minutes can be the difference between getting in at the price you want and your targeted options getting away from you completely.

And when you're already in a trade, those same few minutes can also be the difference between banking 100% profits and watching your options reverse course and turn against you.

This indicator that will let you get in and out of your options trades before the rest of the investing herd. Let's get started...

How to Use Breakouts to Plan Successful Options Trades


Stocks often trade between support and resistance for sustained periods of time. When this happens, the underlying is said to be in a channel.

Channels are helpful tools for planning options trades because they allow you to predict how a stock will behave and pick your options accordingly.

While channels can and do last for weeks and months at a time, all assets will eventually break out of a given channel.

But how do you know when an underlying is about to break out? And - more importantly - how can you profit? Let me show you...