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This Will Make the Next Stock Market Crash as Bad as 2008

stock market crash

We're facing the prospect of a stock market crash as bad as the one we suffered through eight years ago - and it's the fault of governments the world over.

The 2008 financial crisis chopped about 56% from the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. And in an effort to stop the bleeding, governments simply laid the groundwork for a 2016 stock market crash.

This economic dynamite, quiet while the fuse burns, will go off at some point. And here's what happens then...

Will These Wall Street Criminals Finally Be Punished?

wall street criminal

Seven years have passed since the peak of the 2008 financial crisis, and still, not a single too-big-to-fail chief executive officer (CEO) is in jail.

Sure, civil suits have been filed against the guilty Wall Street firms - civil suits that result in settlements that barely touch these global financial institutions' balance sheets.

As for the Wall Street criminals behind the toxic loans that tanked the economy in 2008 - the actual people, not the institutions they hide behind - there has never been so much as a wrist slap, let alone a criminal conviction.

That's why we were pleasantly surprised when The Wall Street Journal reported last week that U.S. officials are finally pursuing criminal charges against three Royal Bank of Scotland and JPMorgan execs...

Ben Bernanke Should Be in Jail Alongside the Wall Street Execs He Just Accused

The Fed

"Illegal acts ultimately are done by individuals, not by legal fictions," he added in an interview published by USA Today on Sunday.

It's true that seven years later, not a single Wall Street bad actor has gone to prison over the credit crisis - even though it dwarfed the savings and loan scandals of the 1980s for which 1,100 people were prosecuted for white collar crimes, including top executives of the large failed banks.

But the statement coming from Bernanke is loaded with hypocrisy. He played a major role in tanking the U.S. economy himself. Take a look...