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Sharpen Your Pencil – And Put These Three Stocks on Your "Shopping List"

Ask any of our gurus for advice on how to survive a stock-market sell-off – or even a whipsaw period like the one we’re navigating now – and you’ll get a surprising answer.

Keep a shopping list ready, they’ll tell you…

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    Energy Stocks 2014: Follow Warren Buffett's Strategy to Pick the Winners

    energy stocks 2014Energy stocks 2014:The North American oil and gas boom is setting the energy sector ablaze right now. A boom in supply, coupled with a projected 56% increase in the global consumption of oil and gas by 2040, means that some of the best investments are in energy.

    But it's important to know which energy stocks give the best returns with the lowest risk.

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  • Alert: These Energy Stocks Are Most at Risk in the Ukraine Crisis

    The Ukraine crisis has taken another turn.

    A referendum is now set to take place on Sunday (March 16) to decide if the Crimean peninsula will become part of Russia, and the outcome is hardly in doubt.

    The overwhelming majority of the population there is Russian ethnic, speaks Russian, and will almost certainly vote in huge numbers to become part of Russia.
  • Why First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR) Stock Is Among Today's Biggest Losers Solar panel

    First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) stock is down 12% today (Wednesday) after reporting Q4 adjusted earnings of $0.89 per share on revenue of $768 million. Analysts surveyed by FactSet had projected earnings per share (EPS) of $0.98 on revenue of $973 million.

    The adjusted earnings added $0.25 per share related to a recent agreement for First Solar to sell its facility in Mesa, Ariz. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) earnings were $0.64 per share, which was down from $1.74 the year before.

    Revenue for the full year 2013 was $3.31 billion - down 1.8% from 2012. Analysts at Zacks Investment Research had projected yearly revenue of $3.53 billion.

  • Teekay LNG Stock (NYSE: TGP): Get 6.7% Yield from This LNG Shipping Leader

    We've been covering how companies that export liquefied natural gas are a good buy today - but investors can double their profits by also investing in the industry's shipping sector with Teekay LNG stock.

    Teekay LNG Partners L.P. (NYSE: TGP) is a master limited partnership formed by Teekay Corp. (NYSE: TK) as part of its strategy to expand operations in the LNG sector.

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  • The Best "Yardstick" for Picking Oil and Gas Stocks to Buy Determining fair value is vital when deciding whether a stock is a good buy or not. In the case of energy stocks, there happens to be a yardstick investors can use to bring home market-beating trades time and time again. And the best part is, hardly anyone else is using it...
  • Cheniere (LNG) Stock Is Still the Industry Leader LNG

    Cheniere (LNG) stock has climbed 126% over the past year - and we believe there's a lot more to come.

    Houston-based Cheniere Energy Inc. (NYSE MKT: LNG) is the biggest name in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporting. It was the first company that the U.S. Energy Department granted approval for exporting to countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

    Cheniere's head start on competitors gives it what Forbescalled a near-monopoly for the next few years.

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  • Best Stocks to Buy Now to Profit from This 30-Billion Barrel Oil Field Energy oil dollar small One sign that the U.S. shale oil boom is still in its infancy is that major new discoveries are being made all the time. The most recent, located in Texas, is believed have three times as much recoverable oil as such well-known formations as the Bakken and Eagle Ford. The companies that got there first figure to profit the most. And we know who they are...
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  • Why this Country is a Huge Profit Opportunity for Natural Gas Companies Natural gas companies have a huge opportunity with LNG, but there’s another huge export boom already happening, that you can invest in now. Read More... Read More...
  • How your Grandchildren can Reap Profits with These Nuclear Stocks sign radiation

    Three Mile Island. Chernobyl. Sellafield. Fukushima.

    These are just the most famous names from an alarmingly long list of civilian nuclear incidents. Each of these accidents resulted sparked intense public debate on the future of civilian nuclear power.

    Is it really safe? What do we do with the waste? It'll be toxic for tens of thousands of years? How bad will the next accident be? What kind of trade-off are we making? These are just some of the questions mooted in the wake of these and other nuclear accidents.

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  • Energy Stocks to Buy Now: Two of the Best "Pick and Shovel" Plays These two energy stocks are perfect examples of the kind of California Gold Rush “pick and shovel” plays that are alive and well in energy investing. Read more... Read More...
  • This Dangerous "New" Energy Crisis is Crippling the Middle East Don't look now, but there are some problems developing in the global energy network.

    It's hardly reassuring that the epicenter of all this is the Middle East.

    The primary problem is hardly new. Actually, calling it an "old" problem is more accurate because the culprit is a collapsing network of delivery and storage that has been deteriorating for decades.

