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This Turnaround Tech Stock Is Poised for Big Gains

tech stocks

However, there are investments that don't pass my rigorous five-part system found in "Your Tech Wealth Blueprint" - but are still worth taking a look at.

I call these "Special Situations" - or "turnaround plays" - and today I want to share one of them with you.

I'm looking for this $9 stock to soar 50% in less than three years.

Now, not every Special Situation can succeed in its turnaround and produce those kinds of gains. That's why I also have a set of rules to determine if these kinds of investments will become lucrative.

In fact, there are three tell-tale signs that can help you find these big-profit stocks.

Let's take a look...

Three Iconic Stocks to Short

stocks to short

Today we've got three iconic stocks to short that aren't identifiable to everyone. Because there's only one reliable metric investors can use to recognize these seemingly pristine companies.

And our timing couldn't be better, since corporate profit growth is about to go negative and fears of another recession mount.

Here are the lucrative picks to profit from and why most investors are missing them...

Tax-Efficient Investing in 5 Simple Moves

tax-efficient investing

The deadline for submitting 2014 tax returns is fast approaching.

What you pay this year is largely determined by what you did in 2014. But now is a great time to make sure you're doing everything possible so you don't overpay next time around.

That's where tax-efficient investing comes in.

Here are five simple moves you can make today to be as tax-efficient as possible and legally keep more of what's yours...

Investment Risk Redefined: The Free Trade

position sizing

There's no such thing as a 100% risk-free investment. That said, you can make any investment risk "free" under the right conditions by using one of my favorite tactics: the free trade.

This strategy lets you do three things at once: capture profits of at least 100%, pay for your initial investment, and reduce the risk on your remaining position to almost nothing.

Here's how it works...

The Only Time I'll Tell You Personal Debt Is Profitable

personal debt

Personal debt is a dangerous product. We're made to think of our excessive consumerism as patriotic. However, in reality, it's anything but.

Americans owe $11.74 trillion: $882.6 billion of that is credit card debt, $1.13 trillion is student loans, and another $8.14 trillion go to mortgages.

There really is only one instance in which personal debt can be profitable. Here is that one - seriously, only one - exception...

How to Profit from Market Volatility

market volatility

Market volatility has been rampant. Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw triple-digit gains or losses on four out of five trading days.

Volatility will continue in coming months as investors grapple with economic data and try to gauge when the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.

These five tools will help you survive and even profit from market volatility - and they'll help make you wealthy...

How to Beat the Market with Six "Unstoppable" Trends

position sizing

Part of knowing how to beat the market means knowing where the money will flow. That's why I've found six "Unstoppable Trends" backed by trillions of dollars. Investing in companies that tap into these trends will pay off huge.

More billionaires have been created around these six trends than any other trend not on the list in recorded history.

Here's what you need to know about each of these trends today...

How to Cut Risk and Maximize Profits with Position Sizing

position sizing

Risk management may not be the most exciting part of investing. But it's the most important.

And a risk-management tool called "position sizing" stands out above all others as the most powerful, and not just for cutting risk, but for boosting profits, too.

The concept is simple. It's about controlling the amount of money you place in each trade.

Here are three different methods for sizing your positions...

How to Profit When Markets Are Down

how to profit

The Dow Jones fell 168 points this morning, after shedding 85 points yesterday, prompting a slew of fear-inducing headlines.

People get nervous when markets plunge, but stock market downturns are just a fact of investing. They're very rarely anything more than a short-term adjustment.

Rather than dwell on short-term losses, investors should be on the hunt for opportunities. Here's exactly how to profit when markets are down...

Don't Give Up 260% Gains Because of This "Market-High" Myth

market high illistration

Hundreds of companies are at fresh 52-week market highs, leading many investors to question the wisdom of putting more money to work.

But don't be fooled by the ol' stock market myth about market highs. Markets are always making new highs.

Here's how to identify the companies with the potential to go even higher, earning you nice profits in the process...

Conquer Market Volatility – and Cash In – with This Single Move

market volatility

We've got a great tool tailor-made to turn market volatility to your advantage. Because the waters have been a little choppy lately, to say the least.

This is a tool relatively unknown to most investors. And it's perfect for today's market.

Here's how to conquer volatility - and cash in - with this one simple move...

What the "Miracle on Ice" Still Teaches Us About Wisdom and Wealth

investment risk

Exactly 35 years ago this past Sunday, a group of young U.S. hockey players upset their "invincible" Soviet counterparts in a medal-round Olympic hockey game that we still remember today as the "Miracle on Ice."

As all of you know, I'm a big history buff. And I believe it's worth taking the time to study the events of the past - both to appreciate their relevance and to understand the great life lessons they hold for us.

Feb. 22, 1980's "Miracle on Ice" can certainly teach us much about wealth and wisdom.

I'm going to share some of what I learned from that game...

How Our Top Stocks to Invest in Have Done in 2015

top stocks to invest in

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock broke into our list of the top stocks to invest in today.

There are of course no surprises there. It really was a matter of time before the cash-rich, high-margin tech giant emerged as a leader in our diverse mix of 2015 stock picks.

And don't worry about AAPL stock being overvalued, there's still room for this tech juggernaut to soar...

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