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Profit from the Donald Trump Energy Plan with These 3 Stocks

Donald trump energy plan

We don't know too much about the Donald Trump energy plan - but we know enough to see a major opportunity for certain U.S. energy companies and their investors.

What we do know is the centerpiece of the Trump energy policy is to "achieve energy independence" for the United States.

And we're going to show you three of our favorite stocks to ride this wave of energy growth to double-digit profits this year...

OBL Energy Could Be the Key to a $7.2 Trillion Revolution

obl energy

OBL energy is a revolutionary new fuel source with unparalleled capabilities.

Because of its incredible potential, the market for this new fuel we call "Oro Blanco" could grow to a $7.2 trillion industry.

And that could mean unlimited profit potential for early investors...

This "White Gold" Fuel Has a Nearly Limitless Profit Potential

White Gold Fuel

Dubbed at the "Holy Grail" of energy, "white gold" fuel is on the verge of a meteoric rise that has a nearly unlimited profit potential.

And our experts have identified a small miner that is sitting on a $20 billion claim that is ready to explode in price.

Here's how to get in on the ground level...

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) Beginner's Guide for Investors

baltic dry index

The Baltic Dry Index is a huge indicator of global economic health.

But some investors and economists debate whether or not it's a valid tool anymore.

Here's why the BDI is important - and how you can score a 133% profit from its rebound...

What Is "OBL"? The "Superfuel" Behind a $7.2 Trillion Revolution

This "superfuel" is making a buzz, but what is "OBL"?

This "Holy Grail" of fuels is likely to surge from $29 billion to $7.2 trillion, and this one tiny miner has control over a significant portion of the market.

This mining company could be your key to minting generational wealth...

Oro Blanco Fuel Could Have Nearly Unlimited Profit Potential for Investors

oro blanco fuel

Oro Blanco fuel is a new source of energy that's so powerful it could lead to total American energy independence.

And that's why the market for OBL fuel could surge from $29 billion to $7.2 trillion.

And one small, well-managed company is sitting on the mother lode of OBL that could create a huge windfall for investors...

Three Profit Plays for the "American Energy Revolution"

It's likely the United States is now just five to 10 years from attaining "energy independence."

We're on the brink of a completely new era, with huge implications for investors across the broad spectrum of energy segments.

To profit from the "American energy revolution," investors should move into these investments...

Can Trump Save the Coal Industry? These 6 Charts Say No…

Donald trump energy plan

During the 2016 campaign, then candidate Trump promised "we're going to save the coal industry."

But can Trump save the coal industry?

This simple answer is "no." And you don't have to take our word for it - these six charts show you exactly why coal isn't coming back...

OBL Fuel Could Spark a $7.2 Trillion Energy Revolution

obl fuel

OBL fuel is a new energy form that's over 1,600 times more powerful than gasoline.

And it's about to spark a historic $7.2 trillion energy revolution.

Here's how you could build incredible wealth from it...

Crystal Fuel Could Drive a $7.2 Trillion Energy Revolution

crystal fuel

A new crystal fuel is so powerful it could make complete American energy independence a reality.

But this crystal fuel is so valuable because it could completely change the energy industry.

And there's still time for investors to get in on this explosive OBL opportunity before it goes mainstream...

This New Fuel Is 1,693 Times More Powerful Than Gasoline

crystal fuel

The discovery of this new fuel is shocking.

In fact, some are saying it's like unearthing the "Holy Grail."

And because of this revolutionary discovery, a new generation of millionaires is being made. Here's more about this ground-breaking finding...

What Is "OBL" Fuel? The $7.2 Trillion Economic Revolution

What is OBL Fuel

What is OBL fuel?

It is the energy Holy Grail that can net you 12,330% gains while powering some of the largest corporations in the world.

But only if you get in before the crowd....

Our Charts Show How Dead the Coal Industry Really Is

Coal industry

At its peak, the coal industry employed over 800,000 workers.

But the amount of coal in the national energy mix has declined 53% since 2006, and this once-booming industry is now a mere 1/20th of what it used to be...

This Is 2017's Richest Contrarian Play

contrarian play

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool contrarian, but I admit putting your hard-earned money in a hated investment that's been falling for months - or even years - is easier said than done. It's a tough, counterintuitive step to take.

And yet, when it comes to nearly anything else, who among us can resist browsing the "sale" section for the best deal, or waiting to get a "Black Friday" discount?

The truth is, investing isn't different.

Contrarian investing is the purest expression of the "buy low, sell high" paradigm. It can net those brave enough to be "first in" some outsized long-term profits.

That's why I'm excited to show you an asset that couldn't be more hated right now; after a years-long struggle, it's at the "point of maximum disdain."

And that should be your first clue that the profits here could be huge...

This "Classic" Energy Play Is About to Make a Comeback

Not so long ago, master limited partnerships (MLPs) were the darlings of energy investors.

It's easy to see why: They paid high dividends, employed reliable, transparent business models, and they even enjoyed some unique tax advantages.

They were simply one of the very best energy investments you could make.

Then the oil and natural gas bear started. This once red-hot class of shares froze over like a Siberian winter - quickly and brutally.

But as it turns out, that fall was only temporary. A select few MLPs are about to come roaring back in a big way, and I'm going to show you how to play them...