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This Is Already the Best Value Stock on the Market – and Just Wait Until Trump Cuts Taxes

value stock

I'm getting ready for a monster rally.

As we all know, Trump campaigned on steep tax cuts for individuals and corporations. If he can pass either or both through Congress in his first 100 days, and there's no reason to believe he can't, expect the markets to go stratospheric.

There's more to it than that - the corporate tax cuts are more than just reducing corporations' federal tax liability.

"Repatriation" of U.S. corporations' offshore stash is going to be a huge driver of the next leg up I see coming. The Fortune 500 companies alone have $2.4 trillion parked overseas.

One company in particular has the biggest cash hoard of them all.

I'm going to show you 246 billion reasons to buy it right now. It's the perfect time. This stock will unquestionably lead the surge higher I'm expecting in the next three months...

Miss This, and Apple Stock Price Gains Could Leave You Behind

Apple stock price

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has been positively pounded over the past few months, and the stock is down more than 25% from a peak of $132.97 per share. Icahn's out, insiders are bailing, and iPhone sales are slowing... the list of "failures" is growing longer by the minute, or so goes conventional wisdom.

I'm not particularly worried - Apple is not going to "pull a Blackberry" any time soon.

Let me show you why...

Whipsaw the Market Right Back with These Three Tech Investing Plays

Since the 1990s, three Internet-based sectors have emerged as tech investing cash cows. And this quintet of firms will dominate these segments into 2016 beyond...

While others get distracted by the noise on Wall Street, we're staying focused on our long-term objective of building wealth through tech investing.

No one else in the mainstream media is covering the fact that tech is still performing better than the overall market and will continue to outperform.

And these three tech stocks will lead the pack...

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Pentagon in a $171 Million Wearable Tech Venture

Apple stock

The Pentagon has partnered with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), and 159 other private companies and universities to develop wearable tech for military use.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the creation of a new institute in San Jose called "Flexible Hybrid Electronic Institute" on Friday. The institute will work to develop manufacturing techniques and new applications for flexible electronics.

Apple has become a tour de force in the wearables market this year alone, according to fresh IDC data...

Michael: Icahn's $240 Apple Claim "Speculative"


Apple is trading in the $130 range. But activist investor Carl Icahn recently declared the shares were worth $240. He's basing that on two very big assumptions - big even for Icahn.

Now, Michael is a huge Apple fan, but he believes Icahn pulled the number out of thin air...

Here's When Apple Hits $200

One of Apple's core strengths is its ability to develop and market products that consumers don't even realize they need yet.

And Keith believes that's a key reason why the shares will hit $200 by this date. Don't worry, there's still time to buy...

Here's How the Apple Watch Will Create a $4 Billion Market

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is having its "told you so" moment. News of the Apple Watch's success is everywhere. Despite plenty of skeptics, Apple's latest iDevice sold out worldwide in a matter of hours, pushing preorder deliveries back to June.

During an appearance on CNBC's Closing Bell, Michael said this is just the beginning of the Apple Watch's success. He predicts sales of 10 million watches, worth $4 billion, in the first year. Moreover, he says the Apple Watch has the momentum to disrupt the entire consumer technology market.

To find out how Michael thinks that's going to happen, just check out the video.

This Apple Product Could Mean the End of Cell Phones


Keith appears on Fox Business and talks with host Stuart Varney. Watch the video to hear is thoughts on Apple's new product.

Thoughts on Apple's latest product...

Always Buy Apple Nasdaq AAPL Stock on the Dips

Several analysts have recently downgraded Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) from "Buy" to "Hold." Shah, on the other hand, told Fox Business watchers today that now is not the time to downplay Apple's stock. Between smartphone sales and the just launched Apple Watch, Shah explains exactly why now is the time to buy the iDevice King and stick with it.

Apple Stock (Nasdaq: AAPL): Everything You Need to Know

Apple Stock

AAPL stock kicked off its first day of trading as part of the Dow Jones on Thursday, March 19th. There's one question on investors' minds – will the inclusion help or hurt the most valuable tech company in the world?

Learn more about Apple stock, including information on the Apple Watch's profit margin and the future of Apple TV.

Why Apple TV Streaming Service Is the "Tipping Point" for AAPL Stock

apple TV

Last week, CEO Tim Cook promised the new Apple TV streaming service will "reinvent the way you watch television."

But with a company as large as Apple, the service poses a huge question - can it move Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock?

Find out how what Apple TV will mean to AAPL stock over the next few years...

Unheeded Signs of the Times

There was news last week of two negative indicators we haven't seen since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008: the low level of the inventory-to-sales ratio - a key measure of future corporate profits - andretail sales falling, in February, for the third consecutive month.

We also learned the Atlanta Fed lowered its real-time 1Q GDP estimate to a moribund 0.6%, while jobless claims were back above 300,000.Lumber sales - animportant leading economic indicator - plunged, and technology bellwether Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC) lowered its revenue estimate for the first quarter by $1 billion on plunging PC sales.

On Thursday, March 12, just as we learned this discouraging news, thestock market saw its largest rally in months, with the S&P 500 jumping by 1.24% (25.31 points)....

Why is this not surprising?

Apple Watch Could Be the iPad of 2015

apple watch

Monday's presentation by Apple boss Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch is a less useful, less compelling, and less user friendly version of the iPhone. But people also sniggered at the iPad back in 2010, when it wasn't clear why users would want a device that was less useful than a laptop and had less connectivity than a mobile phone.

Avid fans flocked to the iPad nonetheless, and they'll probably drive demand for the watch - meaning Apple's unusual dual stature as the biggest cap company on the planet and a doyenne of hipsters will remain intact.

Why an Apple Virtual Reality Device Is Good for Investors (AAPL)

Apple virtual reality

Evidence is piling up that an Apple virtual reality device is in the works.

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has posted several job listings in recent months seeking engineers with knowledge of virtual reality. A patent that surfaced last month described a piece of virtual reality headgear.

But is it a good idea for Apple to pursue virtual reality?

In this video Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald delivers his verdict on Apple virtual reality and makes a surprising suggestion for Google Inc....