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More than an "Ebola Stock" – This Medical Leader Is a Long-Term Profit Machine

ebola stock

For weeks, investors have been chasing one "Ebola stock" after another, hoping to find the company with a cure for the disease.

But these investors are going about it all wrong. Instead of finding sound investments, they're just chasing headlines.

Now, Money Morning experts have found a long-term profit play that’s also benefitting from the short-term Ebola news…

The Best Investment to Play the $19 Billion Wearable Tech Industry


The wearable technology industry is growing at an explosive rate, and is quickly becoming part of our everyday lives. In fact, the research firm Canalys recently claimed wearables will be a "key consumer technology" by the end of this year.

And now, we've found the sector's best investment. It's a broad play on the entire industry.

Take a look at these growth figures, and this profit opportunity...

Our New "Best Stocks to Buy" List Focuses on 6 Tech Picks

best stocks to buy list

Our newest list of the best stocks to buy all hail from the tech sector.

One company makes pharmaceutical products for the treatment of renal disease. Its stock has enjoyed a 780% run over the last two years, but it recently dipped due to a false media report. Investors can nab shares now at a deep discount.

Our defense & tech specialist highlighted an ETF play that takes advantage of recent CEO changes in some of the top tech companies, plus two big-cap tech stocks with promising technical charts.

You can find all of last week's tips and recommendations here in our latest list of the best stocks to buy now...

Investing in Space Stocks: The Final Money-Making Frontier

space stocks

The commercialization of space is estimated to be worth more than $300 billion a year.

Over the past two decades, the role of private industry has grown as that of the government has shrunk, opening up new investing opportunities in the "final frontier."

Here’s what’s behind the rise of private space, and two space stocks to buy to tap into this futuristic cash cow…

Two Big-Cap Tech Stocks to Buy That Are Soaring Like Small Caps

tech stocks to buy

In technical analysis, you study a stock's chart to figure out if it's about to soar, ready to plummet, or just treading water.

And in my 30 years knocking around Silicon Valley, I've found that the stocks with the best charts tend to be small caps.

But not all stocks with eye-popping charts are risky small caps.

My charts have revealed two big-cap tech stocks with small-cap charts.

Find out who these profit generators are - and along the way you'll learn how to decipher stock charts yourself...

The Three Best Chinese Stocks to Buy Now (and They're Not Alibaba)

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Investors looking for Chinese stocks to buy in 2014 got an amazing opportunity with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA), the largest IPO in U.S. history, when it started trading Sept. 19.

While Alibaba (which is actually based in the Cayman Islands, not China) is the biggest player in the Chinese e-commerce market, it's not the only company with huge growth potential in the country.

We’ve found three of the best companies in China, other than Alibaba, with huge growth opportunities ahead of them…

Eight New Picks from Our "Stocks to Buy Now" List (and None Are Alibaba)

stocks to buy

Best stocks to buy for the week ending Sept. 19, 2014:Last week, U.S. market history was made when Alibaba debuted as the biggest IPO of all time. While we like BABA stock, it's not the only way to profit.

You can find all of last week's recommendations here in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now.

Including 2 top biotech picks, 2 energy stocks that take advantage of recent EPA rule changes, and more...

Our New Best Stocks to Buy List Includes 10 Wise Dividend Plays for 2015

best stocks to buy now

Best stocks to buy for the week ending Sept. 12, 2014:Last week for Money Morning Members, we highlighted ten stocks - five of which are some of the best dividend stocks to own in 2015.

Four of our dividend plays hedge against the Fed's upcoming interest rate hike. Plus we have an auto sector pick from China, three biotech penny stocks, and more in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now...

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Seven of the Best Stocks to Buy Now in Four of the Most Profitable Sectors

A 3D-printed guitar

Best stocks to buy for the week ending Aug. 29, 2014:Last week for Money Morning Members, we highlighted seven stocks that bring readers the "best of the best" in four sectors currently overflowing with upside potential.

One pick hails from the 3D printing market that's expected to quadruple within the next four years. Another is in the fleet and fuel management sector - it's rapidly growing at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8%. We've got three energy stocks to buy from the most productive natural gas region in the U.S. And we highlighted two silver ETFs that play some promising numbers that were just reported from August.

You can find all of last week's tips and recommendations here in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now…