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  • The One Tech Investment to Buy Now and Never Sell tech investment to buy

    Today I'm going to tell you about the one technology investment you should invest in regularly.

    In fact, this basket of tech stocks should form the foundation of every investor's portfolio. And it's the one tech investment to buy now and never sell.

    Do this and you'll be well down the road to meaningful wealth...
  • Alibaba IPO Price May Come at a Discount to Investors Alibaba square

    According to a Bloomberg report, the Alibaba IPO price could be 22% lower than most analyst valuations when the company goes public later this year - but the reason is actually good for investors.

    A discount would not signify weakness in the IPO – rather, it would be Alibaba’s attempt to avoid a flop like the one Facebook experienced during its initial public offering, when it ended up losing half its market value in four months as investors worried about slowing growth.

    Here's how a more modest valuation will actually help Alibaba investors...
  • MSFT: How This Wearable Tech Dark Horse Just Changed the Rules MSFT

    If you asked most tech pundits which tech titan was most likely to win the wearable tech wars, few would give Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) much of a chance.

    You see, the Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant has a big problem as it enters the wearable tech arena. Its Windows platform, while still dominant on the desktop, is an also-ran in a mobile world dominated by Apple and Google.

    But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is changing the rules.

    In fact, Nadella's move is so brilliant, it could completely change how the wearable tech wars will be fought...
  • Two Charts That Show the Bitcoin Market Is About to Take Off bitcoin

    While the Bitcoin market has had its ups and downs, what matters is that it is a major new technology that will disrupt the financial sector, and probably several others as well.

    And that means Bitcoin should follow the same dramatic patterns as other disruptive technologies - which, so far, it has.

    In fact, according to these charts, it's on the verge of a major move...
  • Apple Stock News: Another List, Another No. 1 Ranking Apple stock news

    Apple Stock News: Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is No. 1 again -- this time on Barron's annual ranking of the World's Most Respected Companies.

    But the Barron's survey is just the latest feather in Apple's corporate cap. In just the past 12 months, AAPL has topped several such lists.

    Here's what the world thinks of Apple, and what that means for AAPL stock...
  • Why Facebook's (Nasdaq: FB) News Feed Tinkering Scandal Will Blow Over Facebook-stock

    Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) stock has been logging impressive gains, and the company's strategic acquisitions continue to bolster investor confidence.

    But a recent study in which Facebook tweaked the content mix in the news feeds of almost 690,000 users for one week in early 2012 could erode users' trust - and raises concerns about privacy all over again.

    Here's why some believe the study, and Facebook, crossed a line - and what this development means for FB stock...
  • Our Most "Unconventional" Investment Is in an Incredible Rally Right Now

    Investing in Bitcoin may go against the grain - as it is anything but a conventional investment - but sometimes that's what it takes to maximize your returns.

    And lately, those who have been investing in Bitcoin despite a string of bad publicity for the digital currency have been rewarded to the tune of a 45% gain in less than a month.

    In recent months, we've seen a number of negative Bitcoin stories in the mainstream media, suggesting it was a bubble in the making.

    During that period, I have remained one of the few tech analysts to say the Bitcoin market remains not only healthy, but faces a very bright future indeed...

    Full Story...
  • Another Great "Backdoor" Play

    There's nothing we like better than discovering a "back" way into the current hot deal.

    It's just so gratifying to find that sorta-secret way to bag profits from the IPO or merger that's dominating the headlines and that everyone you work with is so excited to talk about.

    We did that for you with the Alibaba Holdings Inc. initial public stock offering (IPO). In our special research report, How to Make a Fast 153% from the Alibaba IPO, we give you three "backdoor" ways to profit from the upcoming stock offering of the China Internet giant.

    Today we're coming back with a different "backdoor-profit-play" strategy.

    This strategy offers an alternate way to profit from the already-announced $67.1 billion bid that AT&T Inc. has made for DirecTV.

    It's also a way to profit from the surprisingly strong tech sector that's emerging right next door... Full Story

  • Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) 2nd Annual Shareholder Meeting Highlights Facebook

    The Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) stock price is up 60.5% from the IPO price - so investors were thrilled at the shareholder meeting.

    Here’s how it all went down.
  • Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) Stock Up Ahead of 2nd Annual Shareholder Meeting nasdaq FB

    Facebook Inc.'s second annual shareholder meeting will bring something new to the table...

    This year's gathering, to be held today at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, could get feisty as it marks the first time stockholders are able to put their own proposals up for vote.

    The good news going in to the meeting is the Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) stock price is in much better shape than it was at the time of its first shareholder meeting.

    Here’s what’s up for discussion this year…
  • Four Reasons Tech Stocks Will Rebound in 2014 20140521-tech-stocks

    The year is nearly half over, and the mainstream media continues to obsess over a whipsaw stock market that's been cutting highflyers down to size.

    The sullen outlook has lots of retail investors dumping tech stocks and running for the "safety" of the sidelines. That's a mistake no one should be making.

    But tech stocks - and especially biotech stocks - are poised to do very well in the last half of 2014.

    And there are four big reasons why…
  • Facebook Inc.'s (Nasdaq: FB) Rumored "Slingshot" App Takes Aim at Competition Facebook 2

    Since an unsuccessful $3 billion takeover attempt of Snapchat in 2013, Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) has been developing its own video messaging app to compete with its competitor.

    Known within the company as Slingshot, Facebook has been working on the new messaging app since Snapchat rebuffed its overtures late last year, reports the Financial Times. And, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has personally been overseeing the top-secret project, according to people familiar with the matter.

    Here’s why this is important to Facebook and the FB stock price.
  • The Three Investing Secrets Wall Street Is Terrified You’ll Discover investing secret

    An endless stream of impenetrable reports comes from the bankers in New York and our elected leaders in Washington, but most Main Street investors lack the knowledge to “decode” these reports, so they can’t respond in a constructive manner.

    But I’ve identified the three specific economic reports that matter – and have deciphered what they mean.

    These are the only three investing “secrets” you really need...
  • Time to Turn High-Tech "Rust" into Gold

    As a tech analyst, I spent my early years in Detroit, and I know a lot about the Rust Belt.

    In fact, when I moved to the West Coast in the mid-1980s, I drove a Honda that had already started rusting. Every once in a while, some wag would come up and ask if I was from the Midwest.

    No doubt, rust like that was obvious. But in my more than three decades of working with Silicon Valley companies, I've found high-tech "rust" may be a lot less obvious and much more insidious.

    The good news is that while this "rust" often takes down companies, it happens to be setting up three cash-generating firms that are handing us a big opportunity now... Full Story

  • Tech Investing: No Matter Who Loses This Silicon Valley Battle… You'll Win tech battle

    The growing rivalry between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is becoming one of the biggest battles in tech today.

    Gamers and industry analysts alike are parsing all sorts of stats to say one platform or the other is truly ahead.

    But we've found a way to make money no matter which ultimately becomes the top seller.

    And it’s about as close to a “sure thing” as you’ll find in tech investing…