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How to Invest After an Interest Rate Hike

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With at least one interest rate hike expected this year, we've put together a guide to help investors make the best investments as interest rates rise.

Check it out here...

This Market Is Counting on Two Things That It Absolutely Shouldn't


The Fed's every move is just causing more and more harm to the economy and market. There's a lack of political and moral courage to raise interest rates.

But investors, and of course the mainstream financial press, are completely oblivious to what's about to happen...

How a Fed Rate Hike Will Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Fed rate hike

Many homeowners are afraid the next Fed rate hike could affect their mortgage rates.

We talked with Lee Adler, author of the Wall Street Examiner, to find out the truth behind those concerns...

Larry Summers: Fed Rate Hike Right Now Would Shock the Economy

Larry Summers

Larry Summers, former undersecretary for International Affairs, just went on an epic Twitter rant.

And his corpulent comments were aimed directly at the Federal Reserve...

Will There Be a Fed Rate Hike in 2016?

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The next Fed rate hike could happen in 2016.

We've dissected Fed speeches, data, and FOMC meeting minutes to nail down the most likely date.

Here's what we've found...

What Janet Yellen Must Know but Can't Say

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Janet Yellen's remarks at Jackson Hole were billed as "one of the single most important speeches" she'd give all year.

But traders largely shrugged off her words. That's because they already know the answer to the one question no politician dares to ask...

Burying Our Future at Jackson Hole

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Fed Chair Janet Yellen is set to speak in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, today.

When she does, she'll say one thing - but this is what she really means...

The World's Two Most Legendary Traders Tipped Their Hand – Are You In?


These two legendary traders initiated massive bearish bets ahead of Yellen's speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This is no coincidence. Here's why - and how you can profit, too...

FOMC Meeting Minutes Released Today: What Investors Must Know Now

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The July FOMC meeting minutes were released at 2 p.m. today (Wednesday, Aug. 17).

The minutes showed mixed opinions among Fed officials regarding a 2016 interest rate hike.

Here are the probabilities we'll actually see a rate increase this year...

Kill the Fed, Free the Markets – How to Replace America’s Scheming Central Bank

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Repairing the damage the Fed's schemes have inflicted on free markets will require replacing it altogether.

Our expert says the fix is easier than you'd think...

How the Next Fed Chair Should Transform the American Economy

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Since its inception, the Fed has ruined not just the U.S. economy, but also democracy.

The next Fed chair has the opportunity to fix the system and transform the economy. Here's how they could do it...

When Did the Federal Reserve Go Wrong?

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The Federal Reserve has made some incredible policy mistakes since its creation.

But many question whether the Fed has always been such a haphazard institution.

We have an answer...

Will We See Another Fed Interest Rate Hike in 2016?


As expected, the Federal Reserve didn't raise interest rates at this week's FOMC meeting.

The move has many investors speculating on if - or when - the next interest rate hike will happen.

Here are the chances of a rate hike occurring by the end of 2016...

I Called the Fed's Latest Fumble Back in January… Here's What's Next

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Following the June FOMC meeting, a CNBC journalist asked Janet Yellen why anyone should trust the Fed when it consistently declines to raise rates.

Her response was one for the ages. Here's what she said - and what it means for your money...

Whatever Janet Yellen Says Today, She'll Be Dead Wrong

Janet Yellen

At 2:00 p.m. today, the U.S. Federal Reserve will release its infamous "dot plot" showing projected interest rates, along with economic forecasts and a policy statement.

Now, it should be noted that the Fed has a terrible forecasting record. Nonetheless, markets will continue to hang on every utterance of the gnomes in the Eccles Building. Fed Chair Janet Yellen said prior to May's disappointing jobs report that a rate hike would make sense "in the coming months."

After the May report, she started to backtrack. The Fed originally projected four rate hikes in 2016, but now we are more likely to see only one.

And we certainly aren't going to learn much of anything today - unless you think the opinions of people who are consistently wrong are worth knowing.

Eight years after the financial crisis, virtually all of the central banks are still engaging in crisis-era policies with little prospect of reviving economic growth.

But not the Fed...

The Fed is talking seriously about raising rates, something it should have done more than two years ago. But it is choosing an incredibly awkward time to get religion. And it is moving at the pace of a tortoise crossing the road to actually do something.

The truth is, no matter what Yellen decides, we're still up a creek without a paddle. She can tinker with interest rates all she likes, but she's waited too long. She can't fix the mess we're in.

And now is a terrible time to raise rates. Here's why...