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Wall Street

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    American middle class

    There's a widening wealth gap in America. It took a generation, but the middle class in this country has been hollowed out.

    Most people agree on that.

    But they don't really know how it happened or who's really to blame - it's been obscured with false narratives, covered with "fake news."

    The thing is, the truth's in front of us. We're living it in real time. It's just never discussed openly - for a reason.

    The people who are behind this catastrophic American collapse have fooled folks into thinking this is all normal.

    Well, it's anything but that...

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These Five Steps Can Fix America's Markets for Everyone in 2017

Fix America's markets

Every new year is ripe with promise, and 2017 seems to hold more promise than most - at least for some people.

But I've got a few simple ideas that could make it a great year - many great years - for all of us.

And I mean one of the best, most prosperous years in American history...

How to Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game – July 2016

Wall Street

Most investors believe that Wall Street is rigged in favor of the big traders and that they'll never win.

But you can beat the Street - it all comes down to understanding a principle called "Gambler's Ruin." Here's what you need to know...

How You Can Beat Wall Street in 15 Simple Steps

Wall Street

I have misgivings about Wall Street. Their short-term trading distorts the energy markets, almost beyond recognition.

Indeed, the past year has shown clearly how disastrous such speculation can be. But there is a way to remedy this situation: You.

As a normal investor with a balanced, long-term view, you can stabilize the market. Just follow this simple 15-step strategy...

Here's Who's Really Behind the $2 Trillion Stock Buyback Scam

Stock buybacks represent one of the most insidious bits of financial engineering in the markets - executives claim that they're returning money to shareholders when they're really lining their own pockets.

So far in the Q1 2016, companies have spent a combined $146 billion on repurchasing shares. In fact, more than $2 trillion has been spent on buybacks since the financial crisis.

This is unsustainable. Someone needs to fix this mess, and soon. Unfortunately, the very people who could fix it aren't going to lift a finger...

If You Want an Accurate Financial Forecast, Ask a Waiter

financial forecast

Many investors really start to study the markets this time of year in an effort to divine what's next for global markets and, by implication, their portfolios.

But for an accurate financial forecast, I turn to the world's top steak houses, which are known haunts for global traders anxious to blow off some steam and have a fabulous meal.

Today I'm going to talk about what's not"on the menu" - pardon the pun - and why. Then, I'll highlight an investment poised for profits as a result.

Here's what waiters can tell you that economics can't.

Here’s How Investors Get Tricked into Buying Companies Like Valeant


While half the trick of investing is figuring out what the consensus thinks, the wisdom of crowds is a myth when it comes to the markets.

Case in point, Valeant Pharmaceuticals has cratered since October 2015, but many investors cling to the belief that the company's problems will be solved.

Some hedge funds have (or had until the stock collapsed) as much as 20% to 30% of their capital in the company, which is extraordinarily reckless.

But it's all in the numbers. The masses are missing these figures, but you don't have to...

Wall Street's Bear Market Lie Could Cost You

Wall Street

The conventional "wisdom" holds that a bear market can't happen until losses hit 20%.

But that's a carefully designed, often-repeated Wall Street lie that's supposed to trick investors into sitting tight when they should be changing tactics.

Here's how you can tell a real bear market is coming, and why Wall Street lies about it in the first place.

These Two Market Crash Signals Are Lighting Up

yahoo earnings

After last week’s strong finish, it’s no shock that Wall Street’s starting to make encouraging noises about “recovery.” But when did those folks ever tell you the truth?

There are two signals that never lie. They always light up before the market crashes.

And right now, those two signals are flashing red. Here’s what they are, plus what they mean for you.

You'll Love This Politician's Quip on Wall Street

wall street criminal

During last night's Democratic debate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said a few things about Wall Street that made us stop and think.

Whoa, we might actually agree with a politician about something.

Here's what Sanders had to say about Big Banks and their cronies on Capitol Hill...

How to Defeat Wall Street's Secret Weapon

Penny Stocks

For most investors, the relationship between investing and profits seems simple enough. You buy low, sell high, and your portfolio grows - or so goes the story.

In reality, success ultimately comes down to defeating Wall Street's secret weapon: something called "Gambler's Ruin."

Understanding what it is and how to beat it will give you an edge other investors would pay dearly to have. Not one in 250,000 understands it.

The difference between heartache and success comes down to this concept, so here's what you need to know...

Four Tech Stocks to Avoid in 2016

tech stocks

There's a lot more to making money in tech stocks than choosing the right investments. You also have to know which stocks to avoid. After all, no one wants to lose money chasing after overhyped stocks.

If current trends continue, expect to see a lot of hype from Wall Street about great "turnaround" investments. Today I want to peer inside several turnaround prospects the Street is likely to peddle in the coming months.

On paper at least, they appear to be good candidates to come back from recent sell-offs. But they're not...

Why This "Expert" Advice from Wall Street Is Dead Wrong

In a fitting end to what was a disastrous 2015, The Wall Street Journal ran two articles on its "Opinion" page on the last day of the year that epitomize everything that is wrong with financial journalism in the "Age of Obama."

In short, both articles were an insult to independent thinking that demonstrate how far the mighty Wall Street Journal has fallen under the ownership of Rupert Murdoch.

Here's why these Wall Street "experts" are so far off the mark...

Why the SEC Really Pulled the Plug on Stops – and What You Can Do About It

stop orders

Last month the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced that it would no longer accept stop-loss and good 'till cancelled (GTC) orders. It went on to say that it would cancel existing orders of those types in its books, too.

The policy, subject to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule filings, goes into effect on February 16, 2016, so there's plenty of time to prepare. Besides, GTC orders usually expire in 90 days, anyway. And of course the brokerages will continue to offer these types of orders. They'll simply trigger in-house and then be sent as limit or market orders for execution.

So, on the surface, this announcement doesn't seem like such a big deal.

But it is a very big deal. Partly for its effect on investors - though I'm going to show you how to get around it - but even more so for what the NYSE and its regulator, the SEC, are telegraphing with this decision: That they're essentially washing their hands of what's about to happen... Full Story

Great News, Wall Street: The Economy Is Coming Unglued


Commodity prices are plunging, the dollar is powering higher, Obamacare is collapsing, economies everywhere are faltering and terrorism is spreading across the globe.

That's bad news. Unless you happen to be among the stock market investors who in the U.S. spent the last week bidding up stock prices like there is no tomorrow. They are playing with fire and are likely to get burned.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 3.5% or 579 points to 17,823.81 while the S&P 500 jumped 3.3% or 66 points back to 2089.17. The Nasdaq Composite Index added 3.6% to reach 5104.92.

Below the surface, however, market internals were horrible with anything energy related getting "schmeissed" in the words of legendary market guru Doug Kass.

And the high yield bond market, which we will get to in a minute, is even worse...

Why Wall Street Is So Desperate for Your Investment Dollars Right Now

Financial News

Now is the time when Wall Street is most dangerous to your financial health.

After being 100% wrong about the market all year, Wall Street's big shot strategists are now telling investors to "get ready for a big fourth quarter rally."

You never hear a discouraging word from these so-called experts.  They all read off the same script - and that script is designed to get John Q. Public to buy as many stocks and bonds as Wall Street can sell them.