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2016 presidential election

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Police Gear Up for the Most Violent GOP Convention in History

GOP convention

Cleveland spent $50 million on security preparations for next week's GOP convention.

Here's a look at the city's massive cache of military supplies and why it thinks they'll all be needed...

Sanders' Clinton Endorsement Created Huge Opportunity for Trump – and He Seized It


Donald Trump lobbed some pretty funny (and poignant) zingers today following Sanders' Clinton endorsement.

Check out what the real estate mogul had to say...

These 5 Companies Bailed on the GOP Convention


The GOP convention is next week, and five past big-wig corporate sponsors have backed out in 2016...

Here's a look at who pulled their donation plugs to the Republicans this year, and their reasons why.

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at 2016 GOP Convention

GOP convention

Some interesting items won't be allowed at the GOP convention later on this month. However, handguns will be.

Here's a look what's banned (and what's not)…

How the 2016 Presidential Election Will Impact Stock Markets

2016 Presidential Election

The National Association of Business Economics survey released earlier this summer shows that many economists are still pessimistic about U.S. economic growth.

And the reason? The 2016 presidential election.

Here's everything you need to know about how the 2016 presidential election will impact stock markets...

Who's Not Going to the Republican Convention? [LIST]


Who's not going to the Republican convention?

Well, a lot more big-name GOPers than you might think - and some have a few amusing excuses for their absences...

Which Candidate Is Better for the Stock Market – Trump or Clinton?


Which candidate is better for the stock market?

Money Morning's own D.R. Barton says only one presidential hopeful really speaks to the American middle class...

Will There Be a Contested Convention?

Contested convention

Despite a sizable lead by GOP front-runner Donald Trump, debates about whether there will there be a contested convention continue to gather steam.

Here's what you need to know about the possibility of a contested convention in 2016...

How Super PACs Are Being Used to Influence Republican Delegates

super PACs

Super PACs are in the media spotlight again for tampering with our nation's electoral process.

This time, they're trying to influence the votes of Republican delegates when they become unbound in a contested convention.

Here's what this means, and why it matters for the Republican candidates...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Political Contributions by Candidate in Election 2016


Explore political contributions by candidate in our interactive infographic illustrating the 2016 presidential election.

Some of these numbers may surprise you...

Dark Money Part 1: The Rise of Super PACs

dark money

Super PACs and dark money organizations have incredible sway over American election cycles. But it wasn't always that way.

It all started in 2010 with this landmark court case that changed the face of American politics...

Dark Money Part 2: The Karl Rove Machination

dark money

Dark money nonprofits have incredible sway over American election cycles. They're hard to trace, and donors can give to them confidentially.

Karl Rove, a Republican strategist, has taken the power of these political nonprofits to new extremes...

The Hillary Clinton FBI Probe Is Almost Over

Hillary Clinton FBI Probe

The Hillary Clinton FBI probe has reached a new phase - one that signals the investigation is finally coming to an end.

But that doesn't mean Hillary is out of the woods.

Here's the FBI's next phase for Clinton and her aides...

China Is Killing the U.S. on Trade


Donald Trump is right about one thing: China is killing the U.S. on trade.

In fact, there's a hundred-billion-dollar gap between the States and the Red Dragon when it comes to exports and imports.

Here's a detailed look at the massive imbalance and its origin...