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Two Safe Ways to Profit From the "Alibaba Shockwave Effect"

In the mid-1990s, I was fortunate to meet and start working with an Upstate New York money manager named Anthony M. Gallea.

The relationship began when I attended and wrote stories about some of the investment seminars he periodically held for prospective and existing clients. He then became a “source” for some of the investment stories I periodically wrote for Gannett Newspapers. And we ultimately collaborated on a pretty successful book about “Contrarian Investing” that was published by Prentice Hall.

Along the way, Tony shared some pretty important snippets of investing wisdom…

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    One Small Tech Company Could Be the Auto Boom's Biggest Winner

    car tech
    Auto sales are rocketing.
    In November, the industry sold $1 billion worth of new vehicles a day, setting a record for that month.
    And this flood tide of new vehicles will have more cutting-edge technology than ever before, creating a perfect profit storm of two exploding industries.
    This is the most exciting time I've ever seen in the industry since I began tracking it 34 years ago.
    And here's the thing: Google and Apple are excited, too. They'll make plenty of money on this trend, as you're about to see. But the "pure play" here is a much better investment...

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  • Best Investments 2014: How to Find the Tech Stock Winners 20131224_MR-Varney

    Today (Thursday), Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson appeared on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." to discuss whether the tech companies that are driving the market right now will be among the best investments in 2014.

    Robinson believes the growth and earnings of tech companies continue to offer investors what they want - good cash flow and solid earnings. When Varney co-host Charles Payne points out that "Amazon hasn't made a nickel since day one," Robinson counters by saying that "each company has a unique story to tell."

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  • A "Double Growth" Stock Like This Is the Perfect Fiscal-Cliff Defense First, it was the mess in Syria.

    Then we had to deal with the whole Team Bernanke "taper drama."

    And now we're barreling into yet another "Fiscal Cliff" street fight.

    With U.S. stocks trading at unsustainable highs, I can sympathize with those of you who look at these headlines with fear; you view each day's events as just the latest potential investing calamity, and worry they might ignite a single-day sell-off severe enough to eviscerate years of diligent saving and personal sacrifice.

    I can even understand why many of you would like to scamper to the supposed safety of the sidelines.

    But don't do it.

    The sidelines, you see, aren't as safe as you might think. Missing the good days can be worse than riding out the bad ones. And you run the very real risk of getting left behind.

    Plus, there's a way to stay invested - one that allows you to capture life-changing profits.

    I'm going to tell you about it today.

    And I'm even going to show you the one stock that will let you put this "Fiscal Cliff" defense strategy to work...
  • Some People Will Get Stinking Rich on These Devices You've heard stories about him before - the savvy stock analyst who gets his hands on the hottest new smartphone before Verizon's first bulk order ships... only to smash it to bits so he can see what's inside. The idea is simple: If you know which company manufactures a small - but key - component in the product, you can invest in it and make a bundle.

    It's true. In technology, the people who manufacture the devices within the devices make a huge amount of money. Their investors do, too... especially when they get in right at the beginning.

    That's why this is such a big moment for us.

    Right now, I'm looking down the barrel of a device that will be made by the trillions - and in demand in every single sector of the economy. From agriculture, to smartphones, to eyeglasses, and even to diapers.

    Imagine a device that in the next two years will become ubiquitous. Meaning that within five feet of your person, at any one moment in time, you'll likely find 20 or 30 of these devices.

    That's how big this revolution is. I want you to remember that you heard it here first. I want you to see the numbers, too.

    Getting in on this now is like getting in on Intel in 1970, when the $110 billion giant we know today sold its first chip.

    Only, this is bigger...

  • The Six Questions that Can Make You Rich (Part Four) Wealth Q Last week, we explored the three technical questions central to successfully investing in technological innovation.

    This week, we focus on three practical questions that can make the average investor a lot of money in the early waves of innovation. All of these questions word together for one purpose.

    By answering "yes" to all six questions, you can dramatically increase the probability of a successful technology investment and return on your shares. And best of all, you can identify the winning companies that are poised to profit in the few key sectors that we've identified.

    Our fourth question for technology investing is very simple:

    Can this technology harness the power of other innovations to maximize its performance and sales?

    When exploring this question, it's important to understand how a new technology reaches its full potential. To maximize its potential, a technology must first have the capacity to fulfill what we identified in our first three questions. It must accelerate the speed and transfer of physical goods and trade. It must expedite the flow of information and capital, and provide more "bang for your buck."