    Unfortunately, this is hitting areas already beset by broad, accelerating economic shortfalls the hardest. That they also happen to be areas of significant unrest hardly improves the situation.

    The latest crisis is in Pakistan. Here's why the picture there is so grim...

  • What Germany's Energy Problems Can Teach Us About Our Own isolated map of germany 03

    Marina and I will soon board a plane for another trip to Europe.

    We are off to Frankfurt, where I have meetings on European natural gas import costs; meanwhile, my better half gets to spoil our grandchildren, who live just outside the city.

    My responsibility is to address the energy balance problems emerging for the continent. The focus may be on Germany and the rest of Western Europe, but these problems are emerging elsewhere around the world.

    With Berlin opting to phase out nuclear power, the continent's largest economy now has a daunting task to assemble an energy mix that meets expected demand.

    This started as a political tradeoff, but it is likely to become the major concern in the broader national strategy to stave off recession. A similar tradeoff is developing in the United States.

    A much-ballyhooed German venture into solar and wind has hit a brick wall. There is now a played-down move to import additional nuclear-generated power from neighbors, but now the country is doing the unthinkable to meet its energy demands.

    This environmentally conscious country, with one of the strongest green political movements in Europe, is now importing more coal than at any point in the past decade.

    The options are limited, along with the time to decide on how to implement all of it. That is likely to result in a political tradeoff distasteful to just about every political party and interest group in Germany.

    However, the problems do not end there.

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  • Conference Delivers Good News for Investing in Energy Stocks One, Two, Three

    The U.S. role in the energy industry was a focal point last week at a major conference of senior global energy decision-makers in Houston - and what came out of it was good news for those investing in energy stocks.

    The 32nd annual IHS CERAWeek featured some 300 speakers, including senior industry executives and government officials, who provided fresh insight into energy's future.

    Energy analyst, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and vice chairman at energy research firm IHS CERA Daniel Yergin, who presided over the conference, told Politico, "We've got to be aware of rosy scenarios, and I think experienced people ... are cautious about rosy scenarios. But I would say ... it's a mood of tempered optimism and confidence that technology will help solve our problem - continue to help us meet these big energy needs and these big environmental needs that we have."

    IHS CERAWeek included discussions of new technologies, shifts in worldwide demand, regulatory concerns, and supply and demand.

    Optimistic conference participants agreed the energy industry is being transformed and said the industry offers plenty of good opportunities for investing in energy stocks.

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  • Two Energy Stocks to Buy Now Before Prices Rebound Latest EIA numbers show that demand is as low as it's been in a decade or more. Although energy stocks are out of favor right now, over the next several years, these two could easily become growth darlings once again as energy demand inevitably rises. Details here.
  • Watch What Carl Icahn Does to These Energy Stocks Light bulb

    Energy stocks have been largely left behind in the recent stock market rally - except for those with interest from activist investors like Carl Icahn.  

    You see, concerns about global demand as well as political pressure to focus on alternative energy have weighed on energy stocks. So have the low price and oversupply conditions in the natural gas markets.

    Many of these energy stocks trade at what seem to be very low prices compared with the assets owned by the corporations and their future prospects.

    This has attracted the attention of many activist investors looking to force the share price to unlock the real value of the underlying corporation.

    One of the best-known activist investors, Carl Icahn, has accumulated several positions in leading energy companies in the past year because of low prices and under-valuations.

    Take, for example, what Icahn's done with CVR Energy Inc. (NYSE: CVI).

    Icahn owns 83% of CVR, a refiner that has seen its stock price soar recently as refining margins have improved. The company also has a fertilizer business that is a major beneficiary of lower natural gas prices.

    The stock has better than doubled in the past year so it would be foolish for investors to chase the shares now.

    But CVR does serve as an example of the sizable returns Icahn is looking to achieve in his foray into additional energy investments, like the following two stocks he's been accumulating.

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  • Why Oil Refiners Are Among the Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now Energy oil refinery 3 small

    Shale oil production continues its upward path, increasing overall U.S. oil production and making specific groups of energy stocks among the best to buy right now.

    In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported last month that domestic oil production surpassed the 7 million barrel a day level, the highest point in nearly 20 years. Production this year, the EIA says, will rise by another 14%.

    This is obviously good news for the companies producing that oil, and it gets even better. Many industries outside the energy sector, including chemicals and railroads, have benefited from the shale boom.

    But there is one subsector in the energy industry that has reaped the rewards of plentiful oil from the Bakken and other areas more than any other, and that's the refining industry.

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