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Stocks to Buy Now

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The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Now in the $21.8 Billion Virtual Reality Sector

stocks to buy now

The best stocks to buy now are strong companies developing products and content for virtual reality (VR).

By 2020, the VR market is projected to reach $21.8 billion in sales.

The future capabilities of VR are going to change the world. And these are the three companies that will earn the most money in this emerging market...

The 3 Best Stocks to Buy in August While Markets Are Slow

best stocks to buy

The best stocks to buy aren't easy to identify.

That's why we focus on companies providing products and services we can't live without.

All of those companies are in the tech sector, and all of those companies crushed expectations in their Q2 2016 earnings report. But we don't see the profits stopping there...

The 5 Best Stocks to Buy for Q3 2016

djia today

The five best stocks to buy right now are ideal for long-term investors. That's because they're driven by big catalysts, like new technologies, powerful trends, or newly emerging industries.

These catalyst will ensure these stocks provide great, steady returns for patient investors.

Check out these five stocks here...

The 2 Best Stocks to Buy Today for Market-Beating Gains in 2016

stocks to buy now

Last week, the markets were highly volatile and we expect that volatility to continue this week.

That's why we're bringing you the two best stocks to buy today that can profit in any market environment...

One of the Best Stocks to Buy Now in an Emerging $115 Billion Market

Stocks to Buy Now

The Nasdaq has slipped nearly 3% over the past month. But not all tech companies are in trouble...

In fact, we found a solid one that's among the best stocks to buy now. It's in a growing industry that has exciting revenue increases.

Take a look at this stock to buy now...

The Best Gold Stocks to Buy in 2016

Gold stocks

Gold finished up the first quarter of 2016 with a 16.1% gain - its biggest jump in three decades.

With signs pointing to more gains ahead for gold, we turned to Peter Krauth, our Resource Investing Specialist, to share with us the best gold stocks to buy for 2016.

These four gold stocks already boast sizzling gains year to date - and there's more upside ahead...

The Best Stocks to Buy Now for April 2016

Stock market today

Our list of the best stocks to buy now for the month of April 2016 just got some new additions.

Regardless of where markets go next, we expect these stocks to perform well over the long haul.

These are the stock picks that have our analysts so excited right now...

One of the Best Stocks to Buy Today to Double Your Money

Best stocks to buy today

Despite the modest gain notched by the broader market in the first quarter of 2016, many stocks are still down by a wide margin year to date.

But you can double your money, even in this challenging market, with one of the best stocks to buy today.

You see, the products this company makes are in high demand and critical to your safety...

One of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy in This Booming $14 Trillion Market

Tech Stocks

Cisco Systems Inc. reports that the "Internet of Things" market will generate up to $14 trillion in profits over the next few years. That's an incredible rate of growth.

And you can grab a piece of it for yourself by picking up shares of one of the best tech stocks to buy in this ground-breaking market...

The Best Stock to Buy When the Fed Raises Interest Rates

stocks to buy now

Last Wednesday the U.S. Federal Reserve held off on raising interest rates, which didn't come as a surprise.

But whenever the next Fed rate hike does take place, it could erase any market gains we've seen in 2016.

To safeguard your portfolio against a Fed-triggered stock market tumble, grab the best stock to buy for continued growth after a rate increase...

One of Today's Best "Recession-Proof" Stocks to Buy Now

stocks to buy

A recession is defined as at least two quarters in a row of negative GDP growth, and while we're not in one now, we could be headed for one soon. But that's no cause for panic - you can protect your portfolio by grabbing one of the best recession-proof stocks to buy.

Many investors go for "sin stocks" when the economy heads south, thinking that people succumb to their vices - alcohol, tobacco, gambling - when times are tough.

Yet not even the best sin stock can weather a recession like this pick we have for you today...

The 3 Best Tech Stocks to Buy During This Volatile Market

Tech Stocks

It's been a rough year for markets so far in 2016, but our top experts say there's still a lot of money to be made in the tech sector, if you know where to look.

Our resident tech guru Michael A. Robinson has identified the three best tech stocks to buy now - all with the potential to double by the end of the decade...

The Best Stocks to Buy Now – 8 New Picks for Profits

Best stocks to buy now

Our updated list of the best stocks to buy now is here, complete with some fresh additions from our investing experts.

This week's picks include a pharma sector triple play... a surprisingly resilient oil stock... and three of the best dividend stocks to buy in 2016.

These are the stocks we're so excited about right now...

3 Stocks to Buy Now That the Markets Are Falling in 2016

S&P 500

The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq are all down since the beginning of 2016, and many companies' stocks are struggling - even those with strong fundamentals.

That means there are plenty of quality stocks now trading at a discount - our Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson gave us three of the best stocks to buy to take advantage of these bargain prices.

He expects these picks to deliver average gains of 69% in one year...