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Affordable care act

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Obamacare Facts: "We Have Insurance, but We Can't Afford to Use It"

obamacare facts

Obamacare facts: While the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has helped millions of low-income Americans get medical care, middle-class citizens who have signed up for Obamacare plans are getting crushed financially.

Many middle-class people who enrolled in an Obamacare plan have not only seen premium rates rise, but are getting stuck with steep deductibles. Despite having health insurance, these folks often find they can't afford treatment.

Here's what's gone wrong...

Is Obamacare Working? This Report Card Says It's Failing


Today is Oct. 1 - the two-year anniversary of when the Obamacare healthcare exchanges opened for business. So it's a good time to assess the healthcare law.

Some of Obamacare is working. But some parts of the Affordable Care Act have not worked as intended, and some are simply failing altogether.

Here's a full report card on how well Obamacare is working - or not...

What a Government Shutdown Could Mean for Your Investments

government shutdown

A government shutdown is looming in the background if lawmakers on Capitol Hill can't emerge from the August recess willing to keep the government funded before an Oct. 1 deadline.

So, how would a government shutdown affect the stock market?

Perhaps not too much, but the implications of such a budget standoff run much deeper...

Cost of Obamacare Plans to Rise as Much as 70% in 2016

cost of obamacare

The cost of Obamacare is turning out to be higher than all but a few critics had anticipated.

Health insurance companies have submitted their Obamacare rate proposals for 2016, and many requests are for increases in the double digits.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. In fact, the supporters of the Affordable Care Act promised that insurance rates would go down, not up.

Here's why things aren't working out as expected...

Get in on These Healthcare Stocks Now Before Key Obamacare Ruling in June

healthcare stocks

The U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on a crucial Obamacare case in June. This is highlighting a profit opportunity: a quick and dirty play on healthcare stocks.

Today (Wednesday), the high court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell. The ruling could deliver a deathblow to President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act.

But it's also providing investors with a chance to play healthcare stocks for short-term gains...

The Obamacare Lies That Duped America

Obamacare lies

The Affordable Care Act was always too good to be true, but speaking the truth is bad medicine for controversial laws.

Now we know that the Obamacare lies of the past six years were calculated, intentional, and crafted to fool what the healthcare law's creators assumed to be an ignorant American public.

We know this because one of the ACA's central architects, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor, has said so in at least a half a dozen videos that recently surfaced on the Internet.

Were it not for these Obamacare lies, the ACA would have been strangled in its crib...

Obamacare Facts: Who to Blame and How to Profit as Healthcare Costs Soar

obamacare facts

Obamacare facts: As the fall enrollment period for healthcare coverage approaches, it's becoming clear that almost everyone is going to be paying more come January 2015.

Premiums are going up, co-pays are going up, and deductibles are going way up. The health insurance companies and most large employers say that the Affordable Care Act is to blame.

But the truth is far more complicated...

Obamacare: This One-Act Tragedy Is Nothing but a Bill of Goods

The future of Obamacare isn't bright.

That's because the Affordable Care Act is going to be anything but affordable. It's going to get more and more expensive, as if it's not already outrageously overpriced hype.

What is Obamacare, really? It's a make-richer scheme for insurance companies.

And while you can bet you'll see a premium increase this year, the real pain will begin in 2017 - and then get progressively worse.

This is an abomination...

Is Obamacare Failing? Here's Our Mid-Term Report Card

Now that we've passed the deadline for people to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the question needs to be asked: Is Obamacare failing? One thing is for sure -

this is not a report card any student would want to take home to Mom and Dad...

Obamacare Facts: Why the Unions Feel Betrayed

After working tirelessly to get Obamacare passed - and spending millions of dollars in the process - labor unions have become some of the healthcare law's most vocal critics. The unions have a long list of grievances, although some non-union members

may find it hard to sympathize...

Obamacare Facts: 65% of Small Businesses Face Disruptive Rate Hikes

Back in 2009, the Democrats said Obamacare would save small businesses money. But a new government report says that nearly two out of every three small businesses will be paying higher insurance premiums because of the healthcare law. That leaves many small business owners with

some very tough choices...

How Obamacare Has Failed the Uninsured in One Chart

That the Affordable Care Act has so far fallen well short of its primary goal of providing coverage for most of the nation's 48 million uninsured has become increasingly clear as the sign-up data has trickled out.

So far, 3 million people have signed up for Obamacare, less than half of the target number of 7 million enrollees estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.

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Obamacare Facts: The Affordable Care Act by the Numbers

There are a lot of important Obamacare facts and numbers you can't afford to ignore.

Let's start with the enormity of U.S. President Barack Obama's signature healthcare bill. To date, some 2,572 pages of regulations have been written (more are expected).

More familiar numbers tied to Obamacare include 50 - the headcount at which companies must provide insurance or pay a fine ($2,000).

Now consumers have less than one month until the next round of Obamacare regulations kick in Oct. 1, with open enrollment in the online Health Insurance Marketplace (formerly called exchanges).

Note: Under Obamacare, you could get slapped with a $2,000 fine - even if you DO have insurance. This free presentation shows you what to do. Please view while it's still airing. Go here.

When looking into the facts and full impact of Obamacare, here are 15 of the most important numbers you need to know:

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Obamacare Facts: Our New Healthcare Has Created Hundreds of Jobs… For Lobbyists

An unforeseen benefit of our new health care law - aka Obamacare - is that it has created hundreds of high-paying jobs. Unfortunately, the lucky few who scored these jobs weren't the unemployed. You'll see red when you find out who they are...

These Obamacare Facts Have Our Readers Rattled – Where Do You Stand?

Want to sound off about the most frustrating, upsetting Obamacare facts you’ve heard? Want to know how others are preparing? Here you go… Read more...