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Stocks to Sell Now

Owning great stocks is important, beyond a doubt. But to get market-beating performance, in the words of Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani, "You've got to be ready to trim back the dead wood."

That's why Shah helps readers know which stocks to sell on top of finding great stocks to buy. And Shah would know. Since first getting his seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1982, Shah has over 38 years of investing experience.

It's all a part of how you can learn from our experts, because having the wrong stocks in the mix can eat away at those all-important returns. They're pure portfolio poison.

The good news is there's no need to resort to guesswork or potshots when deciding which stocks to sell at what price, not to mention if and when to buy back in.

By selling stocks according to careful decision-making and expertise, our experts aim to beat the averages of the stock market and cash in on their strategic moves – and they'll guide you to do the same.

Take IPOs, for example. They're such popular investments, but they're risky, too. Many of them have performed poorly. F45 Training Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FXLV) fell from its $16.20 IPO price to $13.52 back in July. While FXLV regained some ground in August, hitting a high of $17.28, the stock was ultimately a flop. Anyone who invested in this IPO is now down 16.42%.

We said FXLV was likely a dud, and we weren't wrong. Know which popular, new stocks to avoid or sell can make all the difference.

It's all a larger part of active investing – a more direct, hands-on approach to buying and selling stocks.

It's no secret that active investing beats passive investing, but being a successful active investor takes more than just knowing which stocks to buy. You've got to know which stocks to sell too.

Below, you'll find our latest recommendations on stocks to sell…

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Two Red-Hot Short Squeeze Stocks to Sell Immediately

The short squeeze is still the market’s hottest trade for a good reason; the profits are still as big and fast as they ever were.

But two insanely popular, widely held short squeeze stocks, despite popping quadruple digits, are set to fall and should be sold ASAP.

Andrew Keene says to sell this morning, in fact.


Lordstown Motors Stock Was a Royal Letdown - Save Yourself Now

The hits just keep on coming for Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE).

Lordstown Motors stock was one of the hot stories of 2020 as the electric truck maker came public via a merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

They were going to revolutionize the market for electric trucks, and the future was full of battery-powered awesomeness.

Everything looked rosy.

Lordstown motors stock soared 190% after the SPAC merger last year.

However, a few small problems have tanked the stock all the way back down...

Three Famous Cannabis Stocks to Sell (and Two to Buy)’s big pro-cannabis announcement sparked a double-digit rally in three specific, highly popular cannabis stocks.

There’s a problem, though: those stocks are doomed to underperform in the long run.

We’ll talk about why in a second, but sell those three, and add two under-the-radar cannabis plays to your holdings… .


Three Stocks to Sell Today

Some investors have been trying to buy the “pandemic stocks” on the recent dips, but Andrew Keene says that’s a mistake because they’ve already peaked for the last time.

It’s time to take profits, and these COVID-era outperformers are stocks to sell right now….


Seven Stocks to Sell Immediately

Millions of investors own one or even all seven of the stocks Shah Gilani’s about to name.

That’s a problem, because these are seven stocks everyone should sell immediately, as in “today.” They’re pure portfolio poison.



5 Popular Stocks to Avoid in 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a breakout year for stocks.

Some stocks, at least.

A lot more stocks will struggle.

We're here to make sure they don't wind up weighing down your portfolio.

The pandemic has accelerated changes in how we live and do business.

That's been great for some companies, like Zoom Communications (NASDAQ: ZM).

It's going to get a lot worse for some other stocks.

These will be stocks to avoid in 2021.

And we'll show you not only how to find these stocks on your own, but we'll show you five stocks to steer clear of too.


3 Popular Stocks to Sell Right Now

If you are worried about stocks crashing - and given the fact that it's 2020, you probably should be - there are individual stocks you do not want to own right now.

It's not that these are bad companies, or that there is something wrong with the business.

They are too extended, and when they begin to fall, it will get ugly very quickly.

Today, we cover a few stocks to sell before the election, in case we see a big dip.



9 "Zombie" Stocks to Sell Now Before They Drag Your Money to the Grave

zombie hand

We've found nine stocks to sell that could cost you if they happen to be lurking in your portfolio.

These "zombie stocks" have become trapped by their own debt. Lured by the cheap money afforded by very low interests, these firms borrowed more than they could handle. The can't make enough income to cover their interest payments, which is unsustainable.

If you own any of these stocks, get rid of them now...

4 Stocks to Avoid at All Costs in 2018

worst stocks to avoid

Thanks to a late-day sell-off Thursday (Dec. 21), the Dow Jones Industrial Average just missed yet another record-high close.

Even so, this illustrious index has already logged an incredible 70 record-high closes in 2017, more than in any other year in its 122-year history.

But even with the market soaring in 2017, there are still some dogs that don't deserve any space in your portfolio. And we've pinpointed the four absolute worst stocks to avoid in 2018 for readers today...

The Next RadioShack: 5 Stocks Slumping to Penny Stock Prices

In December of 1999, Radioshack Corp. (NYSE: RSH) stock was worth more than $76 per share. Today, RSH is worth less than $1.

And while RadioShack is the most recent example of a high-flying stock that dropped to penny-stock levels, there are plenty of other major companies that are prime candidates to make the same move.

Here are five companies in danger of trading for less than $1 if they don’t turn it around soon…

Are Insiders Signaling These Companies are Stocks to Sell?

Recently Money Morning Chief Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald pointed out that insider selling has been soaring of late. He pointed out that according to Vickers Weekly Insider Report the ratio of insider selling to buying by officers and directors stood at better than 9 to 1.

This is a level that has been predictive of near-term tops in the stock market and individual investors need to be on alert for potentially falling stock prices ahead. While this indicator is not a precise timing measurement it is a red flag telling us that the people running publicly traded companies have concerns about valuation and prospects as we head deeper into 2013.

Insiders can tell us something about the potential performance of individual companies as well.

As far back as the mid-1960s Victor Niederhoffer and Jim Lorie combined on studies that showed insider cluster selling was predictive and indicative of lower prices over the next 12 months. Professor Nejat Seyhun of the University of Michigan has also done extensive research and concluded that when insiders sell in clusters it is likely that lower prices are ahead.

Given that insiders in the aggregate are warning of a market decline it is useful to take a look at which stocks are also showing warnings of lower prices ahead.

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