    But this fourth question requires that the new technology integrate with other technologies that already exist, and make it possible to harness emerging innovations in a high-tech world. This is how we take an existing success and identify just which company is going to lead to a major global breakthrough.

    And there's one primary example that can provide the greatest lesson in the recent digital revolution.

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  • A Tech Investing Homerun You don’t always have to buy a stock to double your money. Sometimes, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) can pack just as big a wallop. ETFs with that kind of horsepower don’t come along all that often, which is why you have to pick the right one … at the right time. And that’s the tech-investing home run that I have for you today – an ETF with actual double-your-money profit potential.

    In fact, you’ll be stunned at just how quickly every $1 you invest in this fund will turn into $2 in holdings.

  • The Ultimate Tech Stock "Treasure Map" Cloud computing is going to grow from about $41 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020. Here are the tech stocks that stand to benefit the most. Read more... Read More...
  • The Big Lie in Tech Today In many tech circles it's become fashionable to warn that the era of exponential growth in technology is coming to an end. Even powerful people in the industry have gone on record worrying about the sustainability of its growth.
    Since the global economy is fed by advances in high tech, that also would mean markets would suffer seriously if tech stumbled.
    But there's a lie at the heart of this argument and it means there's a lot of opportunity for savvy investors.
    Let me explain...
  • How to Really Make a Fortune on the "Mobile Wave" s

    If you've been riding along with me for any length of time, you know I get really revved up whenever I talk about the "Mobile Wave" in technology.

    The truth is, I can't help it: I look at the forecasts, calculate all the money that can be made, and end up feeling as jazzed as can be about the windfall profits we can reap from this transformational trend.

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  • Apple Bond Offering is Proof It'll Do Anything to Avoid Taxes Company Apple logo

    The record $17 billion Apple bond offering this week will do more than just placate shareholders eager to get some benefit from the company's $144.7 billion in cash.

    It will help Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) avoid paying taxes, a feat that the Cupertino, CA tech giant has elevated to a high art.

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  • Apple Stock is Up After Earnings – But Are Gains Here to Stay?

    Apple stock was up 5% in after-hours trading Tuesday when its earnings report turned out to be better than expected - but, not great.

    Everyone was bracing for the worst when Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) released second-quarter earnings Tuesday after the close. The big question was just how bad things were going to be.

    The answer turned out to be... not so awful. The iPhone maker surprised Wall Street with better than expected numbers, mostly because expectations were so low.

    However, as expected, forward guidance was glum.

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  • Apple: Cash or Trash? The market's North Star of growth is going to report earnings tomorrow. Good news or bad news isn't the real question.
    The question is: With Apple off nearly 50% from its $705.07 a share high set last September, is the famed tech giant a "buy" again?
    Here's my unequivocal answer...
  • Dumping Apple Stock for Google: How Investors Could Get Burned GOOG

    Talk about two stocks going in the opposite direction: Apple stock (Nasdaq: AAPL) is trading near its 52-week lows, while Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) recently hit an all-time high.

    The trend has some wondering if investors are consciously moving their money from one tech giant to the other.

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  • Apple iWatch, Google Glass First Shots in New Clash of Tech Giants appleiwatch

    Coming less than a year after Google unveiled its Google Glass Web-connected eyeglasses, reports that an Apple "iWatch" is in the works emphatically confirm that the battle is now joined for dominance over the next wave of tech - wearable computing.

    According to the reports, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has 100 people working on an iWatch users would wear on their wrists, but that would have many of the same capabilities as an iPhone.

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  • The Tech Play That's Better Than the "Next Google" You don't have to find the "next big thing" to make big money. You can reap windfall profits by searching for the beaten-down tech stocks that institutional players are ignoring. Like this one. Read More...
  • How "Shock Therapy" Could Make Us All Smarter Mention the term "shock treatment," and just about everyone recoils in horror.

    Indeed, the practice of sending electrical currents through the brain has gotten some very bad press over the years.

    Now there's a brand-new twist on shock therapy. It offers a much more nuanced, gentler approach than what most people envision.

    And new research indicates that it could have a wide range of advantages for millions of patients dealing with the effects of strokes and other damage to the brain. It could also help people manage pain.

    Not only that, but - incredibly - shock therapy has now been shown to aid in the learning of new skills.

    The U.S. military even hopes to use this new technology to train soldiers.

    I'll give you all the details in a moment. But first, a bit of history.

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