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Silicon Valley Has a Secret "Watch List" – and Now You Can, Too

silicon valley

Every top tech player has a "Silicon Valley Watch List" - a ranking of well-run firms with great products and excellent cash flow.

We unveil some of these must-have companies - and how to get in on their massive profit potential - right here...

What 99% of Investors Don't Understand About Tech Will Cost 'Em


Tech stocks have been on an incredible tear lately, beating the S&P 500 by up to five to one over the last year, and many investors are afraid they're going to fall... that somehow the run's over.

Not on your life.

And not for reasons you might think.

Here's what everybody else is missing.

Let me begin with a story that sets the stage for today's high-profit takeaway.

Most people have never heard of James Wilson Marshall.

He was a New Jersey-born carpenter working for a German-born Swiss citizen named John Sutter on a water-powered sawmill in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.

And, on Jan. 24, 1848, he found gold...

My "Early Warning" System for Maximum Tech Profits

tsla stock price

These five catalysts triggered Tesla's 457% surge in 2013.

Learning them now will help you spot other tech stocks gearing up for meteoric runs before they happen...

The Twilio Stock Price Could Plunge After Dec. 20, 2016

twilio stock price

The Twilio stock price has surged nearly 300% over the course of its two months as a public company.

But investors should sell their positions before Dec. 20, 2016.

That's because a big event is set to happen with the company on that date - and it could send the stock crashing...

How to Buy the Best Tech Stocks in 2016 at a Fraction of the Cost


The best tech stocks in 2016 are really expensive.

In fact, it could cost $800 to own just one share of some of the top tech companies, and that doesn't include fees.

But we discovered how investors can profit from the booming industry for a fraction of the cost. Here's everything you need to know...

One Billion Reasons Why This Company Is Good for Another 100% Profit


Delta Air Lines executives and the mainstream media are looking at Aug. 8's catastrophic systems failure as an equipment outage, which would be great if that's all it truly turns out to be.

Only problem is... I don't believe in coincidences.

Today's airlines - like many critical systems we live with daily - depend on complicated, overlapping, and exceptionally large amounts of data so critical that even the smallest snafu has global implications.

That makes them susceptible to, well, everything.

There's no doubt in my mind that two-bit cyber terrorists around the world are watching the situation very carefully - and learning from it. And that means, in turn, that preventing more Delta-like situations is a high priority.

One company I'm tracking stands to make billions by doing something unique.

I think the stock doubles as a result... again...

Why Level 3 Communications Stock (LVLT) Will Rise


Level 3 Communications stock (LVLT) has just triggered some special interest - and that interest is signaling a share-price rise ahead.

Here's why LVLT is on our tech stocks watch list now.

Facebook Wasn't the Only Tech Stock to Book a Killer Quarter

tech stock

If you want to top the market, these are the four tech stocks and trends to follow.

Each of these leading firms just beat earnings despite bearish forecasts. Take a look...

The Nintendo Stock Price Today Is Crashing – Here's Why It Could Fall Further

pokemon go

The Nintendo stock price plunged more than 10% today following the company's press release last week.

The firm said the new Pokemon Go app will have a limited impact on its financial performance.

But that's just one reason the stock could fall further - here are two more...

Here's the Real Story Out of Farnborough – and the Best Way to Play It

why is Lockheed Martin stock higher

As amazing as some of the aeronautical feats at the Farnborough International Airshow were, the real story involved a fleet of 90 highly advanced tiny fliers.

They're part of a booming sector forecast to hit $14 billion by 2025. Here's how to play this trend for profits now - and in the long term...

Nintendo Stock Price Tanks 10% Today – Just as We Expected

tech sector

After skyrocketing 86% in the last two weeks, the Nintendo stock price tanked 7.78% to $33.08 today (Wednesday) - just as we expected.

When we first wrote about the Pokemon Go craze on July 11, we were skeptical if the gains were sustainable.

Here's the latest...

Why the Nintendo Stock Price Is Soaring Today, and What's Next  

Nintendo stock price

The Nintendo stock price is soaring 33.62% to $27.66 today (Monday) following the successful release of its new smartphone game, Pokémon Go.

The jump has investors asking if Nintendo stock is a buy.

Read this before making any Nintendo stock investment decisions...

With This All-Star Partnership, "Mr. October" Just Became Silicon Valley's Latest MVP


Partnerships with startups – like Mr. October's specialty auto parts business – are turning this German tech firm's shares into a growth stock sure to outperform the market.

Profit growth is expected to outstrip sales by 50% by 2017, and that's just the start. Here's everything you need to know…

The "Earnings Recession" Just Gave Us Two Big "Buy" Opportunities

Microsoft stock

With Q1 2016 earnings meeting bearish expectations, we've entered an earnings recession. That's not great news - but it does mean two of the best tech stocks are trading at a discount.

These are the kind of shares you want to buy and hold for the long term - and now's the perfect time to buy...

The Worst Bet Wall Street Has Ever Made

wall street

Wall Street's $1 trillion short position is the biggest bet of its kind since at least 2008. This pessimism has created a lucrative profit opportunity.

To beat the pros, bet against them with this investment - it's already beaten the markets by 77% over the past two years...