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Looking for Income ETFs? This Fund Crushes Them All

Everybody's looking for income right now.

With rates at ultra-low levels, the Wall Street machine has kicked into high gear.

They are manufacturing income products as quickly as their fevered minds can dream it up.

These income products will all sound wonderful.

You will hear about various exchange traded funds (ETFs) that can turn your assets into a meaningful stream of commission dollars.

But there only one fund worth buying right now. And it's not one of those income ETFs.

Take a Profitable “Strategic Break” from Trading with These Three Plays

chris johnson

Right now, the most popular trade is betting on uncertainty due to the upcoming election, surging COVID-19 cases worldwide, and the stimulus standoff.

While we’re well-hedged and prepared for what’s coming, not running with the crowd will hand us the real profits.

So instead of getting in late on the volatility trade, Chris will show you how to make these low-risk, but extremely profitable moves today… .


Why Your Next Big Profit Opportunity Is Companies Getting Smaller

Joseph Papa, the CEO of Bausch Health Cos. Inc., was hired in 2016 to help turn the pharmaceutical company around.

Instead, he is breaking it up. But he's not crazy.

He's caught on to the fact that bigger isn't always better.

You see, Bausch Health and its subsidiary, Bausch + Lomb eye care, are two great companies... but together, they aren't exactly chocolate and peanut butter.

Papa has realized that the only thing worse than no partnership at all is a bad partnership. So he's letting Bausch + Lomb become its own $3.1 billion business.

This means that both companies will be free to focus on their own business models, their own specialized products, and their own target markets.

It's a move that's going to create billions in new shareholder value.

And while I applaud the move, I think that there's an even better way to cash in on corporate spinoffs like this one.

That's because Joseph Papa's move is part of a massive trend that will be extremely profitable for investors...

How to Play the “Long Game” with the Top Gold ETF to Buy Now

It's not just major news media that's talking about gold right now. Even social media is abuzz with plenty of talk and reviews about the yellow metal.

"'Gold is going higher' despite recent surge, says investor who's managed a precious-metals fund for a quarter-century"

"Stock market bulls should consider owning gold as an insurance policy"

"Gold's Run to Continue"

That's why today I want to talk about three of the best gold options for what I call playing the "long game" in gold. They can let you capture some nice profits in the long term. Because this gold story isn't over - as I'll show you...

3 Best Inverse Funds to Buy Before the Next Stock Market Crash

Coronavirus cases are over 4 million in the U.S. today.

Investors are gritting their teeth in wait of a second outbreak as warm weather fades.

They want to know what to do if the market crashes again.

Today, we're going to talk about some of the best inverse funds to buy before the stock market crash (if it happens).


This One Company Is Like Your Own Personal Tech ETF

When you own the semiconductor stock I'm going to tell you about in a moment, you own cash inflows from not just one but three booming sectors, where money grows like weeds.

The chip shares are at the center of what I call the "Convergence Economy."

It's a tech-driven phenomenon I've identified where chips, sensors, cloud computing, software, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile computing, and communications are all converging, every hour of every day, to change the world - and the lives of everyone in it - and generate, at a minimum, $13 trillion in new wealth.

Most investors who might track chips, or sensors, or AI on their own, aren't even aware of this convergence.

But then again, we're not "most investors." They haven't spotted this stock or identified the three catalysts that will drive it to double from here.

And let me be clear: No market plunge or recession or even resurgence of COVID-19 can stop what's coming as these trends converge. They'll barely even slow it down...

Follow Where All the Money's Going into the Market

According to the Investment Company institute (ICI), year to date, investors have taken some $291 billion out of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

But that's not the whole story. The ICI's numbers represent net flows, meaning there were inflows, but they were dwarfed by outflows.

The real story isn't about net outflows - it's about where the $108 billion that flowed into the market went, and how you can profit from that movement.

ETFs are much better investment vehicles than mutual funds.

They're tradable all day (which means they're infinitely more "liquid" than mutual funds), they're cheaper than mutual funds, and there are thousands of specialty ETFs that mutual funds can't touch.

And today, our Shah Gilani is going to show you where the money went and how to follow it...

How to Cash In on July's Rising Markets for Virtually Zero Risk

Although the S&P 500 is crushing record after record, the world is looking a little unsettling right now, and the economy as a whole could be slowing down.

With all this upside on the table, the overall risk is high, but not to worry, Tom's got the perfect easy strategy and the right shares.

You'll be able to ride this rocketing market for all it's worth while keeping your cash safe from any unforeseen events...

Here’s the Truth About Popular Cannabis ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have never been more popular. They boast around $5 trillion in assets as of late 2018, and, depending on the day, they account for anywhere from 25% to 40% of all daily volume in U.S. markets.

These baskets of assets, containing everything from stocks and indexes to commodities, bonds, and currencies allow investors easy "one-stop shop" exposure to vast swathes of the global market.

If you can think of it and you can buy or sell it on a market, there's probably an exchange-traded product for it.

So, naturally, we're starting to see marijuana sector ETFs - one of which, in particular, is trading at prices that seem attractive at first glance.

Let's take a look at the cannabis fund I've got my eye on. I'll tell you exactly what's going on with it and the best move to make to maximize your marijuana profit potential...

Most of Your Holiday Profits Could Come from This List

I get why you might be worried about the markets. All the headwinds blowing in the face of stocks, which we won't go into here, plus the prospect of thin holiday volume.

So what's the market going to do? Well, the short answer is: "It doesn't matter."

It doesn't matter where the market goes, so long as it just goes.

And because of my proprietary Money Calendar, which crunches a decade's worth of data on the market's top 250 stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), we've got a really good idea of which ETFs should be moving straight up over the next week or two.

Don't make a move without looking at this list first...