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The One Options Trade I'd Marry This Second

options trade

This options trade is the perfect way to play today's market environment.

It offers unlimited upside potential while insuring against market falls. Get it here...

Why Options Trading Is the Fastest-Growing Moneymaker in the World

trading options

Options trading has become the fastest-growing moneymaker in the world for seven key reasons. Average daily options volume has increased 2,500 times from 40 years ago.

There are seven reasons for this impressive growth - the first alone could double your money in a week. Take a look...

The Crucial "Timing Tip" You Should Know Before the Stock Market Opens

stock market

Timing is absolutely crucial when it comes to options trading - it can mean the difference between a modest gain and a triple-digit winner.

So here's everything you need to know about options timing - before the next stock market open...

Secure a Steady Cash Flow with This Options Trading Tactic

options trading

Stocks only move in three directions: up, down, or sideways. But with this options trading strategy, it doesn't matter which way they move.

Here's how this low-risk, high-probability tactic can bank profits whether a stock moves or not...

How to Double Your Money in Under 10 Days with Absolutely No Effort

double your money

You don't have to buy stock to snag triple-digit gains. With this trading strategy, you can double your money in under 10 days without buying a single share.

It sounds impossible, but there's no catch. Here's how to get started...

Motor Trend Just "Exposed" the Apple Car – Here's How You Can Profit

hot stocks

Optimists say the Apple car could revolutionize the auto industry. Skeptics argue there's no room for Apple to rival the likes of Tesla.

No matter who's right, there's opportunity here - and now's the perfect to capitalize on it. Here's how...

"Supersize" Your Rewards Using This Unique Buy-and-Hold Strategy

buy-and-hold strategy

Due to their short-term nature, options can be tricky. Their prices are often subject to quick and drastic changes, which can put off long-term investors.

But this unique buy-and-hold strategy offers the luxury of time and leverages the power of options to lock in triple-digit returns.

Here's what you need to know...

How to Scan Earnings Season and Nail Your Next Payout

earnings season

Some experts call earnings season overrated, but each new season brings big opportunities for options traders.

And with firms preparing to report their latest financials, traders need to act fast in order to seize big profits - and avoid even bigger losses.

Here's what to watch for...

How to Use the U.S. Economy to Pinpoint Your Next Trade

ETF finger

Last week the U.S. Federal Reserve decided against raising interest rates four times this year, opting for just two hikes instead.

Some analysts point to this recent change of mind as proof of an impending recession. Others state there's no strong possibility of one.

But I'm not going to wait to find before I make my trading decisions. And you shouldn't either.

All you need is this very simple strategy to find the best trades based on the U.S. economy. And I'm going to show you right now...

One Easy Way to Double Your Money with Options

Double your money

Today I want to talk about another major mistake traders are making. Now to be fair... they're making it because they're simply misinformed.

But what they're misinformed about provides an opportunity to double your money - at half the price.

Luckily, you're not going to make this mistake, because I'm going to give you the facts right now. Let's go.

How to Tell If an Option Trade Is Worth Your Money


Investors' growing concerns are driving the markets right now. And this uncertainty can turn that winning option trade of yours into a huge disappointment - in a matter of seconds.

But I have some great news for you: You can predict just how much a stock will move in the future before you spend a penny on your next trade. And it's easy. Here's how.

The One Indicator You Need to Find Winning Options Trades

trading options

Of all the indicators that are out there, only volume reigns supreme. Many traders and investors misuse or flat-out ignore volume because they don't understand it or simply undervalue it.

But it's absolutely crucial to finding winning options trades, and there are four reasons why...

How to Get the Biggest Options Trading Payout

options trading

It's easy to worry about when to exercise your trades. Especially when you're new to options trading.

The key is knowing when to make your move. And while normally I'm happy to take a double on my trades right away, there are times when it pays to wait all the way until expiration.

Let me show you the perfect example...

How to Minimize Risk by Trading Options


You can probably imagine why the NYSE's decision to eliminate stop orders next week is causing traders to worry...

But we're going to talk about the one reason they shouldn't worry at all - and it's called options.

The beauty of trading options is that it offers a way to profit off of stock moves without having to shell out lofty amounts of cash to buy the stock itself.

Let's take a look at why...

This Move Can Make You Serious Money in a Sideways Market

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The beauty of options is that they're so versatile. You can use them to make money when stocks are going up or down. They can make you steady income or huge windfall gains.

For instance, you can use the bull put spread I showed you to dominate minor upward market moves.

And when the market is edging down, remember the bear call spread we talked about.

Both of these strategies are great to use when wanting to further leverage your cost of an option trade beyond buying calls or puts.

But there's one thing we haven't talked about yet: how to play a flat market.

You can use this strategy to make money when no one else is.

It's called the "iron condor," and here's how it works...